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Found 5 results

  1. toficzex

    toficze Ninjalist by Asureuz

    Character Name: Toficze Punishment Reason: Ninjalooting Game Master: Asureuz Summary: Hello, Idk why Asureuz ignored my private message about this situation before i get punished. As i said this guy Weedyboi started insulting me for setting raid loot to Group loot. Didn't wanted to report him for being mean to me, so I kinda trolled him at the end rolling those plate pants. Weedeboi shouldnt report me becouse he was not the Guy who won those pants (as you can see in the screenshot he was third in roll after me and DK). I gave those pants to Ishermanl, as the evidence i asked him, to send You private message confirming that i gave him pants.un Regards
  2. On 20. 12. 2018 I got a ban from Asureuz for using Polish language in general chat. One person in the general chat wrote a funny sentence, I just wanted to comment on it in one word, literally ONE . I got a ban automatically. Everything agrees I should get a ban, but this ban should be for 30 minutes and not for a week. The rules are saved on the home page. And it is ridiculous that people who set the rules themselves do not obey them. When I wrote appeals about the ban, the administrator who resigned me wrote that he decided to extend the penalty for me. Man is not you set the rules, there is a code you can't adapt to it, then take care of something else.
  3. skazana

    Why Ban?

    Topic title: Why are you listening to children? Character Name: Skazany Punishment Reason: IDK Game Master: Asureuz Summary: I am not guilty. This girl thinks that if she doesn't give mefirst on trade gold she can win something. Let him give me "ss" as she gave me gold, then ban.
  4. roxon

    Roxon (Banned by Asureuz)

    Character nick - Roxon Punishment Reason - Speed hack Game Master - Asureuz Summary - I use the internet from my phone to play wow . I often have lags and recently I rode a horse and when I got the lag I got off of it and ran on the auto run, that's why it looked like I was using speed hack but I never use any hacks .
  5. Incendo

    Removed from Ninja list.

    Topic title: [Trigi] (Doremi) [b]Character Name:[b] Trigi [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] Ninja Looting [b]Game Master:[/b] Doremi [b]Summary:[/b] So basically what happend in the raid where I ''ninja'' looted an item. The leader of the raid forgot to putt on master looter, leaving us puggers to roll. He also said in the END of the raid when he fuckt up roll on what you need. And after that i saw WARRIOR needing on a pair of mail boots THEN i needed too... https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Rukutubududu here is the warrior that needed on the boots and won it. Same screenshot used against me is here where you can see he needing on it. Its simple, I ask to get removed from the list or add the warrior too it also. Problem is by the time the shaman that wanted the item asked for it i had already enchanted it with an enchant i had in my bag. If it helps, you can remove the item from my bags, and send it to the shaman, i rly dont mind.