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  1. nimeralos

    Sunwell Nightbane 2.4.3 - Summary & Poll!

    My point is, 6 months is probably enough too... With 1-55 x2, level 70 shouldn't take more than a couple of months even if you're a casual player. To be honest, I just want to see Black Temple before Classic hits : ) I understand that a lot of people won't switch to Classic full-time, but I think a lot will... Anyway, I think admins have thought it over before making the announcement, so let's hope the timeline will either work in a healthy way or will be altered.
  2. nimeralos

    Sunwell Nightbane 2.4.3 - Summary & Poll!

    For timeline. I think it's a bit slow. First 5.5 months on retail were devoted to T4-5, mostly because almost-unkillable 2.0 Kael (world first Kael was 4 months after release). Hyjal was only beaten shortly after BT release. So effectively, retail had 6 months for Hyjal+BT, then 7 more with ZA. Sunwell, on the other hand, is going to have 9 months for T4-5 + Hyjal. 5 months for T4-5 is "Blizzlike", but Kael is no longer almost-unkillable, so it seems too long. I'd suggest like 4 months for T4-5, 2 for Hyjal ("Blizzlike" is to have them together with BT even), and then - well, I don't know. Thoughts?
  3. nimeralos

    Sunwell Nightbane 2.4.3 - Summary & Poll!

    Almost Alliance only server? Because of the respec discount? Given the fact that "by default" TBC servers are almost Horde only? Doubtful.
  4. nimeralos

    [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    Hi, yes we do. Didn't even have enough people for Keepers this week. So we'd love to have more of those who think Ulda is worth it on board! Please poke Nimeralion or Termia or Melrik or Dastan or Lastent or Tinsie or Zehenath today evening (20-22 ST we do ToGC 10), or just someone with a Raider+ rank (many 80s have it) if that time is inconvenient for you.
  5. nimeralos


    One occasional Anub wipe for some unpredictable reason - like, heal or tank lagging - may very well cause some elitists who don't need loot from Anub to leave. So I don't know, the behavior sounds acceptable and rational. Calling pugs trash in a guild chat? Not super nice but hardly deserves a "f*cktard" title.
  6. nimeralos

    Dual talents on TBC

    Awesome post. Some of you've probably noticed me hating on dual-spec a lot here, but the on-trainer dual-spec they will propose and poll is now likely to get my upvote.
  7. nimeralos

    [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    ToC 25 and 2 ToCs 10 are being cleared weekly. Ulda 10 progression is stuck on 2/9 HM. If there're Ulda enthusiasts around, they're especially encouraged to join us, since with soon-coming ICC we'll most likely have to stop regular Ulda runs.
  8. I think you just need to wear those ghost-goggles from the previous quests to see the boss. Try to abandon the quest, equip goggles and pick it again. For the future, there's an ingame ticket feature - press "?" in the bottom of your screen (on default UI) and contact the GM. This is how you get help quickly.
  9. nimeralos

    The Horseman's Reins - question

    It's farmable, my guildie had it as a drop.
  10. nimeralos

    Dual talents on TBC

    Anyway, I'm sorry, I won't fuel this discussion anymore, everything has been said, and of course the issue isn't as one-dimensional as I appear it to be. Both sides, good luck on the vote.
  11. nimeralos

    Dual talents on TBC

    And instant 70 will let those players to do something when they actually can only play 2-3 hours a week. This retail approach "everyone gets stuff even while playing 1 minute a month" has no place in TBC. If someone doesn't do "anything besides main spec", why it is an issue? Is the game so boring as it is, is it not fun in one spec? In hybrid PvE/casual BG spec? In 1-month-PvE-1-month-PvP spec? So many options, but all of them are easily ignored by the spoiled WotLK+ players who can't imagine the game without their favorite set of QoLs. "Anything besides main spec"... Next you ask everyone to have something to do besides main class? And next, "I have nothing to do besides playing my 10 Horde chars, could I have 10 Alliance chars and new raids so I have at least something to do?"...
  12. nimeralos

    Dual talents on TBC

    So you know every single "we" who has participated in that poll? It was for Angrathar and Nightbane combined, so it's absolutely obvious that a lot of the voters play Angrathar and may not have intention to play Nightbane. We'll see if the community of the Nightbane players is open to dual-spec-on-trainer solution.
  13. nimeralos

    Dual talents on TBC

    "We don't have time to farm! But we have time for active PvE/PvP, if you change the game for us." Anyway, So no WotLK-style dual-spec. We'll see if the community is open to dual-spec-on-trainer solution.
  14. nimeralos

    Dual talents on TBC

    Lol, such muh statistics. Any real data? Mean amount of gold a player could waste in a year is close to infinity. I don't have one, and neither does anyone. But if I'm to guess: normal tryhard respecs twice a week, it's 100g per week really soon, so 1000g pays itself quite fast, in roughly 2.5 months. Dualspec creates problems, while most of the problems it solves are non-existant. As outlined above, tanks and healers can farm gold and can be good in it. If you pigeonhole yourself to DPS role only - it's your choice, stop asking for an easier life and get a tank friend instead. The only good thing reduced respec cost could do is to promote PvP. Neither tanking, nor healing, nor DPSing in PvE needs any promotion.
  15. nimeralos

    Dual talents on TBC

    So being a tank/heal is cool in a party, dungeon or raid, and not so cool in farming mobs. Sounds absolutely fair to me.