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  1. bug? or ninjaloot?

    I don't think they're going to run through the logs for one item you couldn't care enough to properly screenshot. You don't have any rolls or any "XX receives item YY" in your chat. The item in question isn't even mentioned for rolling in the small bit of chat you've SSed. The only thing we can see is that you were in that raid. Communicate with GMs and RL better next time. In patricular, screenshot what RL tells you about the item, be it raid chat or whispers.
  2. Why though? https://www.wowhead.com/item=45087/runed-orb#comments:id=982836 In 3.3.3, a Gnome named "Frozo the Renowned" Will come to dalaran on his flying carpet, Camping himself at Dalaran Magus Commerce Exchange, Selling Runed Orbs for 4 Frozen Orbs each. NONBLIZZLIKE FUNSERVER jk Actually, it does sound like a decent decision to make him available earlier, in 3.2. But, just to confirm, are you knowingly "fixing Blizzard mistakes" by this?
  3. [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    Ulda 10 13/13 NM, 1/9 HM. We almost have XT, Thorim and Hodir HMs down - probably will manage to progress further even before ToC. Recruiting raiders who are wipe-on-Mimiron resistant. And socials/aspiring raiders of all kinds.
  4. Silence Wintergrasp Message

    Is it like, to promote Horde participation?
  5. Arena Snipe / Dode / Leave Arena / No Fair Game

    This belongs to http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/35-player-reports/ and to ingame ticket.
  6. Silence Wintergrasp Message

    Yes, .pvpinfo But it'll silence the BG messages as well.
  7. Char trahsfer

    That does suck, but no decent server does it. The majority of Sunwell players have "wasted" their time elsewhere, multiple times in many cases. But really, was it wasted? Did you like it? The games are supposed to be fun you know. Btw, Dalaran sells instant 70 and had a free instant 70 event recently. One more reason to see why it could've never been possible to transfer a char from there.
  8. [ENG or PL] LFG - Casual PVE, PVP

    Did you check http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/16-horde/ and/or your global chat? You can also use /who to see which guilds are still active.
  9. [Report] Warrome

    Your name - VerdianReported player's name - WarromeDate - 06/09/2018Rule that was broken - cheatingDescription - well this gnome is flying. Never seen it before, and he doesn't have any cosmetic buffs or anything. Could be my client-side bug - I sincerely apologize for the false alarm if it's so.Evidence -
  10. [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    Recruiting for progressive raiding! With ToC around the corner, we still plan to raid the more interesting and challenging raid - Ulduar. This game is not only about larger numbers on your purple pixels, right?
  11. Botting

    I'm not sure if I understand the purpose of this thread. Every server has bots, because if a bot has leveled to level N, it can be sold for F(N) USD. There's no way to magically eliminate all the bots. Report them and GMs will ban them.
  12. Release some catchups earier so everything is easier? And why, for story reasons..?
  13. The easiest class for PvP

    Think it's pala yea. DKs are quite OP and therefore can be considered quite easy too. You're right, there're quite a few pro's around, but I do think there're also noobs/casuals. I never tried arenas though, and BGs - well, they depend on your team, not much of a personal contribution.
  14. [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    Ulda 10 13/13, Ulda 25 3/13. Hardmode attempts are delayed by the poor setup, but I'm sure we'll down a few soon enough. Mostly looking for cloth DPS! But if you wish to raid in a casual, noob-friendly yet not braindead way - apply regardless of your class.
  15. Mining Problem

    To do what the posters above have said, you need to press C, then Skills, then Jewelcrafting (or Skinning), then press the small red thingy to unlearn it. Enjoy your adventures in Azeroth!