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  1. [Report]Macka

    Hello Thank you for your report I will look into it My best regards
  2. Ishael and Kaidlyn Ninjas

    Opinion #1: You are a paladin you don't benefit much from spirit its basically useless for you .. And raid leader protected by this rule: Administration doesn’t interfere with the priority of loot rolls. The concerned player should ask raid leader about that. The decision about the priority lies within the raid leader’s concern. Rejected Regards
  3. Nick Bluebolt - xenophobic

    Hello You can't talk polish in dungs thats why dude got angry i will punish him and the person who talked polish Regards
  4. [Report] Lindaman

    Hello seems like its his carbonite hmm in cases like this ask the player to turn it off they use Chinese clients .. Regards
  5. 8. Trigi

    Opinion #1: Hello Agreed He should be punished Regards
  6. Appeal - Galiss mutted by GM Tide

    Hello Please make sure it never happens again I will lower your mute time Regards
  7. [Report - Ninjalooting] Laster

    Hello Rejected .. We don't accept cut/edited images My best regards
  8. Fatherdeath Why was I temporarily suspended?

    Hello You are banned because you were botting My best regards
  9. Zerothica (Banned By Server)

  10. Appeal - Krzesin

    @Piootrek <3
  11. Appeal for Sunwell Coin refund

    @Raphael @Piootrek
  12. Hello Evidence is not valid We don't accept edited/cut images as evidence My best regards
  13. Pato muted by ???

    Hello thats your fourth mute I am sorry Rejected Regards
  14. [Report] Pato

    Hello Player punished My best regards