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  1. To clarify this, we will have attemp limit both in HC and Normal mode that it will be shared between those two. So f.e if we waste all of our attemps on normal 25 ICC we won't able to fight with quarter final bosses in 25 ICC hc and vise versa?
  2. Topic content: Bullying Your name - KalihoraReported player's name - Balaftw and KrielieDate - 27,11,2018Rule that was broken - Toxicity, cyberbulling, harrasing with multiple chars via whisper and harrasing on global chat.Description - I was trying to buy Darkmoon trinket for my alt then suddenly this guy came stuff that I will posted happened. Even after I ignored him he went to his 19 lvl warlock to bully.Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/lPOPqNM
  3. toucem

    [Report] Holycocks

    Your name - AnkokuReported player's name - HolycocksDate - 20/11/2018Rule that was broken - Being racist, toxic and accusing people with false stuffDescription - This guy has a problem with me that I have no idea. Tried to talk with the guy didn't answered he is spamming on Global everyday that my non level 80 char ( it's 72 the time I reported ) ninjaing the items on Heroics which is pratically impossible to do.Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/ujyUkqB https://imgur.com/a/cwWZHe3 https://imgur.com/a/3YR7TvD