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  1. Report Pyrae Vordrak

    Hello sometimes it happens unintentionally so with this screenshot i can't really tell please next time take a screenshot from their spot on the map .. as long as they are standing up there i can't really apply punishment My best regards
  2. [REPORT] Annasz

    Hello they are punished Thank you My best regards
  3. Report Carrylord

    Hello please add him to your ignore list and as a bonus you will not group up with him ( in rdf ) My best Regards
  4. Report Bubbatyrone

    Hello Thanks I talked to the player and he was not informed and apologized for it seems like you just flew right by him and he did not mean to kill you. I also warned him to make sure it never happens again My best regards
  5. [Ninjaloot] Wifon

    Hello i am sorry to say this case according to rules is not punishable Ninjalooting is taken into consideration only in the case of 25-Man raids of the highest content. Ninjalooting in 10-Man raids, Normal / Heroic dungeons and raids below level 80 is not taken into consideration. My best regards
  6. sunshinea banned by pixie

  7. Ninja Looting Concern [GM: Tide]

    Hello as i said i decided to deal with the issue like a normal ninja looting issue which means punish the raid leader with a ban and remove the item from the player who got the loot that's how we deal with the issue ( which i can't change now since i applied the punishment ) Simple as that .. since there was no legit evidence in your case as i explained. Next time just take screenshots normally and include them in your appeals .. simple as that.. we will take care of the issue as fast as we can .. you can also report the player yourself for ninja looting ( one of the reasons that we wait for like a week or two to answer ninja looting issues since there are always two side to the story ). this report was like on April 28 as you can see there was more than enough time for you to check it out. Thanks for understanding Regards
  8. Gromuar [Problem with login/connect]

    Hello You are not banned you just entered your password wrong so you can't log in for next 15min Regards
  9. [report] Hejlhotler

    Hello Hitler is just a name same as Binladen which means son of laden We can't rename ppl just because some person which destroyed the world owned that name if we do that we have to rename half of the server Regards
  10. [Report] Zartag

    Hello Thank you player punished Regards
  11. Criticism of Sunwell staff

    Hello I don't know if you noticed but ninja looting is an issue that no game master wants to get involved with .. unfortunately what ever we do there will be some minor or major mistakes... like this one As you can see, I am not afraid to admit that i made a mistake. ( and for his edited proofs .. i talked to the player and he admit that he rolled for off spec so its not the case ) We usually try to solve these issues with each other help .. after all we do play the game ourselves .. and we surely understand the issues related to ninja looting. And for your proofs .. We don't consider edited images (cut) as evidence that's why i ignored every single one of them, i also talked to the player and he claimed that it was not his mistake and since there was not any legit proof of him not giving the items back...I dealt with this issues like a normal ninja looting issue Next time make sure to include the full images. Regards
  12. Oddlock - Banned by Tide

    Hello Honest mistake or not .. it was made by you and its called ninja looting I will reduce the ban punishment please make sure it never happens again Regards
  13. Appeal

    Hello it was a mistake by me and i apologize for it sorry for inconvenience Regards
  14. Eurydyka ban Appeal.(Banned by Tide)

    Hello it was a mistake by me and i apologize for it sorry for inconvenience Regards
  15. Report of Miv/Oddlock

    Hello Raid leader punished and item removed from the player Regards