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  1. Adrestia

    Bruzzak banned by Adrestiah

    Hello, You can message me on discord about this issue. Adrestia#7090 We will Discuss it.
  2. Adrestia

    Hehedzky [Muted by Adrestiah]

    I will reduce your mute, please don't let it happen again.
  3. Adrestia

    [report] Szybkamadzia

    Hello. Player punished. Thanks for the report.
  4. Adrestia

    [report] Ostramariola

    Hello, Player punished. Thanks for the report
  5. Adrestia

    [Report - Ninjalooting] Chiple

    Opinion #2 I agree with Nadiir, the items were ninjalooted.
  6. Adrestia

    srsbsns banned by adrestiah

    Hello there, Unfortunately I will not be lifting your ban. All of these accounts were 400% bots. I watched one of them (Karthaz) follow the same exact path, with jumps at the exact same timing each time for 5 minutes. The other accounts were also confirmed bots. Appeal rejected. edit: I will reduce the ban time on all of your accounts to 7 days each. Know that I will be checking up on you in the future.