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    Your name - BalaftwReported player's name - LewndiasRule that was broken - SwearingDescription - WTF is wrong with this kid? i know he's frustrated bcz he's from poland and have no money, even with good education he still have low salery compared to most EU country's. But PLS do something about trash like him, i see it everyday . And with a mute for few hours it wont stop kids from doing againEvidence - Screenshot
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    Hi all, I made this screenshot when i was part of the guild Royal Bloodline. Vessler ( guild leader) is making a toc25 semi guild run with some puggers from global. In the screenshot you can see what he is planning to do with the loot. I know Sunwell cant ban him but i just post this to show everyone what a f*cktard he is. Pls let this topic open so ppl can post in it !¡!