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  1. Adrestia

    [Lexus] (Banned by Tide)

  2. Adrestia

    [Bukkake] (Banned by Adrestia)

    Hello! I will not be unbanning you. Your original name was Cumshot, I renamed you, and you chose blowjob, I renamed you again, and you chose Bukkake. Your ban is only for a day, this should give you suitable time to come up with a name that fits within our ToS ☺️
  3. Adrestia

    Account banned from Adrestia

    Hello! I have unbanned your account, sorry for the mistake.
  4. Adrestia

    Apply for unsealing. False sealing.

    Hello, This is likely because you are using a vpn, I will unban you.
  5. Adrestia

    Application for unsealing.Account number:pat00

    Hello, This is likely because you are using a vpn, I will unban you.
  6. Adrestia

    Apply for unsealing. False sealing.

    All appeals must be written in English, please rewrite your appeal Appeal is (for now) Rejected
  7. Adrestia

    Character Name:vurete

    Greetings! Unfortunately at this time this is not an account I can unban. You are free to level another character.
  8. Adrestia

    [Report] Jackboot

    Hello! Rolling need on a item in a 5 man dungeon is not considered ninjalooting and is not something we punish. Regards, GM Adrestia.
  9. Adrestia

    Grumm - Banned by Adrestia for botting.

    After looking over your account again, I have decided to unban you. I will have you on my watch list and if I catch you botting again the punishment will be 30 days.
  10. Adrestia

    minicecube(banned by Tide)

  11. Adrestia

    Luvstosploog - Banned by Adrestia Nightbane Ban appeal

    Hello there! Please contact me on discord and we can talk about this. Here is a link to our official Sunwell Discord: https://discord.gg/t9eFUm You can find me listed under game masters there. Your ban has been reduced, if I catch you botting again I will be applying a much more harsh punishment.
  12. Adrestia

    Banned for wrong reasons.

    Hello! Please refer to this post and rewrite your post. For now, Appeal Denied
  13. Adrestia

    I don't sell gold coins.

  14. Adrestia

    [Xatuko][Xatuka][Xatukoo][Flati] (Banned by Pixie)

  15. Adrestia

    i am not Botting