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  1. nimeralos

    Newcomer question

    I heard that in ICC DKs become better than palas for some reason (maybe bcs parry bonuses). Druids yea, but you won't usually run two druids, while two DKs would I think work.
  2. nimeralos

    Newcomer question

    Warriors are worst tanks, DKs are best tanks in 3.3.5.
  3. If someone dies in an old heroic (not ToCh-FoS-PoS-HoR), it's not only your gear issues, it's healer being asleep. How many of Angrathar players are a bit (or more) of douchebags - I'd say 5-10%. A noticeable amount, but still a minority. Trying to initiate a polite communication, admitting you're undergeared and will have aggro issues, and /ignore's if it won't help should help.
  4. nimeralos

    Pally / shammy looking for guild

    You may want to specify the raiding times you'd prefer, and how hardcore your "organized" should be. Assuming EU evenings and not-too-hardcore-but-competent, I'd suggest <Omniscient>, they had 6/7 ICC 25 when there were 7 bosses, perhaps more now. But it's a bit of a blind guess, look in global and ask people for more details about the options available.
  5. nimeralos

    Xp boost X3

  6. nimeralos

    Sunwell Nightbane 2.4.3 - Summary & Poll!

    No, there was a FAQ where they said that TBC stays TBC. This I'd say maybe.
  7. nimeralos

    One faction lock

    Or you could only lock Alliance from creating Horde but not the other way around, to (marginally) help with the faction balance.
  8. nimeralos

    Cant get a quest for event-achieve

    I think someone in my guild managed to do the achievement... Maybe there're rep requirements? Try asking in global.
  9. nimeralos

    Rogue Assa LF Guild

    There're just a few NA guilds, I think it's way easier to ask global for their names (I know RankWatch) than to advertise here. I think there might also be a EU weekend raiding guild or two, and <Bam Olda> used to be a one-day raiding guild, but I think they have a different name now.
  10. nimeralos

    Class specializations

    It works differently in pre-MoP WoW. Press N and you can spend one talent points in either of 3 trees. Roughly, they will become your specs with more points spent.
  11. nimeralos

    Need Help Removing Unwanted On-Screen Addons or W.E.

    This is before any addon loads. Some app overlay...
  12. nimeralos


    I think you won't get banned, there're all sorts of nicknames on Sunwell that are vulgar in English... Not sure which "hole" did you mean though : P
  13. nimeralos

    Sunwell Nightbane 2.4.3 - Summary & Poll!

    This night, there were 1200 Allliance and 1700 Horde. Just a bit better than 40/60 and is kind of worrying. Are there plans to re-address the situation if becomes 40/60 regularly? One small thing I could suggest is that during the XP boost weekend, Alliance additionally gets x2.5 1-55.
  14. nimeralos

    [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    ToC 25 5/5, ToGC 10 4/5, getting hyped for ICC wipes... Ulda 10 3/9 HM, I also have Algalon key, but unfortunately the interest has faded away - maybe we'll clear some more one day, because there're still few people who think it's a really cool raid. Regular get-gear-for-newbies runs and hopefully-enjoyable-chill-social atmosphere.
  15. Reserved items can be viewed as a reward to the one gatherting/leading the raid for their efforts. I don't do them myself and do find it somewhat selfish/toxic, but they make sort of sense. There're also runs where people suggest gold to the highest roller to reserve the item - makes even more sense and almost not selfish this way IMO. You also can't ban them because then people just "reserve in whisper" ("sorry, full on solace needers").