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  1. Rogueboy

    BG draw

    yeah maybe.. but this server isnt 100% hardcore blizzlike soo... they could fix it and i thnk nobody would blamin them if they do.. soo
  2. Rogueboy

    BG draw

    Hello i just wanna ask if its possible to fix this bg draw.. in the early morning hours u cant finish a bg because of the count of ppl.. if u got a 6v7 in eots and u lead 1400/300 and then just bg closes.. this suckz ty
  3. Rogueboy

    BG balance and Alliance PvP

    horde also got 4:7 games but we are waiting 15-20min for an EOTS.. and there is also a big chance to get that "draw" thing because not enough players.. then its rly funny to wait 20min again.. so just dont mimimi on allianz side.. just get a premade grp and earn 5 times more honor then horde..
  4. to release somethin like that !
  5. Wow.. this nazi thing is everywhere. Also if it doenst make any scence! wow thats sooo crazy... the nazi thing also reaches WOW private servers i know what i am talking about.. i am german
  6. Rogueboy

    X3 EXP

    i Would buy x3 xp when i am level 56 so the x2 rates are gone... then i would accept the quests in west. plaguelands and push with the caudron quests ..u should be lvl 58 very fast.. then u can go outland and take the rest of the day with 3x xp boost.. i ll try this on my shaman ;:D