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  1. Akamystick

    Ninja Report - Moonkiss

    Your name - ImbheazleReported player's name - Moonkiss , SoshanDate - 11.02.2019 Rule that was broken - MS>OS> DE without reserved items at allDescription - TOGC back from 50/50 Cloak of Serrated Blades Was given to the Frost DK who have BIs Back is Cloak of the triuumphant Combatant Even thoe he win the roll it's not in the BIS list for a frost dk in patch 3.3.5 There are some Screenshoots here --- > https://imgur.com/a/BnDdH1d --- > https://imgur.com/a/Hg0x6LF --- > https://imgur.com/a/Z4sQqG7
  2. Akamystick

    Ninja loot

    Your name - ImbheazlReported player's name - howtopurge and LoxuDate - 05.02.2019 Rule that was broken - Leather items going to hunter Then to Feral druid or rouge When hunter have [Treads of the Wasteland] in BIS listDescription - ICC25n Marowgar leather boots Evidence - you can watch the stream and discord
  3. Akamystick

    <Reformed> Hard Core Raiding Guild

    <Reformed> Is a [English] hard core raiding guild who used to clear ICC+Ruby+TOGC 25hc back in the days . We are few friends here with High heroic experience . What we Offer ? - We offer you a stable community with experienced Leaders , nice and fast raids x2 times a week as soon as we get players for the second Group What we need atm from classes are - Feral druid cat/bear , Holy and Disco Priest , Resto shaman and Rouge . And every other class is welcome You need to be geared enough for 25n Raids that means fully gemed enchanted + proper talents for ICC , flask food + Discord is a must ps. ( we dont need you to talk just to lisen) We expect from you to put 100% when we raiding as we gonna do for you If you think you got the gut's to join us and have fun you can aways wisper to officer in gamer - Feelmypainqt - Gmaster , Akamystick - Officer , TheExploler - officer
  4. Akamystick

    [H/EU] <Bad Taste>

    this post make me laught