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  1. jaybaum

    Just joined! (downloading as we speak)

    Hey man, the server is awesome! I’ve been playing since release and have had nothing bad to say about the server. It has a great community, great population and great raid scene. Lots of people actively raiding and pvp. I was in the same boat as you, if I were you i’d Commit to the server it’s awesome! Ulduar comes out this Friday!!
  2. jaybaum

    Alliance or Horde for PVE?

    I asked the same question too. From what I was told there’s more PVE on horde just due to the bigger population but you’ll also find no trouble getting into a PVE guild on alliance as well. It’s all just what you wanna play. Also... Ulduar isn’t even out yet so start leveling now and you’ll have plenty of time to experience all the raids and awesomeness that WOTLK has to offer. Cheers mate, cya out there!
  3. jaybaum

    [Report] Palich

    Your name - JabaumReported player's name - PalichDate - 05/21/2018Rule that was broken - Speaking russianDescription - Encountered a player speaking in Russian after telling him English if primary language of serverEvidence -
  4. jaybaum


    Im down to RAF im in NA send me a message!
  5. jaybaum

    Transfering from Retail

    How would you expect them to even do that???
  6. jaybaum

    LF RAF

    Hey guys my name is Josh I’m 19 and from the US! I’m looking for anyone who is down to RAF with me! Send me a message if you’re interested. I’m basically available all day
  7. jaybaum

    Looking for RaF Partner

    Hey man I’m interested in doing RAF send me a message and let’s do it!
  8. jaybaum

    LF Raf buddy.

    Sorry forgot to mention. I’m from the US and I’m free from 12pm PST to 8pm PST M-F and open all day on weekends
  9. jaybaum

    LF Raf buddy.

    What’s up guys, I’m looking for someone to RAF with. Pm me so we can get in touch!
  10. Hey there guys I've been on the server for a few months now and i'm taking my time leveling. I've been leveling my shadow priest and i've noticed well.... its pretty bland to me. Its not "visually appealing" it just doesnt satisfy me. So I come here with a question. What class is worth it? What class is over all fun and satisfying? I've been thinking about a mage or a rogue. What are your guys input? I'd love all the opinions I can get so I can lock in my decision!
  11. Title says it all. Whats the future going to hold for the sever once all content is done? Will the server just die???
  12. jaybaum

    Any Priest here help on my build?

    just google "3.3.5 disc priest pve build" problem solved! Cheers!
  13. Hey guys i've been playing around on the server for awhile now, and was noticing that I dont see a lot of PVE content with alliance.. mostly just pvp. Is this just a weird coincidence or does ally do a lot of pve as well?
  14. jaybaum

    Faction changes... please!!!

    Idk man, I def think there should be a short period where people can change their faction even like a "flash" time like 30 min
  15. Simple thread, just wanna see what you guys enjoy playing and why! Love to see what play styles suite certain people!