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Found 17 results

  1. Primmetheus

    Discord Ban for posting Ricardo

    my discord account by the name of Primm got banned for posting 1 too many ricardo pictures which if you don't know is a super muscle guy with a wicked clean smile. This was clearly a fatal blunder and I will not make this mistake again. I really just want to join the vc when the server goes down and participate a bit more with all that. I love the server and the discord and I will not plague you with ricardo pictures/videos anymore.
  2. skazana

    Why Ban?

    Topic title: Why are you listening to children? Character Name: Skazany Punishment Reason: IDK Game Master: Asureuz Summary: I am not guilty. This girl thinks that if she doesn't give mefirst on trade gold she can win something. Let him give me "ss" as she gave me gold, then ban.
  3. roxon

    Roxon (Banned by Asureuz)

    Character nick - Roxon Punishment Reason - Speed hack Game Master - Asureuz Summary - I use the internet from my phone to play wow . I often have lags and recently I rode a horse and when I got the lag I got off of it and ran on the auto run, that's why it looked like I was using speed hack but I never use any hacks .
  4. Hello, reported yesterday and it keeps on going. I can't host raids anymore, I was the master of pugs here on this realm. Now due to people lying about my leadership and shit in global, no one joins in. And they keep on doing so without anyone warning them or banning, I wouldn't tolerate players behavior like this if it made people thinking about quitting the realm. Or at least, make it possible for me to pay a faction change for one of my characters to start over fresh so I can ignore these people destroying my time here on Sunwell. It is not FAIR. Please ban Hekatea, Discotea & Poweredby. Myzra, Surfboard. Ill quit if I cant continue pugging, I dont have time to raid in a Guild. Please.
  5. Hello. After an Eye of Eternity raid that occured a few Days ago, a guy called Hekatea started spamming World chat about me (global chat). That I was a bad leader, failer and so on. I didnt care but now when he is spamming World that I am a ninja, along with other players flaming that exact same thing. Without having any idea about what they're doing to ME. I am not a ninja, never ninjaed, never will. I stated lootrules Before starting malygos and I even screenshoted that I had stated them. If a player fail to succeed staying alive on either the storm that malygos does or dying on the drake in last phase, they should not bother Rolling. That because others who actually dont fail should have priority. This was stated. I havent screenshoted Everything being said about me because its just too much. Uploading all of those screenshots and will continue collecting more evidence until these dudes are banned. I hope that they can get punished for doing this, because people have stopped whispering me about my raids and those who are in my raids either leave or start questioning my leadership etc. 1. I am not a ninja. 2. I am Always doing fair looting to people who do their job. 3. I dont tolerate cyberbullying, which this is. I spoke to Tide ingame and he told me to report this with screenshots provided. That you will punish them. I hope they get banned for this, cus its not fair that players do this and make one person stop playing because of it. I dont find anything fun in the game atm. https://imgur.com/a/mnz9T19 https://imgur.com/a/KpKpttg Links from imgur to same Pictures if this doesnt work. Best regards, D
  6. Dogxaa

    Please Unban <3

    Character name - Interneet Punishment Reason - Abusive behavior Game master - Dredd Sumarry - Hello, I would like to refer to my account called Noobxa, I think that ban is too harsh punishment. I am very sorry for the act I have committed. And whether there is the possibility of leniency to change this to mute i would be very greatful. I play more often on realm feronis on my main character so i care a lot. Thats will never appends again. I am asking for your understanding, thanks.
  7. Character Name: Dolice Punishment Reason: Apparently Spamming in global even though another GM said i'm allowed to post in between 2 - 5 Minutes Game Master: Cule @MrCulé Summary: i was Advertising selling Valynir Fragments and the KT achiv both legit btw as i am planning to sell them in my runs and cule warned me to stop posting them so often into global at which point i stopped posting every minute or so like i was doing and then changed it to 2 minutes at which point when i posted the first advertisement 2 minutes after i got warned GM Cule Permanently Banned me from Global (according to another GM) attached are both the screenshots of when Cule warned me and when i next posted with Timestamps enabled unfortunately i do no have the screenshot of the conversation with the other GM i opened the ticked a couple of mins after u banned me from global, so it was whoever answered my tickets when you were online so perhaps you could find out for me, also how long is the ban if i may ask cos the other GM said it's perma. @MrCulé
  8. Raii


    Hi Character Name: Danorc Punishment Reason: botting Game master banned me: Crafty I don't know why you assume that I am botting I asked my friend to help me out and I paid 2000g for boost. I will never cheat or do anything in this server and I will play fair I promise. Please unban me I bought exp boost and I wanna catch up my friends. Thanks.
  9. Raii


    Hey. I got banned for botting. I just wanna say please unban me I did bought 4x xp to catch up with my friends and I have holiday so I really wanna play with my friends so bad I will never do anything wrong in the server I promise. my English isn't really good enough to explain more thanks.
  10. enerhy

    I wasnt selling any gold.

    Hello. After a couple of days i wanted to log on my account and i saw that i am banned because of selling golds. But i wasnt selling any golds or do illegal things on this server. Can you please look up if it was me? Last time when i was on my account i get DC all the time. My acc (enerhy) and i already changed my password. Thank you Enerhy.
  11. I wasn't really paying attention at first to him needing on everything. Then a caster neck dropped and he rolled need on it even though he had a better neck. If he is already ninja looting while leveling it's pretty clear what this guy will continue to do as he levels up. Players like this shouldn't be allowed on this server. He needed on a plate chest piece with intellect earlier in the run but I didn't have pictures of that.
  12. sliel

    Ban Appeal

    Character Name: Slielf Punishment Reason: Botting Game Master: Crafty Summary: 1month Hello, today, when I was trying to connect, Ive got a message about a ban. On a site, it says Ive banned for botting. But since I NEVER do anything which could break the rules, Im posting it there: Ive been played on many realms and I never used any kind of bots/scripts, I dont even know to use it... Well, for the last couple days I was grinding the gold to buy a noble cards, b/c event is coming and I wanted to get a deck before it start getting more expensive. I hate do any dailies or hang out on auction! I used to farm a gold with a grind. Ive been grinding all realms I was playing, and this is what I was doing on Angrathar as well. But grind becomes boring fast and I usually watch something on my second monitor. Yesterday I was grinding the Ulduar's relics for 4 hours in a row. Sure, I do the same things every time: start from this one mobs, then this one, etc. - this is the clue of grinding. Yesterday, I remember the guy start following me and asking for gold, the he asked something like "what are you doing here?", I didnt reply to him, because I wasnt going to give him any gold and I was busy farming mobs and watching youtube. I suspect Ive banned because of this guy. In case the guy with "Blizzard" mark (game master) asked me something like "Are you botting?", I sure, reacted to him, but not for the random guy, who was asking me for gold... This looks extremly unfair, because I never ever used any bot programm. Please, can you figure it out, because I absolutely didnt do anything breaking the sunwell's rules, especially I never used any bot. Waitting for your response. Regards.
  13. megawacko

    Ban Appeal

    [b]Character Ilyxadavai:[b] [b]Punishment BOT:[/b] [b]Game Master Pixie :[/b] [b]Summary 18.03.2018 11 45server time/17.04.12 45:[/b] Chcial bym zapytacz Jak pan sprawdzil ze to jest Bot Blizzard dla spravdzanie obraca chara na 180* i juz tedy bendzie widac to byl bot czy nie jesze mozna cos napisac v /w i zapytacz. czy ktoc tu jest/ Pozdrawiam Za co zablakowane jego konto jak on nie uzywal Bota. Spszedawal v Globale w tej chwile Saronite Ore chekal porku RBG . i Lapay ryby?
  14. Dolice

    Ban Appeal

    Character Name: Dolice Punishment Reason: No Clue (asking to get unmuted maybe?) Game Master: No Clue (maybe Tide / Chess) Summary: i opened up a ticket asking to get umuted, i replied to the answers by clicking the button next to Message Read on the reply panel this went back and forth about 3 times before eventually him banning me i'm sorry but it was the only way i could talk to you by requesting help on the system, i apologise for spamming the system but it was the only way to reply like i said how long am i banned for it doesnt say on my panel
  15. kameleon

    ban [Magiccyc] - i dont know why..

    [b]Character Name:[b] Magiccyc [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] I dont know.. i dont have any information on email or account.. [b]Game Master:[/b] I dont know.. [b]Summary:[/b] It's possible that i have this ban for 2x temporary afk on bg, yea i know first will be phone secound toilet.. but we will lose 10x bg in a row.. ;_;
  16. Hello, Recently I've created Report topic: I was just enlightened, that player who wispered me was most probably Ally that Ive killed before in Helfire Penisula. So my question is to @Tide. Does that char get the ban or it's for the whole account?
  17. sh1rajzla

    banned... for no reason

    Hello Sunwell staff, hope this finds you well. I would like to begin by saying that I have been having a great time playing on Angrathar so far. I have a lvl43 warrior and I have been enjoying leveling here. I have however, recieved a message today when I tried logging in after a server restart that my account was banned due to using speed hacks. I have no idea why or where this came from but I have found it irritating. I assure you that I have not been using any sort of hacks on your server. It has been advertised heavily as a highly tehnically efficient server and even if I had decided to be that stupid, I would not have done it on my main account and would have obviously used a VPN app or something. I am not an expert in this in any way, but I might see how due to high latency because of being far away from the router at the time of playing, mounting and dismounting may appear to look similar to using a hack or something. Or I might be talking out of my ass... in any case, my account, remains banned at the time of wring this post. I would appretiate it grately if you would be so kind as to unban my account. As I said, I find sunwell to be a great server so far and I really enjoy using your legion client. You guys should be commended for actually pulling that off. To finish this off, I would like to say that one of the main selling points of this server for me was the fact that it is a fresh WOTLK server and a chance for me to progress through the content as it is released. If I am forced to take a hiatus for a month now, then I might as well go play on another server. Hopefully, my account will be unbanned and we can put this whole ordeal behind us. In any case, thank you for putting together a great server and I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours truly, Sh1rajzla