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  1. Tide

    Banned by gold selling

    @piootrek ❤️
  2. Tide

    "Safe spotting" bans [to all Game Masters]

    Hello its just common sense stop spamming in the forums Your last warning Edit: Also you got one day ban as warning if i wanted to apply real punishment your ban would be 7days IV. Others In any other issues not covered by the rules, general honesty, morality and common sense applies. Regards
  3. Tide


    Hello i will look into it Regards
  4. Tide

    Mikinup Verbal Abuse

    Hello player punished Kind regards
  5. Tide

    Violation of ToS by GM Asureuz

    Hello Lawliet himself appealed and i answered his appeal no need for you to appeal for him as i explained to you in-game its just common sense .. jumping off a building is not in TOS of the life either but you won't do it... Its raidleader responsibility to deal with his own raid, read the red text at start of that sentence Kind regards
  6. Tide

    Lawliet (Marea)

    Hello its simple if someone ninjalooted an item in your group its your responsibility to report the player in forums not to ask a group member to do that .. we had so many reports that raid leader did that on purpose so he can run from the punishment ... so report the player yourself with evidence while linking the previous report we can lift your punishment and punish the actual ninjalooter (if thats not you and you cared enough to take screenshots yourself) Kind regards
  7. Tide

    [Character Mysteries] (Banned by Tide)

    Hello appeal rejected Regards
  8. Tide

    [Banned For Texturing]

    Hello You got a day of ban as a warning if i see you safe spotting again in BG i will apply longer punishments Kind regards
  9. Tide


    Hello i took care of it Apologies for the delay Regards
  10. Tide


    Hello player punished Kind regards
  11. Tide

    [Report Matthiu]

    Hello player punished Kind regards
  12. Tide

    [Rerport Toxic - Alobar]

    Hello player punished Kind regards
  13. Tide


    Hello player punished Kind regards
  14. Hello so you basically want me to punish someone base on their belief ? I am sorry i can't do that Communism translate to a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.