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  1. Hi, I'm actually on Outland (warmane tbc server) and I think about switching on Nightbane the 30/11 because of casuals things (like t6/warglaives on shop, multiboxing allowed and attunements removed) warmane bring on his TBC server and I've few questions to ask at the sunwell staff about Nightbane to be sure the server is ok for me (and eventually few of my guildmates) 1 : About XP rates and xp boosts, shop and bring a friend : - I ask to one administrator and we told me "bring a friend" xp boost will not exist on TBC server? Not at start or not at all? - "Experience boost in the store: x3 (available to buy after reaching 70 lvl by all class représentatives)" I didnt understand perfectly this sentence (sorry for bad English), this means we have to wait until there is 1 ppl of each class already reach 70 before boosts became available? Or we have to up 1 lvl 70 ourselfes before to buy a boost? 2 : About attunements (dungeons keys/raids): Will you put them all at the start? Will you remove it at a certain point or let it during the all server time (like remove attunements at the BT/sunwell release for exemple)? 3 : About dual specialisation : I saw you still do some polls about this, but i saw you think about lock dual spec for horde until BT and make it disponible for alliance, is there any chance you change your mind on this? I mean make dual spec for both side at opening (even if cheaper for alliance maybe)? Thats all for today, thanks for your time