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  1. Hi, I can suggest you <Adventure Time> (click for details). Pros: Saturday is one of our main raid days Are not going to blame you if you're not here Very often have a spot for an rDPS Cons: Perhaps too casual - are only raiding 10's, non-HM's, and it'll take quite a few IDs for us to "simply" clear Ulda Second main raid day is Wednesday which doesn't seem to fit you well (although I didn't quite understand you tbh, you sound like you work 24 hours except when you have a weekend, which I hope isn't true..?). I'm sure there're other cons that a biased GM can't notice... Anyway, I'll poke you ingame, and you please feel free to /who Adventure and ask questions.
  2. Sunwell staff read this!

    I think these <Era> guys are shooting themselves in the leg... There is a chance that Sunwell admins change the rules. They're increasing this chance by this awkward ninja pride. Glad that I'm playing Alliance : )
  3. Tank - druid or dk?

    DK is a bit more popular, and they're similarly good tanks, so if you have time to level 1-55, it'd make slightly more sense to roll druid. Also, check with yourself what playstyle you like more.
  4. Game masters ignoring obvious ninjalooting

    "Ninjalooting is taken into consideration only in the case of 25-Man raids of the highest content. Ninjalooting in 10-Man raids, Normal / Heroic dungeons and raids below level 80 is not taken into consideration. Obsidian Sanctum isn't highest content raid." These are the rules. Blizzard rules would be, "we don't give a fuck about ninjas - deal with them in a community". So on one hand, you should be grateful that Sunwell GMs bother in some cases at least. On another hand, perhaps the rules can be changed. I mean, there're 50 times more OS 25 pugs than there are Ulda 25 pugs. And 100 times more room for ninjaing there. And, by the looks of the reports section, it's not like GMs are overwhelmed with ninja reports. But for now, the only message is - don't group with Show, leader of <Era> - kick him for such a miserable behaviour.
  5. Wailing Cavern Last boss fight

    I feel that the waves come too fast indeed. Find a video from 2009 or earlier and report in on the bugtracker.
  6. When is Naxx getting nerfed?

    From the interview with Graal: "Of course while having new players in mind, normal versions are not boosted. Those who play for the first time should know that the boost is present only on 25-Man Hard Mode!" So idk : ) I agree that Ulda 25 isn't easy, but, like you say, it's at least on par with Naxx 25, which is weird. Also, I think drakes for T7 achieves are removed already..?
  7. [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    Yes we do. Sorry for not answering - to poke someone ingame is a better option, as I may not visit this thread too often. I see you have a guild right now, but if you decide to reroll, feel free to give us a whisper. Ulduar 10 9/14. Naxx/EoE/OS+2 10 are being cleared weekly. Is it a good progress? As long as you're enjoying the game, I'd say it is : ) Since we don't keep an attendance sheet, people join when they can. The roster is flexible, and we barely can specify who we need most. rDPS I guess. But again, we're trying to give everyone an opportunity to raid with us.
  8. When is Naxx getting nerfed?

    Wait, non-HM Ulduar 25 is just prenerf but not buffed in a custom way, right? This is what I've read in an interview. Sorry if I'm wrong, I'm struggling with 9/14 Ulda 10, lol.
  9. When is Naxx getting nerfed?

    As much as I'd like to beat the buffed Naxx 25 eventually, I must admit that nerfing it seems a natural decision, since Ulda 25 isn't buffed.
  10. Dual log confirmation.

    Alttabbing two clients is allowed. Won't find a prooflink but I'm 99.5% sure.
  11. mage 4p t8 bonus chance definitely too low

    Doesn't seem like a rigorous source, but it's better to guess-make it closer to Blizzlike than to leave it clearly low. You were right to report it on the bugtracker, the forum post will almost certainly be ignored.
  12. No ToC to gear uo ?

    They'll most likely release ToC in November-December 2018. So get your gear as everyone else did : P Joining a guild may help.
  13. Loot bug on Flame Leviathan (25)

    Should've submitted a ticket ingame tbh, they answer like instantly. Not sure if they can help you now.
  14. Why is horde just GIVEN wintergrasp?

    Someone has suggested the swap before. Usually, when e.g. Alliance wins WG, they get VoA for 2.5 hours. But on Sunday evenings, WGs don't happen due to overpopulation, so a faction gets VoA for like 10 hours, which is a bit awkward. I can only guess that it was implemented. And it was a reasonable decision IMO. But to leave it as is (was..?) would be reasonable too.
  15. 400% 24 hr xp boost ?

    Haha, so if it's cheaper, it's ok, but if it's expensive, it's a cash grab server? Nice way of asking for a discount I agree, it doesn't seem right that nolifers can get more out of the feature than ppl with jobs. But probably it's yet another way to prevent overuse of the boost (high price being another one). I mean, they don't seek to profit from boosts as much as possible, they seek to balance profits with rarity to not frustrate non-payers.