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  1. Tide

    Toiletface (banned by Tide)

    Hello Issue resolved We talked in discord Regards
  2. Tide

    [Report - offensive language] - Itu

    Hello Please add the player to your ignore list Regards
  3. Tide

    Unbanned Naturius

  4. Tide

    banned account

    Hello I was trying to find out what happened and its normal to ask questions .. and instead you insulted me and our whole team I will remove your punishment please make sure it never happens again Regards
  5. Tide

    Ninja Emmel

    Opinion #1 Hello I am sorry to say i can't tell who is the raid leader in these screenshots Regards
  6. Tide

    [Report] Vrodesova

    Hello player got a warning Thank you Regards
  7. Tide

    [Report - Language] Underlord

    Hello Thank you Player punished Regards
  8. Tide

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    Hello you can also use this software https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/ Regards
  9. Hello please report the player in right section http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/130-angrathar/ Regards
  10. Tide


    Hello please appeal in right section http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/130-angrathar/ Regards
  11. Tide

    [Black Qiraji Battle Tank]

    Hello this mount can't be used in PVP grounds Specially WG i believe you do get that error on your screen My best regards
  12. Tide

    [Report - Insult] Scytha #2

    Hello I told you last time to please add him to your ignore list .. and seems like you did not .. its kinda your fault too .. as you know there is always two side to the story My best regards
  13. Tide

    Mysthic - Ninjalooting BY TIDE

    Hello i believe we talked ingame too As i said before it doesn't matter what kind of item it is ... if someone needs it and you steal it .. its ninja looting patterns/recipes/items all are included base on your logic every raidleader can just grab for example Crusader orbs for himself .. as it mentioned in the rules if you wanna include new rules you need to follow this part: The default loot rules are applied to every raid leader. If he wants to change the loot rules, he has to state the new loot rules and screenshot it. The screenshot is an evidence to be used against, if any, ninja-looting reports My best regards
  14. Hello Seems like you solved it then have a good time Regards
  15. Tide

    [Hoochiemama] (Perm-Muted by Tide)

    Hello pretty sure its covered by the rules 7. Spamming, swearing racism is prohibited. Be civil. IV. Others In any other issues not covered by the rules, general honesty, morality and common sense applies. I will reduce your mute time to 24hours but please make sure it never happens again Be civil My best regards