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  1. For everyone reading: When you add someone to your friend list, when they rename, they have their new nickname there. They don't disappear. The only way to lose track of someone's character in such a way is when they swap faction. And even that doesn't hide guild log. "Scissors has been kicked from the guild by Rock." would make them be seen as "Paper has been kicked from the guild by Rock." The only way to really lose someone's NAME track is deleting the character; and restoring it later on under a different name.
  2. Don't worry, no ill meant, no harm done, on the contrary, thank you for the info! I'll work on it as soon as I get the time on my hands!
  3. I expected that they're not optimal. This is my old guide, from 2012 and back when I was not raiding Ulduar. I stated so in both the start and again under the section. I'll find time eventually.
  4. It indeed does. Ha! Thank you, it didn't on my previous server(s). I edited the post.
  5. WoW WotLK Warrior Class Guide - Fury Two two-handed mean meat mincer. Greetings dear reader! Few years past I have started writing Warrior Class Guide Compendium for Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and here you'll read the Fury part, though its a bit different than in the original document. Like all of my guides, the emphasis lies on the word detailed. If you're looking for a pocket guide that will tell you in short order what to take without any explanations of why, then either stop reading right now or be smart about it and look at the most important bits - bolds and colour. (Being all three spec guides in PvE and PvP alike, the complete length of the entire document is over 120 word pages long...so yeah, no way I will post all of it under one topic!) True teaching lies not in telling what to do, but in periodically asking questions and giving examples until the student comes to the real conclusions themselves. It “etches” differently in our memory and it becomes our instinct, and more. I cannot be there for you so I have given reasons and provided examples, which that is the very reason why this guide is “long”. If you do something without in-depth awareness it's all for naught if you truly want to become serious. Before we begin, I’d like to emphasis that this is a guide. The way of doing things I will present to you is not the only way. If you have found this guide helpful and/or think I should change or add explanations on something, do contact me! All feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated! Now let’s begin, we all know warriors slash & smash and don't read. Note: Due to wrong version save, BiS gearsets are not complete. Table of Contents *Use [keyword] to quickly navigiate to wanted section. [F0] Basic Fury Warrior information [F1] Fury talent spec For 80 PvE raiding [F2] How to DPS [F3] Your place in the raid group [F4] WotLK Warrior Macros [F5] Addons [F6] Race, Professions & Gearing [F7] Best in Slot Gearsets (incomplete) Basic Fury Warrior Information [F0] (and some general class stuff as well) This is actually important. To say it short, you’re plate mdps that has AoE ability inside a rotation; you can interrupt spell casts, maneuver fast around the encounter area; and you can act as an “emergency tank” (as I like to call it, ET). Fury belongs to specs that heavily rely on their gear in order to give out an efficient performance. Being a warrior you use a lot of macros, even as Fury; and if you're walking around without a shield in your bags I'll bitch slap you like Shiva! To be more detailed: By the word "plate" I mean to say that you can take some punishment unlike cloth that gets one shotted (but even you cannot survive a single "slap" on hardmode/HM without CDs). Additionally, you can reduce healing strain by using Shield Wall (65% damage reduction total); Shield Block and Enraged Regeneration help too. By having AoE ability inside your rotation, I meant to say that you should watch out when you must not break CC or when your allies are mind controlled. No one likes seeing warriors’ Whirlwind crit on them and no one likes it when someone wipes the raid doing something as stupid as that. It's an instant lootban or worse. You can interrupt casts with Pummel or Shield Bash, so never go below 10 rage on encounters where your interrupt is important! Utilize your Intercept, Intervene and possibly Heroic Fury to maneuver fast around the encounter and lose as little dps time as possible. Additionally, Intervene reduces target's total threat by 10% from all mobs in the battle (and intervenes one physical attack done against them), so keep that note somewhere in the back of your mind, it can be useful on encounters such as Sindragosa. Emergency Tanking aka "ET"-ing is when the tank either dies or you are able to take over the tanking role for a short period of time. This behavior will be covered under its own section. It's worth saying that it's nothing that expected of you to do, merely that your class is capable of doing. What is Rage? How does it work? Rage is warrior’s ability resource. Rage is generated by doing damage with auto attacks, getting damaged from any source, or by using rage-generating abilities or talents. Additionally, Rage is an unlimited resource – meaning that warriors don’t get “exhausted”, not needing (mana) breaks. Warriors stop when they DIE! However, reckless ability usage & stance dancing leads to rage starvation, a point when you can’t do anything until some generation occurs. You avoid doing that by thinking in advance. Worst-case scenario(s) you can find yourself in is not having rage, having no rage-generating abilities available and are unable to attack. You. Do. Nothing. Excluding normal melee weapon attacks – and getting damaged – there are several talents and abilities helping us with rage. Bloodrage and Charge are your only two default rage-generating abilities. You can increase your rage gain from physical sources for a small amount by using Berserker Rage, but that cooldown is ideally saved to prevent fears and other effects from affecting you. That being said, special notice goes to two offensive abilities – Heroic Strike and Cleave. They change your main hand auto attack into special attack, preventing rage generation from auto-attack source (fury has offhand weapon to generate rage with). It’s why they’re called rage dumps. Lastly, there’s stance dancing to be mentioned (changing your stance to use special abilities and losing extra rage). This term is mostly for PvP, but even in PvE, a badly timed stance dance can lead to bad results (e.g. Fury Warrior going to Rend and losing rage generated by auto attacks, that’s bad!). Warriors keep 10-25 rage per changing stances depending on Tactical Mastery talent (passive Stance Mastery is learned on level 20). Unless the situation you find yourself is “now or never”, you aim to dump any excess rage before swapping. Goal is to avoid finding yourself rage-starved – or rage capped. There’s nothing wrong in having 100/100 rage, but any rage you “lost” over the cap or to stance swap should have ideally been going into HS/Cleave or any other viable ability usage; whereas having small amount of rage can leave you handicapped for the moment. Learn when it’s ideal to change stance for different ability usages and pay close attention to your weapon swing timer (via addon, I'm using Quartz myself). There is an equation which determines just how much rage you are generating when you hit or are hit, but I won't be bothering you with it and simply state that the harder you hit and the harder you are hit, the more rage is generated. If you want to know just how much you generate, go hit a target (not a dummy) and take note. Fury Talent Spec For 80 PvE Raiding [F1] Fury Warrior - How to DPS [F2] I stick them with the pointy end, right? Your place in the raid group [F3] I will crush! I will destroy! I will…oooh, shiny! WotLK Warrior Macros [F4] To access macros, type /m or go to game menu and select Macros. Addons [F5] Dem useful gadgets! Fury Warrior – Race, Professions & Gearing [F6] Best in Slot gearsets [F7]
  6. Fire mage T8 - 4 set

    Conjure yourself some Strudels and go sit at a training dummy. The proc rate should be at 10-20% and can proc on any cast, even the one you just used. But don't look at combat log. The proc doesn't refresh your Hot Streak / Missile Barrage / Brain Freeze, but makes your cast NOT CONSUME your proc, allowing further usages. There's nothing to track in the combat log. (I've seen someone on Discord with "! Fix Mage T8 (4) bonus !" name, so it could be that it is indeed bugged)
  7. It is very simple why Rend is not used as Protection Warrior in raiding - Sword and Board talent. Sword and Board talent makes your Devastate and Revenge have 15% chance to reset cooldown on Shield Slam. Abilities that are on global cooldown for single target threat are Shield Slam, Revenge and Devastate - and Rend, Thunder Clap, etc. Shield Slam is obviously your highest threat building ability. We follow it by Revenge for the damage (and the threat ofc), and then you are using Devastate until Shield Slam and/or Revenge are ready again, be it natural cooldown or talent proc. Devastate on its own applies Sunder Armor (high threat) and does nice damage. Even if you were to talent Rend and have a Feral Druid in the raid for Mangle debuff (or Arms Warrior for Trauma), Rend cannot out-threat or out-dps a single Devastate simply for the reason that it can reset Shield Slam cooldown - resulting in greater threat and damage gain both. The only time you actually use it is when you do not have Deep Wounds talented (say, dedicated offtank spec) and you find yourself in a raid with an Assassination Rogue that does not have anyone to provide a bleed for them, so you keep that Rend up once a minute so they can refresh Hunger for Blood without them hurting their dps to cast Rupture instead of Envenom. Heroic Strike has nothing to do with using or not using Rend.
  8. Big thanks to administration team for the pin! I'm glad for the attention it's getting (over two thousand views monthly!) and the knowledge it's passing on. Thank you everyone!
  9. Assassination Rogue LITE Guide

    Fan of Knives as an ability is not useless! The glyph however, is wasted. Onyxia? Needless. I mean, whelps are crap, we all know that. Tricks glyph proves more useful to make the raid finish sooner. Anub? Well, yeah, but while "yeah", why in name of the Light would one of the most potent single target dps swap to AoE? I don't know, I... well, it DOES come down to the situation, but Anoob still needs to get damaged himself lest you focus so much AoE on the adds that you don't push p2 before third burrowing AND keep it up from there on to the end. There's more to it but true, if the raid wants the rogue to AoE, by all means, FoN can be good, but I'd still have that juicy 15% damage increase on some raid member rather than having my FoN tickle some more. Myself, I have never ever seen rogue going FoN mode in ToGC25 unless it was in p2 with someone dead and it was KILL THEM NOW OR WIPE situation. And you'd still end up with less overall damage done (and that's just one fight). Sarth? Meh, not really, whelps die faster than my little sister running to me when I get home with candy. Lots of small flame adds around? They die to "natural" AoE. One weapon swap to weapon with Anesthetic Poison and one-two FoNs will clear all Enrages and you're back at killing the boss. Ulduar usefulness? All of those adds die fast and one of your examples explode on death, so.... Well, yeah. Tricks glyph wins for overall damage done. Me reading green text: Cheers, tricks should always go to dps unless the threat really is an issue! Well done! Me reading yellow text: /facepalm Okay....okay.... k. *goes to office to fetch external HD with old HD backup, wow documents among them* Ah, there is my Rogue Macros notepad! #showtooltip Tricks of the Trade /cancelaura Tricks of the Trade /use [nomod, help] Tricks of the Trade /use [mod:ctrl, @focus] Tricks of the Trade One use without modifier will cast tricks on either your target if it is friendly or target's target if it is a hostile (boss's target is - the tank). If you use it with modifier, you will cast it on your focus, a dps that is about to do a considerate amount of punishing. Like, say that Arcane Mage that popped Arcane Power, Icy Veins, has Hero/BL, has popped Wild Magic Potion, has activated Hyperspeed Accelerators, has trinket proc and trinket use active. Or that X AoE dps with similar "buff" situation. (or one can use mouseover instead of focus or simply have target's name written in the macro instead) (there's actually a better version of the macro, but I was using this one at the time) ...and second usage of the macro removes the threat transfer. Voila! The way you've been speaking, it's clear that you don't know of this. Canceling your buff does nothing to your target's buff. One buff you give yourself to transfer threat, their buff with the damage increase is something separate (their duration has nothing to do with yours). You give that beast dps 15% more damage done for ten seconds for mere 15 energy every half a minute! How can Glyph of Fan of Knives ever compare for Assassination for "serious" raiding? With the occasional exclusion of Anoob, but even, like... THE RAID will do more damage with tott glyph, be it that beast single target or AoE nuker. There you have it, my reasoning on how taking FoN glyph over ToTT usefulness is wasted in my eyes. I realize that I am coming "hard" in here, you have my apologies if you feel so, but (t)here, prove me wrong and I'll relent! I LOVE Tricks! <3 The glyph makes it sooo sexy!
  10. Assassination Rogue LITE Guide

    Well, true enough, Anoob and four spiderlings... I give it, a fine example, but kind of really the only one. Even still though, personally, I'd still press my single target dps and give that tricks to some AoE beast. While spiders must go down fast, you still need enough dps to push Anoob into p2. Comes down to the raid composition. Dem tricks tho!
  11. Assassination Rogue LITE Guide

    The link is not working. I suggest you to use Twinstar builder, our Armory has many errors. I have two questions regarding your 2nd build. One, why is Quick Recovery your prime choice? Personally, I prefer 16% faster running + offensive feet enchant rather than 20% increased healing; hots are up, no one is going to die - and faster moving around the room equals less downtime (there is Sprint, aye, but still...). Secondly, you took Opportunity 2/2; where most players prefer Relentless Strikes 2/5. Could you elaborate your decision? I believe that you did Tricks of the Trade little justice in your guide. Fan of Knives should never be taken for raiding in this expansion. The threat help is obvious, but regardless if it is 10 or 25 man raid, 15 Energy for ten whole seconds of doing +15% increased damage, casted on another raid member is VERY valued, more than the personal dps lost. Ten seconds is a lot of time! I played Rogue before Mage, and I can tell, especially Arcane (another single target beast), with ALL raid CDs active or simple solo buff + Hero/BL, give that mage tricks for those ten long seconds doing 15% more damage... If the mage actually manages to reach the haste cap for spells with CD usages, we're talking about 1.5k+ damage per seconds here. Aside from them; mage is only my favorite example, give glyphed tricks to any raider with buffs up, its party time (even without). Good tricks are important. I never allow any Assassination rogue enter my (guild?) raid if he has FoN glyphed. It serves NOTHING. It does NOTHING. Comparing 20% more damage to FoN for occasional AoE to beastly 15% more damage for 10 seconds on someone... yeah. Speaking of which, you should add a macro for ToTT. Cast on target's target (the tank), modifier on someone specific or mouseover, etc; but with cancelaura when used twice. That's it. Quick Recovery vs Fleet Footed is personal, but at Tricks, you really did it injustice, you did And the macro. Gods know that too few players mentioned it and we have derps which only tell them to use with other rogues and not worry about it before T10. That's absolute bullshit. Oh, one more thing. After my first mage was over, a friend rolled Rogue afterwards. He said that he ended up doing more damage when he swapped 14.h with deadly into the mainhand. I never tried that out myself. Could you post some feedback on it if you manage to test it out on some reliable fight?
  12. PVP is nearly unbearable

    Start making premades. The best solution ever. Have someone who knows how to "speak" type out commands (suggestions) for others to follow ("Don't fight outside the cap zone! GET BACK!" said in whisper, say channel as well as BG. There are numerous ways how to enrich your BG experience. Complaining won't do anything. Buckle up.
  13. New to Holy PVP, some questions

    New to it? Oh boy... well, let's begin. <Link to build>. That's my personal starting favorite. (link not to Armory because the descriptions in there are misleading) Protection part shouldn't be changed. As for the main Holy part... The first question is one wants Blessed Life, but let's start from the bottom... Seals of the Pure? No. Divinity? It depends on available talents. 10% more intellect results in larger mana pool (and some increased SP and crit as well), but make a math of just how much for your current gear and decide if that's worth it or not - rather, some other talents could be more important than having more mana. JoW, SoW, DP and MP5 restore mana, as well as drinking. Depending on your 2s or 3s team, the amount of points spent in here entirely depends on your comfort. Myself, zero points. Improved Lay on Hands? Can't even use it in Arena, no. Improved Blessing of Wisdom? It gets dispelled all the time, hell no. Blessed Hands? It ups HoSac damage transfer to 35/40% of damage taken. That will surely save a life! If you don't want this, the points goes into Divinity before you could go on to the rest. Pure of Heart? It's one of those "you either like it or you don't" type of talents. Mainly you are worried about Rogues and Shamans here. Crippling Poison (70% slow), Wound Poison (-50% healing), Mind-Numbing Poison (30% casting time) - they can all be active on you at the same time (if rogue has proper weapon switch macros). Add in Deadly Poison if the rogue is Assassination aka Mutprep. And Shaman's Hex (pure disable). Add in Feral's Infected Wounds (50% movement slow). They will last considerably shorter, especially Hex. The lesser duration might seem silly, but trust me, it is not, especially when hex comes into question, when your partner is fully exposed without your support? NOTE: Only 2/2 makes some impact. One point in serves nothing. Purifying Power? This one is an excellent mana saver (Cleanse spam happens often enough!). It also helps with the offense. In some ways its better than Divinity for "larger mana pool", cleanse spam is quite hungry. Light's Grace? Well, nah. It's on rare occasions that you find yourself in where casting Holy Light is better than Flash of Light. If a Holy Paladin wants to increase hps, it's haste you increase. Granted, there is a very valid build with this and some nice regeneration trinkets, but HL is still very slow to cast (compared to FoL) and fake-casting it... its mana costs... Let's just not get into that. Blessed Life? This is another either you like it talent or you don't like it type. This talent's effect is rng. If you don't like things on which you cannot depend on, skip this talent and fill any of here mentioned. You don't mind rng things and you're looking at something to help you increase your longevity... if it procs? If you get gang banged, this won't save you for sure. It can proc on Chaos Bolt as much as on rogue's auto attack. So, yeah, you either like or you don't. Myself, I enjoy it, but you have to realize that 10% is not much and that I got this for the fun and giggles. Recommended? Not really, but then again, why not? It will save you some times, the others won't. I couldn't fill Holy Guidance because of Blessed Life. You should never sacrifice Judgements of the Pure or Sacred Cleansing talents. You want that haste, and you sure as hell want that spell resistance! While Spell Power is also very important, haste and 30% resist chance are way more important. There's nothing else to say for the spec. Glyphs are easy-ish enough. Glyph of Holy Shock - Mandatory. Glyph of Seal of Wisdom - Mandaory-ish. The glyph is enhancing your mana efficiency, more so when you can manage to hit something with your weapon. Some players prefer running around with Glyph of Seal of Light for 5% increased healing, but I don't ever see them outlasting SoW counterparts, never have. 5% reduced mana costs is damn important! Glyph of Turn Evil - Most recommended third. Instant cast for that Ghoul / Gargoyle / warlock pets. Delicious! Glyph of Salvation - 20% damage reduction every 2min? Yes please. Glyph of Cleansing - Great choice when you're playing with a partner that you need to cleanse a lot. Glyph of Flash of Light - Hey, having higher crit on your main hard-casting spell sure is nice! There are some other glyphs one could take (Exorcism for offensive Hpala trolololol) but they belong in < nature. There you go!
  14. Someone correct me, but removing Honor is not blizzlike. Why would you ditch level 26 leveling guy's honor points? Why would you reset honor points from someone who's 80? And stone keeper shards which are used for heirlooms, mount, JC recipes and few epic cut gems? What I mean to say is that Honor points have nothing to do with arena itself. It's the arena points that matter for the PvP season. Arena points are removed because "anyone" who played whole previous season could simply raise in rating, buy newest items and voila, fully Furious decked complete with weapon. But there's nothing as much what one could do with Honor. Get me rating enough to get all offsets (1750 was it in S6?), farming BGs for a week will get me all offsets I need. But mainset? Get those weeks with flushes roll by! I don't ever recall Blizzard removing Honor or Stone Shards with new season and I played retail since August 2005 until April 2009. To remove exploits, all items which require arena points currency to buy are made soulbund (including honor badges). That way, there's no buying items then logging on later after the update to vendor them back for instant arena point gain. I really don't see any reason to removing Honor and Stone Keeper Shards. Could you please elaborate your decision on the matter? Thank you.