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  1. [Report] [Ninja Loot / Ignored Roll]

    Opinion #2 I agree with nadiir Rejected Regards
  2. Hello pics are too small buddy We need bigger ones Regards
  3. easydoesit ninja gear for friends

    Hello tbh in my opinion this is ninja looting but according to some part of the rules it is ... but other parts its not ... so its a confusing matter, we need headGM @Piootrek opinion on this Regards
  4. Ninja loot/ ignored roll

    Opinion #1 Hello This is EOE... raid leader can't inspect you since you are outside or riding a drake .. its older content .. sometimes players join raid just for couple abyss crystals and raid leader don't wanna risk it.. When he asked you to link your rings you should have done that In my personal opinion this is not ninja looting My best regards
  5. Reza (banned by piootrek)

  6. Mute 7 days (I dont know who)

    Hello i will lower your mute time but please make sure it never happens again Regards
  7. Opinion #1 Hello i don't see any of those on screenshots Not enough evidence Regards
  8. [Report] Luroggar

    Hello player punished Thank you My best regards
  9. [Charmules] (banned by Tide)

    Hello Well i really like to say no but since you are sincere i will reduce the ban time to a week Please make sure it never happens again My best regards
  10. [report] Foul language

    Hello Oh i have the magic touch for him ! Player punished My best regards
  11. [Report] Meliodaas

    Hello Player punished Thank you My best regards
  12. crash file .\MapMem.cpp ( proof )

    Hello try this software it should solve the issue https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/ Regards
  13. [Report] Player Lubieicetea

    Hello As annoying it is ... unfortunately its blizzlike Our developers are still working on movement system and improving it Please be patient hopefully we can improve it sometime in future. My best regards
  14. Report Celestro

    Hello Thank you for your report I will look into this Regards
  15. [Szadou]

    Hello you are not banned probably entered your password wrong and your account got locked ... try to recover it and log in again in 15min Regards