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  1. davekoznicki

    Alliance needs help on PvP ASAP

    becouse they give at start 60
  2. davekoznicki

    1x Drop? I dont think so... - Issue

    you have right drop is changed they want to live server more but in other side they make play here harder (skill proff example)
  3. davekoznicki

    business suggestion

    i have gear (yes horde:P) and want roll alliance waiting for this service
  4. davekoznicki


    they not answer in any post related to scripts,mpq ....
  5. davekoznicki

    Offering Development Skills

    right and question is why,why the hell they do it not answer in any ##$%^^ topic,and when you start this on discord you can get kick b elow second
  6. davekoznicki


    can any gm answer please
  7. davekoznicki

    Policy towards scripters

    its awesome we not see any even one post from staff in most crucial topics about multiboxing,bugs(range hack and others mpq files for warrior almost all work here ....),scripts i only want one single post with answer we fight with this or not we can detect players who abuse this or we cant and last we ban everyone who use it or we dont do it. Even if cant detect everyone who use this , call help every real player who play here will help,i not spend time here maxing my character to see all going in bad direction with almost 0 feedback from staff,when i start this on discord i get insta kick its not ok!
  8. davekoznicki


  9. davekoznicki


    Nba thx for show this, also start topics here but they remove them without any answer,yes quality above all .....
  10. davekoznicki

    Policy towards scripters

    and we still not see answers at forum:) on discord ????
  11. davekoznicki

    BG draw

    on retail tbc ratio was close to 50/50 and it was exceptionally to end bg because of the count of ppl,tbc is first time on retail where horde get blood elfs and start win in numbers (on classic alliance win in numbers)
  12. davekoznicki

    Convert Server to PVE

    Right Eclipse i waiting for transfers to alliance but no answer from any gm when or even if it will be possible.
  13. davekoznicki


    still no answer FEW is Not FEW
  14. davekoznicki

    Race change

    i can be first to change my tauren warrior for gnome:)
  15. davekoznicki

    Alliance needs help on PvP ASAP

    i see fix will be implemented when we reach 10% A / 90% H ratio becouse now 40% to 60% is still ok for some people????? it start getting worse every day when we reach 30 vs 70 i think this will be devastating to our server and cant be changed fast becouse we have xp x2