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    Acedog(Baned by Piootrek)

    Character Name: Shaw Punishment Reason:You bought a gift from user: oys123abcd This user abused paypal and that\'s why your acc is banned. You must pay Coins for your gift. Please contact Piootrek on Discord. Game Master:Piootrek Summary:I want to repay the money, but the donate is not accessible to me. Could you help me unlock my account? I like this game so much; If my account cannot be unlocked, please make the donate accessible to me and then i can repay the money. I will appreciate your help so much and many thanks.
  2. my player's name - Mobike Reported player's name -Murlin Date - 2018.12.26 14:50 Rule that was broken -Ninjalooted and abuse others and talk dirty Description - We killed the third boss of icc10 and he dropped the Muradin's spy glass; then Pokensmott rolled a 30 and I rolled a 98, but the leader gave the Muradin's spy glass to his friends. After I left the team, Murlin began to seriously abuse me and even talk dirty in the global channel. In considertion of this situation, I think abusing others is a very serious and terrible thing and I strongly call on GM to punish Murlin in order to keep a harmonious armosphere among game players. Evidence - Ninjalooted Evidence abusement Evidence (talking dirty )