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Found 4 results

  1. Who Are We? We are a small group of friends that have played on various other private servers and games for several years. Our goal is to share the sense of community that our guild enjoys to the server at large, with a focus on tackling challenging content in the spirit of mutual fun and respect. We're currently looking for all dedicated players to help build up our 10 and 25 man rosters for Ulduar. What-to-Expect An active raiding core that is prepared to tackle all content that WotLK WoW offers led by leadership experienced in HC raiding. A relaxed, patient and mature raid environment that aims to help players get to a raid-ready standard while also expecting results. Fair treatment. Nobody is favoured based on previous friendships or rank. This is reflected in our democratic loot council system which is based on attendance, performance, gear upgrades and personal dedication. Raiding Schedule Thursday: 18:00 - 22:00 Server Time Sunday: 18:00 - 22:00 Server Time Tuesday: 00:00 - 3:00 Server Time These times may be subject to change if we reach a consensus in wanting to push the raid. How to Apply We initially prefer in-game contact if you are interested in joining us. If you cannot find any officers online however, you can refer to our website to submit an application showing your interest and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Contact Information Officers: Sylvain (on Discord as Danny#1598) + Szopa (on Discord as Szopa#5213)
  2. Before anything, these are my personal experiences from the alliance side (both end game and leveling) and the point of this thread is to get more opinions to know if this is just me or more people have these problems or even if you don't have them, you can let us know your opinion on the matter. Been playing here for about 1 and a half months and I noticed a pattern in how the community/admin side is. And overall, the bad experiences were more than the good ones. - a lot of ninjaloot. Sometimes nobody cares, sometimes you get kicked even if you open a chest in a dungeon that's locked with key. - a lot of sensitive people. They will report you for anything. From jokes to how you pull mobs/heals. - the polish community will unite against you even when you uphold the server rules. TLDR -> report people for talking in polish in rdf, they get muted, they kick you after that, GM says just put them on ignore. Why am I punished for following the rules? - GMs will mute you within minutes usually if someone reports you just for your language. But they say they do not have the manpower to deal with ninjalooting, allowing it until you hit 25 man raids. The priority is kinda fucked there. - You get into an argument with someone, and they insult you first and you just go along with it, but then you see that you get muted because he reported you. This is fucked up considering the other person started it and GM didn't take the time to check the logs and relies on half truths. Both should be muted. - People que rdf (while leveling) in certain specs but got different gear/talents. Sure, it's ok until you reach like level 60. Then you just become a burden on the party. Tanked/healed/dps-ed through it, and it was not easy. In the end, I would like to congrats the server for the good things. GMs respond very fast, they try to keep the gold sellers and bots under control. Sometimes they moderate the global chat, keeping it clean. I'd like to know your experiences and how do you see these things that I mentioned, even tell us some of your experiences and try to look at every1 so we could say if overall the server is toxic or not. Maybe it's just me with bad luck in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  3. thunderwolf98

    Searching friends

    Hey, i wana lvl a pj with some one, from lvl 1 to 80, if is it more than 1 person interested just tell me, send me your pj name and we talk.
  4. Hi Angrathar Community! Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting our forum and interest in context of releasing our new progressive realm: Angrathar. Big thanks! This poll gives you the chance to eliminate or save specific services in the shop. Our Polish players are eager use all the services, because it's the perfect way to save your time during leveling. None of these services give you advantage in a clash with other players. The services of experience boost, character changerace, character rename and character customise will be preserved, but we'll enable them after reaching all Realm Firsts achievements. They do not affect the game except experience boost, however we are aware that many people are fed up with WotLK leveling, so if they want to make it faster, they will get such the option. Brief description of the services, which are the topic of the poll: Teleport 7 days - active; allows you to teleport your character to selected locations that are listed below. For Horde players: .premium teleport orgrimmar .premium teleport undercity .premium teleport silvermoon .premium teleport thunder For Alliance players: .premium teleport stormwind .premium teleport ironforge .premium teleport exodar .premium teleport darnassus Both factions: .premium teleport shatt (required 60 level) .premium teleport dalaran (required 75 level) .premium teleport gadgetzan (required 40 level) .premium teleport booty (required 30 level) No Sickness 7 days - passive; you no longer gain Ressurection Sickness after reviving your character at Spirit Healers No Durability 7 days - passive; your items no longer gain durability loss. Instant Flying 7 days - passive; traveling via flight masters is instant. The choice is yours guys!