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    Newcomer question

    I heard that in ICC DKs become better than palas for some reason (maybe bcs parry bonuses). Druids yea, but you won't usually run two druids, while two DKs would I think work.
  2. nimeralos

    Newcomer question

    Warriors are worst tanks, DKs are best tanks in 3.3.5.
  3. If someone dies in an old heroic (not ToCh-FoS-PoS-HoR), it's not only your gear issues, it's healer being asleep. How many of Angrathar players are a bit (or more) of douchebags - I'd say 5-10%. A noticeable amount, but still a minority. Trying to initiate a polite communication, admitting you're undergeared and will have aggro issues, and /ignore's if it won't help should help.
  4. nimeralos

    Pally / shammy looking for guild

    You may want to specify the raiding times you'd prefer, and how hardcore your "organized" should be. Assuming EU evenings and not-too-hardcore-but-competent, I'd suggest <Omniscient>, they had 6/7 ICC 25 when there were 7 bosses, perhaps more now. But it's a bit of a blind guess, look in global and ask people for more details about the options available.
  5. nimeralos

    Xp boost X3

  6. nimeralos

    One faction lock

    https://github.com/SunwellWoW/Sunwell-TBC-Bugtracker/issues/2055 I agree that not being able to create an opposite faction char is Blizzlike, and also that it's a minor issue. But it makes zero sense on a free server. Different kinds of abusive behaviour (wintrading, same-faction griefing, neutral AH sniping, multiboxing with 3rd party programs) are easier to hide when one uses multiple accounts. Such situations will hopefully be monitored and offenders punished. Removal of one-faction lock would help fair altoholics to be transparent, while those running multiple accounts can be monitored a bit closer.
  7. nimeralos

    Sunwell Nightbane 2.4.3 - Summary & Poll!

    No, there was a FAQ where they said that TBC stays TBC. This I'd say maybe.
  8. nimeralos

    One faction lock

    Or you could only lock Alliance from creating Horde but not the other way around, to (marginally) help with the faction balance.
  9. nimeralos

    Cant get a quest for event-achieve

    I think someone in my guild managed to do the achievement... Maybe there're rep requirements? Try asking in global.
  10. nimeralos

    Rogue Assa LF Guild

    There're just a few NA guilds, I think it's way easier to ask global for their names (I know RankWatch) than to advertise here. I think there might also be a EU weekend raiding guild or two, and <Bam Olda> used to be a one-day raiding guild, but I think they have a different name now.
  11. nimeralos

    Class specializations

    It works differently in pre-MoP WoW. Press N and you can spend one talent points in either of 3 trees. Roughly, they will become your specs with more points spent.
  12. nimeralos

    Need Help Removing Unwanted On-Screen Addons or W.E.

    This is before any addon loads. Some app overlay...
  13. nimeralos


    I think you won't get banned, there're all sorts of nicknames on Sunwell that are vulgar in English... Not sure which "hole" did you mean though : P
  14. nimeralos

    Sunwell Nightbane 2.4.3 - Summary & Poll!

    This night, there were 1200 Allliance and 1700 Horde. Just a bit better than 40/60 and is kind of worrying. Are there plans to re-address the situation if becomes 40/60 regularly? One small thing I could suggest is that during the XP boost weekend, Alliance additionally gets x2.5 1-55.
  15. nimeralos

    [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    ToC 25 5/5, ToGC 10 4/5, getting hyped for ICC wipes... Ulda 10 3/9 HM, I also have Algalon key, but unfortunately the interest has faded away - maybe we'll clear some more one day, because there're still few people who think it's a really cool raid. Regular get-gear-for-newbies runs and hopefully-enjoyable-chill-social atmosphere.
  16. nimeralos

    [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    We are here to enjoy the game. Which means we like to play together and have a nice green chat. We need people for this, and also, we need a couple of dozens nice, chill, yet competent people to kill those pixels. We have certain relevant and irrelevant WoW experience, and don't think one really need more to clear WotLK raids and kill some Hordies. If you treat this game as an exciting adventure, you'd be most welcome. If you think it's all about the endgame, well, we can still be friends : ) /who Adventure and /w anyone to join - currently, most of us can invite (we'll make sure to filter the toxic ones if needed). Safe travels, Nimeralion/Nimur P.S. Mostly EU, only have a few NA players. Main raid days are Wed/Sat 20 ST, plus Friday/Sunday as the more common offdays. We rotate the raids so those who e.g. can only raid on weekends are able to join different raids. P.P.S. MS>OS+1 in older tiers, some simplified DKPish system for ICC.
  17. Reserved items can be viewed as a reward to the one gatherting/leading the raid for their efforts. I don't do them myself and do find it somewhat selfish/toxic, but they make sort of sense. There're also runs where people suggest gold to the highest roller to reserve the item - makes even more sense and almost not selfish this way IMO. You also can't ban them because then people just "reserve in whisper" ("sorry, full on solace needers").
  18. nimeralos

    I need to rant

    It's somewhat subtle. When I farmed ToC normal, I queued as tank/DPS, and when I popped in as a DPS time to time, I still expected to be able to roll on Black Heart. Because well, I could just queue as a tank to avoid any confusion, but I wouldn't mind occasional competition. "You need it - you roll on it" rule works fine, as long as people are ready to talk and understand what items they need. By the way, the idea to get decent preraid tanking trinkets is admirable, but, like others said, they're nowhere near necessary. I also don't agree that gearing a tank is difficult. You're getting instant queues after all!
  19. nimeralos

    Directions for signing up and getting in game?

    These forums indeed don't point to sunwell.pl loud enough, or not at all. They're also not very active (guess such is the fate of all forums in the century of reddits and discords). Anyway, good to hear you've found a solution yourself, enjoy your game : )
  20. Of course, I didn't mean it. An appeal after which it turns out the person wasn't botting should remove the ban with apologies and probably even some bonus (e.g. free x3 for a day or a few). Unjust bans are a completely different issue, and I don't think they can be a reason to justify short bans for an actual offense. I'm pretty sure they just teleport you around, and if you continue grinding/fishing then it's clear you're a bot. Of course, mistakes might happen (if it's a tired or newbie GM), but I'm pretty sure they're rare. I think they have an internal videoproof (of course, not shared with the public to reduce the possibility of botters adjusting to their methods), and yea you need to have a degree of trust in the GMs team. The botters I've reported were very blatant - no newbie would grind in such a robotic manner. But I hope GMs have made some extra checks just to be 100% sure.
  21. Nightbane itself won't progress to WotLK, they've had some sort of a FAQ where they clarified it. However, character copies? In 2 years, when Nightbane is fully progressed and dying, Angrathar is quite empty too, and there's a demand for a F R E S H WotLK? Might happen. They'd need to see how it goes though.
  22. I mean, in an ideal world, it's be ok - next time they try to bot they get a longer ban. In reality, next time they might sneak under the radar. Perma for all botters/cheaters/hackers is the only sensible solution. No fair player needs them to be given a second chance. Then maaaybe, if it's someone who've been clean for a long time but then made a "mistake", in certain situations, the ban time can be lowered to, say, a month after an appeal. P.S. It's not anyhow nazi indeed. It would be nazi if it's something minor - perma for safespotting in Gadzgetzan would be too much. But botting is a serious offense that can't be done "occasionally".
  23. nimeralos

    Banning goldsellers

    I'm not a pro hacker, but can't one change his/her MAC address?
  24. nimeralos

    Is it me or are 5 man dungeons bugged?

    X and Y. Z etc. Where X=Y=Z=etc actually : D Report the pathfinding/geodata issues you encounter on https://github.com/SunwellWoW/Sunwell-TBC-Bugtracker/issues and they'll get fixed eventually.
  25. nimeralos

    Why you banned my account, I was just grind to level.

    Nice account name, given the circumstances. Of course false positives are possible. I'm pretty sure they'll revert the ban with apologies if you're clean and submit an appeal properly.