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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I've been playing on old Sunwell and now wanted to come back here too. I've created one account in the past and even made few characters to save my names on Feronis. Sadly I can't connect to any server. I've created a new account and it's still not working. Also what looks weird to me is that my "account name" says GUEST in my control panel settings. On both accounts, old and new. Can't change that to anything else. Both accounts aren't frozen or IP locked. Tried setting realmlist again and deleting line from config. Still nothing. It doesn't even say that I'm using wrong password or that account doesn't exists. I just get msg that "... accounts has been closed..." even when I type wrong password. Cache cleaned. Also downloaded client with Legion textures, maybe that's the issue? Edit_1: Just tried to log in and I was able to connect on one of the accounts but instantly disconnected, and now again can't log in. Sometimes I'm also stuck at Authenticating. Edit_2: Classic client also not working. Edit_3: After night still can't connect. Edit_4: I was able to get into server select and went back to check if it'll work again. It didn't... Also I don't know if it's just me but I can't view Sunwell page. A window pops up to login only but after filling login&pass it does nothing. When I cancel this I get "401 Authorization Required"(fixed this by clearing cookies and stuff) Edit_5: Can log in. Dunno how, but it works now. //// SOLVED
  2. I signed up about 12 hours ago, looking forrward to playing some Burning Crusade. It took a while but I found the realmlist setting needs to be changed to logon.sunwell.pl and then on another site it says beta.sunwell.pl. I have tried both and at first I couldn't even connect, but later it is telling me my username and password aren't good. I definitely know my username and password, because I am logging into sunwell-community with my created username and password for the website... or am I missing something? Is there a place where you create a separate username and password to log in to WOW? Any help would be appreciated
  3. Kirk Lazarus

    One hell of a problem

    Ok so first of all sorry for my bad english I have a connection problem on Angrathar, when i wanna log in "logging into game server" is all the time and nothing happens. Feronis works well. This problem is with my internet because when i log at my friends place everything works fine. IDK what to do...