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  1. I've played WoW for far too long and i think it made it's impact on how i see this stuff. I've seen p2w servers, almost haven't played on fun-servers, mostly played on x1-x3 ones. I think you might get the idea that i don't like "fun"-servers from this. You're too quick to judge. About how it is p2w, check my previous answers, or i just dunno what else to say. Maybe you see it differently. But let's say, you have lots of ways of spending gold already that requires you to do so so that you'd be on par with maybe not the..."hardcore" players, but just simple semi-hardcore raiders or even casual ones. And if "all you need is to just farm"... well let's say you have "just farm" for 3 months in same area so that you see some result. Would you fall for that? There was one situation not long ago about "just need to spend XXX time" in Star Wars game which led to a pretty huge uproar, when someone had counted all that up. Or just spend some cash and get an advantage of that same level. As far as i remember, TBC had lower prices overall comparing to Wotlk and even Wotlk has 1k gold requirement for the dual-spec. So don't you think that 2k in TBC (and not counting the thing that PvP or PvE spec have more benefit for their situations than the mixed spec, which many horde chars would have, so that will make the situation bad in PvP bgs at the very least, considering that alliance has alright racials for PvP). Autocompleted quests are just 3-5 in amount per day. How many do you do personally when you levelup? Or how many do you do at max level as dailies and do you rly like doing them over and over again? So i think it's a nice option to have more alliance players instead of a somewhat too beneficial dualspec for them. Rly, i'm pretty bored saying all the same again and again..
  2. 1. Think more. 2. It won't make it a fun server, why not consider x2 rate, x3 events etc as a fun server? Why all those discounts to keep balance between Ally-Horde? I offer just an option to auto-complete just cuz it covers by some point pretty much everything - mount issue (travelling to another area to just give the quest), bit higher exp rate from the quests which you don't want to do but still want the rewards/gold/items, more gold, option to do dailies in any spec, and just a convenience for those who don't have enough time for dailies to get at least some reputation. 3. I'm not against the dual-spec at all, i wouldn't even mind implementing more stuff from different addons, but only if it's on equal base for everyone. The issue of all that i have said before was: p2w. Or how come you didn't catch that?.. Or just trolling? True, I wouldn't go for that, at least now, but the issue was that he said "People will always buy gold..". You also didn't seem to catch the idea. Though maybe it's me who isn't able to really get it to everyone's minds by my usage of words. Or you see something which makes you angry, dunno.
  3. I already stated the point that it doesn't seem interesting enough for me to be playing if there's pretty much any traces of p2w content. Thus I still doubt i'd play in there as of now, while the criterias are still being modified (though not playing on WOTLK already due to loss of interest, just somewhat curious as to how it'll turn out with the TBC server release). imagine a guy who has never-ever spent cash onto online games or have never used cheats at online games. Unbelievable, right? But well, developers do need cash, so i guess it's not that important to deal with the needs of an exception.
  4. there's just really too much things i could say about that. There's every expansion in which you have to work to get geared. And don't forget that there's x2 rates already, why not x1 rate? You have to work hard for it, right? So why? Or why is there more conveniences like variety of spells when you could just hit mobs with a wand, or auto-hit those (and fail most of the times). Or why is there so much rare items that some don't even wish to start farming for, that might require you unlimited tries to get those? There's just too much to say. I don't even want to get started on this rly unnecessary topic. Do you want to get your life much-much harder to start respecting it? Or will you start feeling disgust towards it due to it's "hardcoredness"? And btw, i value presents (tho maybe cuz they are rare) much more than if i'd work for those and buy them myself. Knowing what you had to lose to obtain those additional items. Or for example why wouldn't you not use the mount to just walk around?.. It seems that i have actually started it..oh well, let's end it.
  5. I think you can understand also from the whole situation that there's always a bigger picture that we can't rly grasp whole. I wrote about an option in where it would be considered as p2w from my PoV (that post of mine which you quoted). I offered another way in the Summary topic - make some quests for a daily auto-complete option. It is close, saves gold, higher rep etc etc, but it's somewhat of lesser advantage so-to-say, and feels to me as really just a time-saving feature. You lose many quests due to x2 rates anyway so why care when you can just auto-complete like 3-5 more per day. It's quite a few but it might be enough to bring you donations just cuz it's convenient. I support the server by playing on it and making the community bigger and trying to be nice to others. The option to always being able to switch spec while others can't... I sadly don't remember how much gold you can easily farm up in TBC but there's already many ways of spending it (profs, mounts, all the enchants, gems etc). And if there's always some one-way where you can auto-reset talents but it costs somewhat a lot and still greed doesn't allow you to reset it all the time casually (and you won't get enough gold for that i think, so will stick to the PvP-PvE mix-spec), then it's not all that great. It makes the person somewhat need to farm for it to have a base option to balance with others. PvP spec does differ from PvE.
  6. Got some idea: make an option for alliance to auto-complete like 3-5 (or some other number) quests per day (not raid ones ofc, maybe not even the dungeon ones, just regular/daily/group ones i'd say). This will bring them less farm for reputation, more gold, they'll get an option to do some quests in tank/heal specs, while levelling they might not require to run to the other side of the gameworld to complete a quest, quicker class-quests, just a bit higher rates (but still convenient) etc. Also this will help newer players to roll for alliance when they want to catch up faster. Imo rly a brilliant idea but ofc there might be some flaws in it. I wonder how many uses the x1 rate option of Wotlk server but it is still in there (that's if someone thinks that they don't want to use it).
  7. I'm feeling the same. Usually when having one single spec & when being low on gold & when wishing to do both PvE and PvP, people would most likely use the mixed spec (not a true PvP, not a true PvE spec). This leads to having much less advantage in either PvE and PvP. And making some sort of VIP dual specs is too nasty, cuz it somewhat gives quite some advantage in reality. Also in PvP alliance has quite alright racials, I even can't decide which race hunter I'd want to make in there. And overall it would turn the balance to alliance side in terms of PvP, at least for the battlegrounds and lower arena rates. I'd even prefer to rolling alliance if it'd make you not implement this system. I wanted to go Horde though just cuz i want a retri pala (have played as him back in the days) and that they have Seal of Blood (tho that one ability still gives preference to the PvE retribution imo due to giving more mana from heals). And having just one BE paladin (i don't really like their looks+animations much) and other alliance chars is quite hard due to the unavailability of transferring gold between those two factions (not considering neutral AH as I don't wish to pay the additional taxes for using those). I want to point out the fact that it won't really change everything and if changes, in some aspects it's too much of a p2w.