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  1. Haven't check all of your math but full heroic clears is 3.6 shards per week or just under 14 weeks for the full 50. 3.5 months not 4.5. I think there's merit to both sides. A lot of people hold legendary items in high regard and there's an expectation that they should have some level of rarity but equally it's an item that is nice for all guilds to be able to achieve through consistent raiding and accelerated by progression. I've calculated that with the original rates (0.375N/0.75HC) that guilds clearing 12 normal bosses per week can expect a Shadowmourne on average every 12 weeks. Killing 12 heroic bosses per week you can expect a Shadowmourne on average every 6 weeks. In contrast, the newly proposed rates (0.05N/0.3HC) would mean it would take 84 weeks per Shadowmourne if killing 12 normal bosses weekly. Weekly heroic clears at this drop rate would mean a Shadowmourne can be expected every 14 weeks. Based on what I've heard on how the Feronis encounters were tuned I think it's unlikely we'll see regular clears of more than 8 or 9 heroic kills from more than a handful of guilds. (8 heroic kills per week would take 20 weeks per Shadowmourne, and 9 heroic kills would take 18 weeks per Shadowmourne on average) I'd like to hear the developers thoughts on how they decided on these new rates. They seem fairly arbitrary and I think it would be interesting to base the numbers on data from Feronis progression to better gauge the number of Shadowmournes we can expect (and indeed want) to be introduced in the game over certain periods of time.
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    honeyhoney#5029 - Discord Ban Appeal

    Discord Username: honeyhoney#5029 Punishment Reason: Unknown. My last message was sharing the following Twitch Clip featuring World of Warcraft gameplay: Game Master/Moderator: Unknown Summary: I was presumably banned for sharing a Twitch Clip featuring (solely) World of Warcraft gameplay. The clip shows a Troll Female Warrior attempting to charge a mob and taking the scenic route whilst they yell "OH NO OH NO" and their friend asks "Where are you going?". I wasn't aware that this was against the rules. I've spoken to a gamemaster in-game and they said that sharing Twitch Clips featuring World of Warcraft gameplay is not bannable and that my ban was probably a misclick and I should appeal it on the forums. Thank you for taking the time to read my appeal.