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  1. zuboco

    Alliance needs help on PvP ASAP

    4150 players 45/55 ratio right now. Been playing Alliance since day 1 and the issue wasnt more than some ganks or leave some zones some time to level up. The problem is always the same sht. Too many criers, too many players with loser mentality and so few good pvp players that dont give up and focus to improve their skills.
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  12. zuboco

    about coins

    Ofc not man, its common sense. They are creating a different nightbane coin to avoid that.
  13. Paladin Prot Elitist Jerks guide
  14. zuboco

    Few questions about nightbane

    Revered requirement to buy the keys to be able to enter hc runs was the one implemented till Zul'Aman was release, on patch 2.3.0 (http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Patch_2.3.0). So if they plan to progress blizzlike (changing only times between) should be revered till Zul'Aman release.