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    79 twinking

    You're either a person of low intellect or of so big prejudice that it gets in the way of interpreting my words accurately. Regardless of which one it is, it means discussing with you is fruitless, however I'll continue for your conviction in being the white knight here is truly amusing. Let me explain it to you as simply as I can think of: If one STARTS a certain activity, then STOPS it, then STARTS it again, then STOPS it, there are TWO separate periods of time during which the activity is considered ongoing. By saying I start using something as response to something else, it means both STARTS have a TRIGGER that made me perform certain actions for a finite period of time until I STOP. Since I'm sure you're not putting an effort to understand it, after all you've proven to be a "GNOME MAN BAD, GNOME MAN LIAR" type of NPC, I'll show some good will and explain it further. Period#1 - I notice Teacuppy, Smilnik, Castor FAP while flag carrying or in random fights. I start using FAP. I notice they stop. I stop. Period#2 - I notice Skaredaqt, Barar making dedicated FC builds and fap every game. I atart using FAP. They seem to have stopped (at least I havent seen/heard about it a while). I stop. So what you quoted first was me referring to the recent events (Period#2), but since the blame game by definition goes backward, you point out there was a time the warrior toons didn't exist. So yes, I follow the time travel with you and bring other horde toons into discussion, who existed and practiced FAP runs (Period#1) and were the initiate reason for why I put the "dozens of fap" in my bag. I do hope I made it clear enough for your thought process to embrace, but I aint a naive man, I'm sure you'll come up with something. By the way, why don't you introduce your toon name since you claim to know sooo much about me? I'm Soslammed, the gnomish personification of all evil in the world, what about you?
  2. Soslammed

    79 twinking

    For real mate now I'm replying out of pure entertainment: how is this a copy paste of this:
  3. Soslammed

    79 twinking

    The fact I'm present in a farming game doesn't make me a farmer, but judging from how you completely misquoted my post I now know you're simply trolling, have a good night m8!
  4. Soslammed

    79 twinking

    As predicted, it turns into a 'no you did it first' discussion. My use of FAPs was always in response, before the recent events with Skaredaqt there was his mage Smilnik, Teacuppy (a frequent fap user), sometimes Castor, as well as twinks in other guilds (Ssijek). To argument on it further is futile, as explained in my first post. Your belief about who the protagonists and antagonists are will not change and neither will my knowledge about my own motives.
  5. Soslammed

    79 twinking

    Ah yes, I was expecting something of that sort by the time I saw your first post. It is not new to me that there are some horde individuals who for some reason believe me to be the devil. I didn't deny because I wanted you to elaborate your half assed accusations. You don't seem to be quite fond of reading, probably why you misrepresent the point of my post. Sorry for making you suffer but two sentences aren't nearly sufficient, perhaps two points will be? 1. It isn't that there is nothing to complain about. It is that wheoever complains about those topics tends to miraculously not notice when his own guildmates (or he himself) practice the very same behaviours. And even if he does notice it, he convinces himself it's the response to what the other faction members do. The cycle continues. Best fitting example? Free Action Potion. To blame me, a long time opponent of that mechanism, who attempted twice to make a gentleman deal as soon as I noticed some members of Fatality starting to use it often and whose good intentions were rejected by the very same Smradac the Great GM, who you now see calling me a FAP user, is a high level of schizophrenia multiplied by dementia. Have you ever heard of that though? No, why would you, I'm certain the issue has been narrowed down to "haha soslammed uses fap but he whispers about fap lol" and who would question that? Because who cares about the order of events or the truth at all? Your own faction chats are the only source of information you need. 2. It is you who evaluated those behaviours and presented them as bad, I personally couldn't care less. My post simply lists them as the most common accusations that appear continuously between the factions. It's a known fact many don't seem to realize how the guild chats often are a mirror image of their own selves. But yes, what of them? Do I premade? Yes, that topic has been exhausted in my big post. What of it? Do I emote? Yes, I'm a gnome with a /laugh macro, the sound is hilarious, I laugh at my allies twice as much as I laugh at some horde players. I also /spit at FAP users. What of it? Do I GY camp? Yes, I do camp some particular players who I know to be camping themselves when they have the opportunity. What of it? Do I use FAP? Do you think I will look and smile at Skaredaqt or Barar spamming them every game as they used to do for days? Of course I'll fight fire with fire and do my best to make you regret it. I can speak for myself: I've started using them as a response to Skaredaqt's recent playstyle, not of my own initiative. I do not need to 'cover up' my actions since there's nothing needed to be covered. I'm not buying your 'you do it the most' biased nonsense, too bad you failed to complete reading my first post with understanding to know how misguided you are in that judgement. While my posts should make these horde vs alliance topics clear for good, they obviously will not. World of warcraft players are better off barking at each other in the forums and repeating the same and same accusations over and over because some happened to land in red tribe rather than blue. They are rarely interested in others perspective, they do not seek the truth, and you yet another NPC in the system. To speak more is to waste time.
  6. Soslammed

    79 twinking

    If you want to call me out on something, just cut to the point instead of walkarounds But if you had read the post, you'd know discussing any of the listed subjects is completely futile. It will come down to both sides believing to be the actual victims of certain "patterns of behaviour", as you have named it, while also believing the opposing faction (or its particular members) are 'gultier' or came to practice those things first. @Smradac you're just as clever as skilled with your toons 😂
  7. Soslammed

    79 twinking

    Hello mate, Well I could simply answer "No, we don't, it's horde who does that" or "Yes we do, but you do that as well". Then you'd reply "it's alliance who premades first" - or something of that sort . We all remember the neverending twinking drama topics with million of posts that lead to nowhere. I have a different idea. I will use this opportunity to share my knowledge that comes from observations about guilds, battlegrounds, pvp communities and... human nature - and while I will be addressing you, this is in fact a message to everyone else as well. I planned that at one point, judging by how I am faced with the same statements again and again, coming both from my own allies or horde twinks. Your post will fit in just perfect. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. There is hardly such thing like 'alliance behaviour' or 'horde behaviour'. And if you think there is, in most cases you are misled by your own battleground experiences and by the lack of information from the other faction, since our communities are isolated by the game design. That and personal negative emotions there usually are between faction players (can't be avoided in pvp, after all) lead the communities to often easily jump to conclusions and take them as facts. I will illustrate point 1) with regard to the accusation you posted. What does one think when he joins a bg, where he sees a team of 8x79 on Horde from one guild and a team of 5x79 on Alliance? "This damn horde/alliance queued a premade again, we have to form our own". What does one think when he forms a premade, but it can't pop and when it pops there are levelers? (they were the first ones in queue) "Haha they are scared of our premade and now they won't queue" What does one think when he queues a bg randomly, joins when it pops and sees he has 5 levelers but the opposing faction doesn't? "Why does horde/alliance have so many levelers?? they always get a twink we get levelers" Face it. We've all seen this kind of messages, both in my Phantom Troupe and your Fatality (and other guilds as well). Face it. One does not notice those aspects within his own ranks, he just realizes it when it's to his disadvantage. Face it. Seeing more twinks in the opposite team does not prove the guilds have made a premade. It is up to a random factor of how many levelers from both factions have been in queue / decide to queue after bg starts. "You que only full premade or dont que,while we at horde understand how much levelers are important to hold bracket alive." Your statement is truly a magnificient example of an element that belongs to the very described group. 2. So let me explain to you why your perception is incorrect by presenting the usual, simple flow of events that lead to battlegrounds popping with every new day, and that also eventually leads to those devilish premades. Let's assume it's a wsg day. a) Players of both factions press "Queue Warsong Gulch button" b) Battleground pops after there's 5-5 in queue. At this point, both sides join and are introduced to their teams. By the definition of 70-79 and because of how battleground queues work, the following scenarios are likely: - one team has more 79s than the other - one team has more healers than the other - one team has better players than the other - one team has more players than the other (because of instant leavers or people that queued and not entered) - both teams have the same number of 79s, enough healers, enough frontliners, enough dps, enough of everything one can possibly imagine and the bg is objectively fair (... yeah right) The conclusion here is simple and imposed by the game design itself: battlegrounds aren't and will never be balanced and fair. Moving forward. Let's say horde loses. What happens next? There are many cases to cover, but let us consider the perfect world one. - Players queue again, new battleground pops. Some players are new, some played before. Someone wins. And then it repeats. It repeats until a player becomes angry with loses, noticing the scenarios that I earlier listed. Who likes to lose? Especially when "you would soooo have won IF". This is where the player can stop queuing - or try to modify the preconditions of the battlegorund in his favor and queue again, doing his best to win. We all want to win, don't we? So what happens in the latter case? "join 731 pls" or "ok inv for premade". Sounds familar? Yes. All of us do that, horde or alliance. All of us try to fill the teams with our guild mates, with proper class setups. That's why we made the guilds in the first place, that's why we invited those players. We want to play with them and you know that, all of the horde knows that as well and to pretend otherwise is a brand new level of self denial. What happens next? d0) Premade meets a non-premade. And it stomps it because it's usually a well thought team composing of every class or player that increases the chance of victory vs a bunch of randoms. Boring. d1) Premade meets a lesser in number premade, or twinks from different guilds who queued alone so there's still at least just as many 79s Such games are winnable. But the initial theoretical disadvantage for many is always "why we lost". If of course we did lose. d2) Premades meet a premade with even numbers (9-9, 10-10). Most interesting games. It is the only battleground match-up where traditional excuses can no longer be applied. Levelers can't be blamed, lack of healers can't be the reason, random twinks from the other twink guild that joined cannot be blamed either. After all, at least 90% of this BG are your dreamed team mates. But "it's never that simple, is it?". Very rarely will Alliance accept a defeat against Horde (and vice versa) and very rarely will you see someone admit that the other team played better. Just think how many times you've seen a player say "they're just better". And please, don't lie. There's always an excuse. 3. Sum-up Let's accept some universal truths about the game we're playing, this time straight forward: a) alliance blames horde & horde blames alliance for the exact same things. - Graveyard Camp - FAP abuse - Queueing premades - Emoting - "Lame" tactics - Queuing with mass healers/mass platers, be that prot war or dk b) there is no way to determine the famous "who started", of course every faction will believe its their opponents since they reason basing on the subset of information they have from their guildmates or their own experiences, which they turn into truths they make themselves believe in - members of horde guilds have been graveyard farming ever since I've come to this server - alliance believes it's doing it as a "payback" - and I understand their feelings judging from my own experiences (however, I know I cannot determine which faction was the first to come up with the idea and none of you can, I also know alliance did farm randoms in the past as well) - both factions queue their premades, see point 2) - there are players in both factions who spam emotes (including the rude ones) - both factions happen to have the "def whole game" moments (but they only notice it when they are the attackers, not defenders themselves) And this is just a small fraction of the most popular accusations that I've encountered. So don't let your judgement be clouded by your prejudice (or even actual experiences), think broader before you utter the " [alliance | horde] does [something] " phrase, you can safely assume it's not faction dependent. All in all, things will probably stay the same regardless of this post, but if some of you do open your eyes that's great! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And for the other part of your post, mr Smradac, the mood in alliance over the recent weeks was "don't queue because horde has twice as many twinks online". A lot of people think you're premading 24/7, but you obviously aren't, just like we aren't. Most of BGs during the day were being lost when people randomly queued because we lack numbers and horde had twinks ready every time of day. Why do you think you have the impression that alliance queues premades or doesn't queue? It's because of that outnumbering. But guess what. I'm not complaining. Winds of this bracket blow. When we landed on this server, alliance ended up having more twinks than horde. Yes, you weren't queuing either when you knew you would meet a randomly queued 9/10 Phantom Troupe and R.I.P. Right now the situation is in horde's favor number wise. Let's see how long it persists. For now if you want more BGs you'll have to transfer (I'll make you a Troupe Recruit, skipping the Initiate phase 😂). P.S A friend sent me some photos while I was writing that post (gotta teach the man to use the screenshot button). No, it isn't a horde premade (the actual premade was likely waiting in queue among the remaining 22 horde 😂 ). Just one of many examples of our impression of a usual day before midnights, when the numbers usually even out.
  8. Soslammed

    79 twinking

    If you're in doubt about the activity of this bracket, just take a look at this This is literally *SEVEN* Arathi Basins going on simultaneously. This is a record. I barely believe what I saw. I don't think it'll happen too often again but 3xAB is a stable and regular thing that occurs on CTA weekends.
  9. Soslammed

    79 twinking

    Don't assess the community by the actions of randoms, who for some reason decided to express their frustration in the thread that was supposed to promote the bracket. You'll find some cancerous people everywhere, this screenshot gosu shaman is a rather poorly selected representation of 79 players (both in terms of manners and skills, I daresay) Though I'd lie to myself if I claimed I didn't expect shitstorms at some point
  10. Hi, I am one of the guild leaders in the 79 twink community, which has significantly grown over the last few months. We play battlegrounds every day & and make the bracket very active. Recently I've taken part in some discussions regarding the way CTA works right now and it seems a lot of us agree about what could be improved to make the battleground experience more interesting. 1. CTA right now and what it means in practice The current system has a different CTA battleground every weekend, starting with Friday and ending Monday. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, there is no CTA. In Wrath of the Lich, we have 6 different battlegrounds available. With the system as it works now, for each battleground of the 6, we get to play it 4 days per ~45 days (8%) On no CTA days, people queue WSG - that means we get to play WSG at least (it pops on non-WSG CTA too sometimes) 6x3 + 4 = 22 days per ~45 days. (48%). What above means is that we spend at least half of our time in the battlegrounds playing Warsong Gulch and only get to play battlegrounds like Arathi Basin or Eye of the Storm very, very rarely, even though a lot of people like them the most. 2. Suggestions I have 2 suggestions that in my opinion (and the people I talked to from both alliance and horde) would prove more interesting to the community of pvpers. Please read the descriptions and participate in the poll enclosed with this thread. I will be posting that link on the guild discords as well to get as many opinions as possible and - if any of the ideas gains support, I will post a request to implement it in the Suggestions section of the forum. The purpose both ideas carry is to let us play all battlegrounds more or less in the same proportions - that means every week we get to play 1 of the 6 battleground types at least once. a) Rotations In this model, the CTA is every day but the battleground changes too. To illustrate it with an example, this is what it could look like for the next 2 weeks: Monday - Warsong Gulch (1) Tuesday - Arathi Basin (2) Wednesday - Eye of the Storm (3) Thursday - Alterac Valley (4) Friday - Strand of the Ancients (5) Saturday - Isle of Conquest (6) Sunday - Warsong Gulch (1) Monday - Arathi Basin (2) Tuesday - Eye of the Storm (3) And so on... The advantages: - we get to play ALL battlegrounds every week rather than wait 1.5 month for the opportunity to play our favorite type - if one doesn't play on certain days of the week, he won't be locked from playing battleground X because of how they translocate by 1 every week - if you favor AB/EOTS/WSG over other bgs, you always get to play them for entire day every week b) Random Battleground This is a system known from 80 pvp. Every day a player can queue a Random Battleground and may get a different one every time. The advatages: - we get to play ALL battlegrounds every week (day) rather than wait 1.5 month for the opportunity to play our favorite type - if you don't like to queue the same BG for an entire day, you now get to play all BG types every day Please voice your opinions and take part in the poll. I know a lot of people are tired of playing Warsong Gulch so much while only seeing Alterac Valley or Arathi Basin from time to time.
  11. Soslammed

    79 twinking

    Already the drama :D of course you're completely wrong: 1. Twinks hate fighting against low levels, we enjoy only even bgs composed of as many twinks as possible because only then the victories are actually satisfying. That's definitely the case more often than not, especially when we do premades. 2. My own experiences with "average 80 players" have been so far quite the opposite, I win a lot of 1on1s in wpvp or elwynn forest duels and I know of some other twinks who do as well. Obviously a well geared and EXPERIENCED pvp 80 player will have his advantage, but average? Hell no a lot of them suck and are counterable especially when they underestimate twinks and attack them in their shining pve gear. Hope I've clarified your knowledge in regard to twinks! (:
  12. Soslammed

    79 twinking

    So apparently there isn't a topic dedicated to 79 twinking - here I am coming to fix it & promote the bracket since the more people the merrier! 70-79 pvp is very active. Some of the details for newcomers or simply players interested in what the pvp life here looks like: Battlegrounds ----------------- Call to Arms * 4 days: friday, saturday, sunday, monday. CTA battleground changes every week. * battlegrounds pop all day long (with the exception of AV, peple seem to dislike it, so it pops rarely, usually just 2-3 WSGs going on simultaneously instead) * on those days WSG pops happen as well (different periods, usually late night or occasionally during day if some people choose to take a CTA bg break) Non-CTA days * 3 days: tuesday, wednesday, thursday * Warsong Gulch (battleground pops usually start at 13:00 st until 1-2 am, often 2 simultaneous at a time) Twinking guilds ------------------ Alliance: 2 Twink Guilds * Phantom Troupe (https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/guild/Phantom Troupe) * Rest in Peace (https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/guild/Rest in Peace) Horde: 3 Twink Guilds * Fatality (https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/guild/Fatality) * Twinks Team (https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/guild/Twinks Team) * Dzika Banda (https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/guild/Dzika Banda) Whisper leaders/members for details FAQ ------ I want to make a twink, what faction should I choose? Choose any. Alliance will want you to roll alliance, Horde will tell you to roll Horde. Balance between factions changes every few weeks, it's the nature of this bracket or this game overall. Play the side your heart tells you to! "Faction X wins all the time" are common among both factions since most people base their opinions on just the battlegrounds they themselves played. Is it more active than 80 pvp? I see 70-79 bg pop messages more often than I see 80. They are either similar or slightly different with the advantage of the former. It's best to /who 70-79 "name of the bg" during the day to make your own conclusions or simply pay attention to the chat broadcast messages throughout the day since they are the best indicator! How long does it take to gear up? It depends on many factors such as: - the class you want to play - the role you want to play (healer / flag carry / glass cannon dps / dps with a bit resi) - the idea you have for your character Examples (they are hints, not must-follows): * healers - gearing up is quicker since they use the craftable savage 78 sets or mix it with Brutal in order to stack resillience * glass cannon rogue - BiS (Best in Slot) gear is obtained from high tier The Burning Crusade raids (most sockets, most AP) Both factions run Sunwell Plateau/Black Temple weekly, so obtaining items from TBC raid content depends mostly on your luck with rolls! If you need items from other raids, twink raid leaders are always happy to host them for you! (I CAN SPEAK FOR ALLIANCE, BUT I BET HORDE HELPS AS WELL!) P.S If you dislike TBC raids, there's plenty of WOTLK items coming from 77-80 dungeons or Northrend factions that will satisfy you just fine and make you powerful enough! What professions should I level up? Depends! Engineering is the most popular one and much more useful in the 70-79 bracket than it is in 80 pvp. Secondary professions vary, be welcome to investigate people in armory if you want patterns or simply whisper us in game! But.. what's the purpose of playing 79? We all do that for different reasons! - battlegrounds are active, most time of the day "queue and get a pop" - gearing is more creative, brings something new to your pvp lives if you only played the 80 scene - number 79 looks fantastic Let's make the community grow & let's make this the 79 twinking discussion topic.
  13. Soslammed

    [Report] Antbank

    Your name: Soslammed -Reported player's name - AntBank Date -01-09-2018 Rule that was broken - 11 Description I would like to report Antbank for repeatedly giving up battlegrounds and inciting others to do the same, which is a violation of rule nr #11 that forbids losing on purpose. Enclosing screenshot of a chat in WSG game that has lasted less than 5 minutes. Earlier that day he also queued SOTA, where he gave up and encouraged others to let the opponents win without struggle. Evidence
  14. Soslammed

    The state of twink 70-79 bracket

    Thanks for the answer. As I saw yesterday, WSGs in 70-79 are basically up all the time, which is very great to see since I'm coming from a server where battlegrounds popped only during certain hours for a relatively short time. Was yesterday a WSG CTA? Been wondering why it's the only BG I ever saw starting (in the chat).
  15. Hello, I would like to get some information on the state of 70-79 bracket here in Angrathar. Some general information is welcome, but what I want to know precisely is: - How often do BGs pop (cta or wsg), what are the peak hours - Are there active twink guilds 70-79 both on alliance & horde? - Are TBC raids fully functional? (especially Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple, but also others) I'll be happy to hear your opinions. Regards, Phobossus