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Found 3 results

  1. Hey sunwell, my Dear Cule and others. We have so bad situation on the server with some kind of scripts like pqr and patches.mpq. Can u start doing something with that? Everytime i play arenas, im playing vs pqr players or range hack players whos hittin me from like 10yd, its fair? It's fair that ppl with that kind of stuff getting high ratings and getting prizes? Why u doin nothin, i'm reporting evertime on tickets if some1 abusing it, warriors like Unexpectable, Casein, Dinozzo those are 100%. Can't record that shitt because i have so bad computer stuff and laggy everthing. It's for real so annoying to play, like second warmane. It's so hard to watch few arenas (10min) to check this out if someone report? Or do some serverside hack check? Don't ignore PVP sunwell, we are here too and want to have fun with that. Thank's
  2. zapalka

    PvP titles for HK

    Hello! I have talked about this subject with GM, but they are not interested in introducing such a system to the game. As I know, on WotLK realm this system work, so I don't understand why they don't want it on TBC realm. It's about introducing PvP titles for your Honorable Kill as it was on Vanilla. It is an opportunity to stimulate of the world's PvP and BG, and thus give more fun to the game. I think you'll admit that it's better to kill Sergeant or Warlord than Scout / Private or just nobody... What do you think about it? Should they introduce such a system into the game?
  3. Knewklear

    International - PvP - Feel Bad Inc

    Recruiting anyone with an interest for PvP. That means no level or skill req. We are the only pure PvP guild here. Premade BGs, arenas, WG, WPvP, For the Alliance raids, twinking, etc. You name it, we do it. Whisper me in-game for info or an inv or message me here.