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  1. Neberal

    [Report Ninjalooting Krev]

    Your name - Neberal Reported player's name - KrevDate - 2018-12-07 Rule that was broken - 22Description -Hello situation from toc25 normal (i was the leader) i said on start that Alezwis is rolling for feral dps, and also that DV is for top3 dps >> Also i forgot to say that Alezwis is in tank and he will roll DV at all cuz he isn't able to make top3 on tank. (you have rolls on raid roller) Under pression of people spamming in /w and also in /raid that our guild and we will be banned ] alezwis gived back this DV to the Krev cuz he was "top5" but "top3" of mele. All i want is remove this DV from he's account cuz he shouldnt get it Evidence -
  2. Your name - ImnotvulgarReported player's name - I think whole WIPE TEAM guild is good to report / players: Arinvaya / RavenscarDate - 01.12.2018Rule that was broken - 22. Ninjalooting is forbidden on Sunwell. After having enough proof of the misdemeanor, the ninjalooter that stole an item will face two possible forms of punishment.Description - SemiGuild run (half ppl was from WipeTeam), On toc10 normal, Raid rules was standard MS>OS>DISS, As you can see i won the gun but the warrior got it cuz "you have better" (i think they thinked something like that) \|/Evidence - \
  3. Your name - NeberalReported player's name - Peddius/VincibleDate - 2018-11-13Rule that was broken - Ninja lootingDescription - Raid leader gived DPS trinket to the tank, on the start of raid nothing was told about he's rolling for dps (phi, he didnt even told the loot rules so it was MS>OS>DISS) Evidence -
  4. Your name - NeberalReported player's name - AcrydragonisDate - 2018-11-08 21:29Rule that was broken - Not following loot rulesDescription - I won roll for swordEvidence - https://imgur.com/a/qzfuCe0
  5. Neberal

    Najebanyork - Asureuz

    [b]Character Name:[b] Najebanyork [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] character name cannot be vulgar [b]Game Master:[/b] Asureuz [b]Summary:[/b] Hello i got banned cause of my char nickname. Im so sorry if I offend someone with my nickname. There is my request. Can i get unban? Cause I didnt really know that this nickname could be vulgar. (i have boost on and i dont wanna waste it )
  6. Neberal

    Neberal - Tide

    [b]Character Name:[b] Neberal [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] Speed Hack. [b]Game Master:[/b] Tide [b]Summary:[/b] Hello. I would to know why i was banned for SH when i has never used it on any server. I also have a wish for unban, cause as I said, i dont know how i got banned for SH whenever I never used it. Im almost 100% sure that my friend got me banned :( , but when i try to talk him today he dont even responds. Thanks for any reply <3 Edit: Finnally connected with my friendo, yea he said he used cheat named " Gagarin ", Im apologizing for this. I hope i dont get perma banned ;(