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  1. Ridja

    Jsham (Banned by Ridja)

    Greetings, your ban has been reduced to 3 days, however we will put you on our watch list and if we catch you botting again the punishment will be severe.
  2. Ridja

    Account freeze

    Greetings, he was botting in Battlegrounds and was banned for 7 days.
  3. Ridja

    Knullskallen (Asureuz)

  4. Ridja

    Svartkonst banned for botting

    Write me a direct message on Sunwell discord so we can discuss this issue.
  5. Ridja

    Applying for unsealing. False sealing.

    The account is unbanned for now, discussion regarding this issue is still active with other GMs.
  6. Ridja

    [Cryscho] (Banned by Ridja)

    Your speedhacking in Silithus was actually caught on video and i had to review the video multiple times and even consulted Senior GM before banning you just to be 100% sure, thats why the ban caught you while you were just running around in Orgrimmar and not while you were in Silithus.