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  11. zuboco

    about coins

    Ofc not man, its common sense. They are creating a different nightbane coin to avoid that.
  12. zuboco

    about coins

  13. Paladin Prot Elitist Jerks guide
  14. zuboco

    Few questions about nightbane

    Revered requirement to buy the keys to be able to enter hc runs was the one implemented till Zul'Aman was release, on patch 2.3.0 (http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Patch_2.3.0). So if they plan to progress blizzlike (changing only times between) should be revered till Zul'Aman release.
  15. zuboco

    Your perfect TBC raid setup

    Depends on the content and the boss your fighting. For T5 (need lot more range dps on atleast hard bosses for mele) the perfect raid imo is: Grp:1 Warrior tank, Druid tank/feral dps, Pala tank/retry, BM hunter, Enhancement shaman -->AP shout+5% mele crit+more extra damage from BM hunter+ wf/agi totem twist (if you have great dps tanks need a lot of aggro). Grp 2: Enhancement shaman, arms warrior, and 3 spots for rogues, retry pala, fury warriors or maybe another feral for 5% crit mele for party (but for bosses like kael'thas or Leotheras you should have more hunters and less meles) Grp 3: Elemental shaman, boomie, destro lock, destro lock, affli lock-->3%crit+hit(totem)+5%crit+improved curse of elements. Grp 4: Elemental shaman, SP and 3 mages or 2 mages + 1 boomie-->3%crit+hit(totem)+mana regen+5%crit Grp 5: Resto shaman, disc or hybrid disc/holy priest(improved divine spirit), holy priest, hpala, resto druid-->Mana tide totem+innervates or swap sp some times when needed.