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Found 9 results

  1. Skoomafiend muted by Piootrek

    Character Name: Skoomafiend Punishment Reason: "Speak english" Game Master: Piootrek Summary: Earlier I was muted for 7 days for speaking a language other than English in global. Someone had said in global chat that Poland lost 0-3 to Colombia, I responded with "Kurwaaaa". Taken in context I don't think something like that is a big deal. Obviously rules are rules, however; seeing as it is my first infraction I'd like to ask for a reduction on the mute or a removal. Thanks and happy Monday fam!
  2. Character Name: Dolice Punishment Reason: Apparently Spamming in global even though another GM said i'm allowed to post in between 2 - 5 Minutes Game Master: Cule @MrCulé Summary: i was Advertising selling Valynir Fragments and the KT achiv both legit btw as i am planning to sell them in my runs and cule warned me to stop posting them so often into global at which point i stopped posting every minute or so like i was doing and then changed it to 2 minutes at which point when i posted the first advertisement 2 minutes after i got warned GM Cule Permanently Banned me from Global (according to another GM) attached are both the screenshots of when Cule warned me and when i next posted with Timestamps enabled unfortunately i do no have the screenshot of the conversation with the other GM i opened the ticked a couple of mins after u banned me from global, so it was whoever answered my tickets when you were online so perhaps you could find out for me, also how long is the ban if i may ask cos the other GM said it's perma. @MrCulé
  3. mgperera (Banned by Tide)

    Hoggel: Speed/FlyHack Tide I sincerely have no clue. Never used or even know how to use a hack tool. I was having massive lags for the last hour, was heading out of WG and got a freeze, character moving but couldnt see anyone, i kept moving got gripped from africa, died ressed. Lag ceases i go fly to make my buddy Clarence a glyph of steady shot. Then i dc, think its internet down, reset router take a shower. BAM, you're banned. Luckily i take ss's of this server bugs. Please dont be so ban trigger happy, feels rly fucking bad being banned without cause(that time Brazil timezone, it's gmt-3, right before the ban) edit: he responded on discord but not here, so I'm take the liberty to quote him since only Direction took a look at this "Hello i saw you walking in the air ... moving too fast event tried to talk to you you did not answer" well even tho I'm quite a nerd I'm not glued to the chair, I reset my router and go for a shower cuz I was going to sleep soonish. But if I can't answer I'm guilty? What was I even doing, because I rly don't know, I was frozen when I alt f4 and reset my router. I was flying to dalaran or randomly in WG? Why would someone even fly hack with 280 mount to get out of wg? I'm sorry if I'm being too vocal about this but Wednesday is a free day for me on which I also raid today and being banned like this just seems sloppy: not trying to figure what was I doing that I would fly hack for or where I was going to. Hell I didn't even get to respond. That's banning without a cause, couldn't you port me to a prison or some until I logged back in?!
  4. Appeal

    Character Name: Czlolz Punishment Reason: Scrips in Arena Banned by: Nadiir Hello, I am banned because of "using scripting". My friends helped me to complain about it to GM and they just said I did it. I swear that I didn't use any scripting never and ever. I asked GM to show me any evidence which can prove that I used scripts. It is not convinced if you judged me just by your eyes. You can count my success rate for my spell lock, also you can count my timing of every interrupt or the time when my pets attack the tremor totem. If I used scripts, the timing will be same. No matter what evidences that showed I used scripts you got, please show us but not just ignored us when we want the evidence. My friend already sent you my cast bar screenshot via discord and i sent the macro I used to pet attacking tremor totem. Besides, I am willing to show you the same operation which is judged by you with streaming. And you can also check the background data while I am streaming. I don't wanna annoy you but it is really unfair to me. I love this game and this account is very small. I don't really care this account. What I really care about is that I didn't do anything wrong but told "used scripting". Thus, please show me what you got or it is really unfair to me.
  5. Rustle Appeal

    [b]Character Name:Rustle [b]Punishment Reason:bot [b]Game Master: nadiir [b]Summary: i not use bot threw out of the game, getting in my character is asleep, throws out again - ban Account Status Banned Banned by Nadiir Ban date 2018-04-01 13:12:06 Unban date 2018-04-01 13:12:06 Reason Botting - 2nd warning I did not see a warning, do not understand what talking about at all
  6. Ban Appeal

    Character Name: Slielf Punishment Reason: Botting Game Master: Crafty Summary: 1month Hello, today, when I was trying to connect, Ive got a message about a ban. On a site, it says Ive banned for botting. But since I NEVER do anything which could break the rules, Im posting it there: Ive been played on many realms and I never used any kind of bots/scripts, I dont even know to use it... Well, for the last couple days I was grinding the gold to buy a noble cards, b/c event is coming and I wanted to get a deck before it start getting more expensive. I hate do any dailies or hang out on auction! I used to farm a gold with a grind. Ive been grinding all realms I was playing, and this is what I was doing on Angrathar as well. But grind becomes boring fast and I usually watch something on my second monitor. Yesterday I was grinding the Ulduar's relics for 4 hours in a row. Sure, I do the same things every time: start from this one mobs, then this one, etc. - this is the clue of grinding. Yesterday, I remember the guy start following me and asking for gold, the he asked something like "what are you doing here?", I didnt reply to him, because I wasnt going to give him any gold and I was busy farming mobs and watching youtube. I suspect Ive banned because of this guy. In case the guy with "Blizzard" mark (game master) asked me something like "Are you botting?", I sure, reacted to him, but not for the random guy, who was asking me for gold... This looks extremly unfair, because I never ever used any bot programm. Please, can you figure it out, because I absolutely didnt do anything breaking the sunwell's rules, especially I never used any bot. Waitting for your response. Regards.
  7. Ban Appeal

    Character Name: Dolice Punishment Reason: No Clue (asking to get unmuted maybe?) Game Master: No Clue (maybe Tide / Chess) Summary: i opened up a ticket asking to get umuted, i replied to the answers by clicking the button next to Message Read on the reply panel this went back and forth about 3 times before eventually him banning me i'm sorry but it was the only way i could talk to you by requesting help on the system, i apologise for spamming the system but it was the only way to reply like i said how long am i banned for it doesnt say on my panel
  8. Appeal

    Character Name:Dispersion Punishment Reason:Speed hack Game Master: Piootrek Summary: i wasn't use speed hack, i have in my gear trinket speed mount from zul'farak and mithril spurs enchants on my boots, you can check my character if you want. i'm wondering if i will get more bans and if is better dont use those enchants o trinkets
  9. Appeal Zosai

    character name : Zosai Reason: speedhack (wolf +spirit wolf speed) Game master: Dredd Summary: Hi i have 80 lvl shaman and today when i log to game play few just few minutes i get ban for whot in account managament it say speedhack?? god whot the hell i use wolf+spirit wolfs speed buff when i use it in same time i got dc and bam bam BAN,can anyone tell me whot going on. Please remove this false ban just see in account details or anything that can prove i not use any hacks edit.. 2 days and? nothing and if i not get unban can i get screen with using this speedhack wonder if i were in wolf ....... at screen .........................................