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  1. Extended time for Black Proto-drake!!!

    So just because your schedual cant fit in some older Achievements you want them to postpone it? Thats like me asking '' Sorry i'm going on vacation for 3 weeks, plz extend it for a month untill i get home since I dont have time this week '' Tnx
  2. Extended time for Black Proto-drake!!!

    Nah dont agree, got it last night and im a special snowflake so i dont want others to get it easier than me. Also ''It's very easy to mess up Immortal so we deserve more weeks'' Is not valid, it's SUPPOSED to be hard and not for everybody. If you can't handle it thats too bad, nothing personal but maybe you just werent meant to get it. You can do all the Meta achievements + Dedicated few in ONE reset seeing how fucking nerfed into oblivion Naxx25 is you can 15 man it without hitting any berserk timers WHILE doing achievements. Then second week for full 25 man run for easy Immortal.
  3. No ToC to gear uo ?

    Cant tell if troll or not
  4. lvl 80 req for Arena

    Why is there a level 80 Cap to start an Arena team? I'm 110% positive i was playing level 70 Ranked Arena in Wrath for the Brutal pieces. And this custom change is pretty sad tbh as i'd love to 70 Twink in Wrath.
  5. Lvl 70 Arena.

    Is there anyone interesting in lvl 70 Arena and just do a few games weekly to get some points? 70-79 Bracket is quite Active, however most people play 79. And Arena is only availabl at 70. Would love to get some games going to start farming that Brutal gear. Reply to the post in case youre interested!
  6. Just want to wish you good luck, already started my 70 twink on horde side and dont really feel like playing alliace But been pretty boring since 9/10 alliance players are twinking 79 which never made any sense to me. I don't see the fun in playing vs green lvls and having FULL BoE gear, literally 90% of the gear on 79 will be from AH, maybe a couple items you actually have to farm. It would make sense if u wanna honor cap before 80, but literally playing 79 twink just to stay 79 seems really odd and boring.
  7. Show off your UI!

  8. Bazaar on Angrathar

    I'm against the idea but since i'm on my phone i'd rather not write a book about it since most of the points i agree with has already been written by others. And secondly, i've never understood why they want people to make their own polls, it's not going to get more than 100-200 votes at tops, which is a VERY VERY small portion of the server population. Majority of players never look at forums and getting such a big change thrown in their face would not be ideal from my POV. I do see your point and others who want it, but it's just not enough positives compared to negatives and when not even 2% of the server population is going to vote it's too big of a change. I'ts a No from me.
  9. Spriest & Warrior LF EU guild.

    Still looking, both at 3.3k + Gearscore, enchanted & gemmed and pretty much ready to raid. (Still have a few upgrades available on daily farm). Can contact us in-game on Horde. Warrior - Warzawa Priest: Zhonia
  10. 36slot bags price

    Because it's a fresh server and alot of people are pretty much against donation /p2w to begin with. Yes a bag is harmless, but having too much cheap stuff only makes people ask for more
  11. I kind of prefer it being locked though even when you queue for random, seen it on other servers. Makes sure you cannot get rep exalted too quickly, get Emblems too quickly or epic gear too quickly in general. Too be fair RDF should not even be in the game in t7 content, so the way it's currently working is actually pretty good (IMO ofc). Doing all the Heroics once per day is enough and as it should be in t7 content. Again all in my opinion.
  12. It's not unreasonable it's just weird people want it so quickly, it'll come in a matter of days - week(s)? tops. Are people really in such a rush? But hey, we don't have to agree, we think differently. Good luck with your poll, it's a no from me however.
  13. Idk, just seems like other servers could suit you better if you prefer high-rates. But i don't really care either. Was just sharing my opinion, but by the looks of it more people share yours.
  14. By the time x4 is out you'd be 80 with full professions and dungeon geared :^) Don't see why you would wait, but hey you do you man