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  1. Ally or Horde

    ...either one? Play the race you enjoy the most. BGs and WG are so-so evenly balanced, depends on the time you login and current active PvP community + 3x exp events bring lots of undergeared players in BGs which can be double edged blade.
  2. Fire mage T8 - 4 set

    I haven't played for a month and something, but the last time I did it was "fixed". I'm not sure if it is correct way (think not), but it began working akin to a bug that Warriors had with Sudden Death which allowed infinite amount of Execute usages for as long as the buff was active. What I mean to say is that last time I checked, Hot Streak was never used up, it merely expired - and cast as many instant Pyroblasts for the duration. AFAIK, it should instead have that ~20% chance to not consume upon usage - once, and it can proc on itself. I mean, full 10sec of Pyroblast spam, that's just mean and doesn't taste right. Way too OP compared to other set bonuses. But it works like it does, and since I don't know the retail version with 100% conviction I can't say much other that above thoughts.
  3. The easiest class for PvP

    "You thought". What are you looking for in PvP? Rogue is a playmaker - sets up the pace. You're not there to dish out the numbers. Though your burst is potent and Mutprep spec has good steady damage, but limited mobility. Rogue is more about control. Resuming from above. 1on1 is tricky, you need to use your cooldowns right. As I said, you're the playmaker, not the one to dish out the numbers (outside of Shadow Dance burst). You don't fight any melee head-on, ever. And casters, well, you need to be even smarter against them. Killing someone 1on1 takes experience after all, and who knows, they are more than likely more experienced with the game than you are. Myself, I am playing since vanilla, though I skipped TBC and came back with retail WotLK. Later on I resumed WotLK on private back in 2010 and I here I am still today. So if you were to meet me as you are, I'd probably slap you silly and counter most CCs you do to my team in a BG. What you should do? Play more rogue. Play and play more. Rogue was my main PvP char in 2011. I leveled almost exclusively through BGs (17k kill count upon reaching level 80). I have had four learning curves: The first one, I was in full level 60 PvP set and not being higher than level 66 and going up against twinks. Here I learned how control is important. I often ended up killing most 69 twinks as level 60, tho looking back, they were idiots with gear and were used to slapping things in front of them and were oblivious to mind games. I dinged to 66 for Cloak of Shadows because twink casters were otherwise just brutal. My main goal was getting that WSG flag past everyone, so I learned my CC well here. Second learning curve was from level 70 with blue PvP gears from TBC (rep vendors) and vendor 70 arena offset. Highlights of combat PvP was 3vs1 on more than one occasion and how by 74 I bested every single twink 1on1 in dalaran sewers. But here I learned the value of encounter control. Sap that hunter/caster in the back not yet in combat, open with Cheap Shot on that healer, step to a hunter for Dismantle, sprint back to that sapped caster to Blind him, Gouge another, Step back to healer and interrupt heal, wait for DR to expire then Kidney Shot. Use Prep, step to a DK that's harassing my healer, do a Backstab (undispellable slow via Waylay) and perform Dismantle, sprint back to that healer, Kick him, wait for some energy and Shadow Dance his ass out. ^Example of playmaking. I won numerous BGs for that control (if I made the right call) + carrying the flag, more than fighting itself. Third learning curve was fresh 80 and how players were no longer so nukable due to resilience. First set of arenas, how I must adapt my play to my partner (was playing with Disc first), and how we must synchronize our control if we are to win some tricky combos (hpala+enhance, omg get away 45min game). And fourth learning curve was when we reached high rated arenas. When players are no longer stupid. When there's no overlapping of CCs. When someone's mind games are better than your own and you fall into traps that never seemed like one, but they were. Learning, learning, and more learning. You need to have fun while playing if you're to learn. You need to be eager - and you must be facing the odds. There's little to learn if enemies act like NPCs, hold W and follow you in a bee line wherever you go. You can't get better unless you face someone as good or better than you. Imagination is your limitation. See what he said? His whole post is good, though of what's easier could be argued. Your personal playing style counts a lot. Some can't or won't play melee, some can't playing a caster. Some players enjoy being able to heal/assist, some have headaches when they have to "stop" attacking to provide support. To finish, Rogue is a wonderful class in PvP. What I said a few times however - rogue is a playmaker. You're not there to face someone off 1on1 head on, like e.g. warriors do - you must be crafty with your approach and always have the upper hand. Question is, do you enjoy that kind of approach? If you want we can have a chat, throw me a PM anytime this week, I'm on vacation and I have some time on my hands.
  4. Beginer hunter

    Check this out: <Link for Petopia> For pointers and tips, you should be more specific. Like, talent help, glyph choices, pet companions, hunter macros...what? There's a wagonload of things to share. What would you like to discuss? EDIT: I just realized the date of this post. Poor guy wanted forum help, got it half a year later.
  5. Tiny little buff please?

    I'm going to take a guess here. You're going oom fast because players are tanking unnecessary damage and "tank" is usually just someone who can queue as tank and has a shield / dire bear form / frost presence ready. They require a lot more healing than a true tank does... especially so if they pull mobs by holding W instead of strafing and jump-turning to avoid as much damage it is possible. And LoSing casters, who ever heard of that? /chuckle My priest is currently in mid forties. I don't have Spirit Tap talented. I can manage to heal several big pulls or one insane pull before I have to drink. Big pull? To pull "straight" line of mobs leading from Scarlet Cathedral entrance to the gate. Insane pull? After drinking there, tank barging in and getting all remaining mobs (we only do this if we have group with strong AoE and pref. a class that can help kite, such as hunter or shaman, or frost mage with talented Blizzard). Glyph of Renew and Glyph of Holy Nova serve me fine. Focus on using (Greater) Heal and avoid shielding unless you know that trouble will happen. Otherwise heal mainly with Glyphed Renew and see if timing Holy Nova can heal the party (in other words if it is more useful mana-wise, considering hps ratio per mana is high). Good trick to do is to talent Spirit Tap and find a good target for your Holy Fire spell (easiest to land killing blow with atm, at least for me). It's felt better post 42 when you get Holy Concentration, your regeneration can be insane if more than 50% of the items you wear have Spirit stat on it. It also helps if you have both caster loom trinkets to negate manacost of Holy Fire, but that's another thing entirely. And well, if you have mana issues in outland, its Discipline for you. Myself, I am enjoying Holy. But alas, without a good tank and if the dps is nothing impressive, you do have to drink a lot.
  6. Glyph of Vengeance vs Command vs Exorcism

    Top three Retribution glyphs are Vengeance, Consecration and Judgement. Your mana should be fine from talent Judgements of the Wise and your Divine Plea, which you should use on CD whenever you can. You're ought to use Judgement of Wisdom on main target anyway so dps in party can regenerate their mana, yourself included. Glyph of Command with Plea available when you're doing level 80 content? Nah. It shouldn't ever be so serious with your mana. Now, one could go on saying how you're using Seal of Command for AoE, so having or not having Glyph of Vengeance doesn't matter much (get dodged tho!), but make sure you have it before you enter any raid. Hit and Expertise softcaps are essential. As for Glyph of Exorcism, avoid it. Yes, you can use it if you get Expertise softcap without Vengeance glyph, but that <Equip: Increases your Expertise by xx> stat on items should ideally be critical strike or haste instead, since it affects all/most of your attacks. You can't really compare it with 20% increased damage on one ability which you use every fifteen seconds.
  7. Hmmm... What did I write again? Ah... this! ^ That was my point, y'know. The rest was an input about spell behavior, the forum post is about bugs with Arcane Missiles (while this could be treated as a discussion about bugs of one ability, it belongs to the bugtracker, hence the message). I'm not guilty of you smelling some shit simply because you read about what you consider it to be. As a matter of fact, take a look at Spell Reflection issues on the Bugtracker. There's no report for behavior that you mentioned, so why don't you be "useful for once in your life" as you put it and write your input there so the issue gets attention and eventually gets fixed if true? Have a nice day.
  8. Actually, it should. It's how spell delay works.
  9. Backporting Details! Damage Meter(?)

    Just finish it and upload it somewhere with credits to the original author with a note that it's adapted to WotLK.
  10. To add PvP detail, the OP made a good mention of how Arcane Missiles should be treated as if it was one spell, true indeed - so when Spell Reflection is used, all missiles should be reflected back at the mage instead of only one. All of this is good enough for a bug report, have you opened a thread there?
  11. (Suggestion) Future PVP Weapons.

  12. Extended time for Black Proto-drake!!!

    I don't see a reason to disable any of those things anyway. It's a private server, let some new guild aim to get it and have fun and have a sense of accomplishment. Just because someone was here before others makes little sense. Realm will stay eternally WotLK, why limit such achievements? "Hey, I played at the start look!" Yeah well good for you. Some people find it fun. There's little reason to ruin.
  13. Glyph of Overpower

    Glyph of Overpower "counters" DK's high parry. Glyph of Overpower counters hunter's Deterrence (100% parry, slap him hard with Overpower). And there's some more, but those two are the prime reasons. It's no new meta, nearly every warrior has it. It counters one weakness against Hunter and it helps some against Deekays.
  14. There have to be some custom things implemented. If you want a real blizzlike copy of WotLK, pure 100% - sorry, you won't really find it anywhere after a whole decade of its release, and if you manage to, the population won't be so active (level up with 1x rate again, REALLY??). The only real non-blizzlike thing were the 2x rates. The pre-nerf and buffs to raids are welcomed. Now this will be another non-WotLK setting enabled, but its nothing game-breaking or changing anything major either way. Transmogrify is a fun feature, and you're not entitled to see it if you don't want to (if they change the opt out that is). Besides, keeping the serves up costs money and we all know it doesn't grow on trees. Some income must be present. Complain all you will, but there is nothing game-breaking in anything "custom" they have implemented on either Feronis or Agranthar. If you dislike cosmetics so much, close your eyes.
  15. You made no mention if it will on default be disabled in BG and Arena...Please confirm or deny. And for us mere mortals who live in third world undeveloped countries who cannot afford to purchase sunwell coins without holding our balls in pain, thank you for not restricting to only server currency. Additionally, please, don't make transmorg cost Arena Points. I briefly played on Feronis; I liked the prospect of needing much needed NR content materials to enable it. Epic gems (currently rares will do?), abyss crystals, etc. Or if you will restrict it to player only currency (rather than requiring both), let it affect FARMABLE in-game currency - Emblems, Honor and Wintergrasp / Stone Shards variation. Arena Points are not really farmable. Main spec, offspec... season ends before offset mainset and t2 weapons are purchased. (mainly it differs if you want players make profit / serve the economy or CHARACTER currency to be used) (edit: for the sake of having more donations to keep the realms running, character currencies have more sound to them) ANd/or letting us acquire them via certain boss kills or BG/WG wins, akin how emblems are got (rather than lootable loot, we all know how that will end up). Cheers.