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    pvp toggle off in all zones

    ^ this is not an excuse lol.. ganked by 5 enemyes, no prob it`s pvp server lol.. like i said, would be nice if they could implement pvp off as optional in control panel
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    Petarda - gnome mage.. Bafta
  3. Hello, first of all the server is awesome and i have fun spending my time here. But honestly in pvp i just blow, like i supposte there are plenty who dont like pvp at all. So when reach zones 30+ the inevitable it happened, you get ganked and you cant continue your leveling. And i`m not talking about specific zones like stv or tanaris, everywhere it`s like that. So i would want to ask if take in consideration to implement in control panel of every player to be able (by his choice ofc) to toggle off the pvp in all zones. He cant attack enemy player he cannot be attacked by enemyes. Please think about it. Thank you!