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  1. Tank - druid or dk?

    Bears and paladins are basically the two viable tank classes. DKs have niche usability, warriors are just inferior.
  2. Demonology warlock bis list t8,5

    Naturally, raid DPS contribution is difficult to calculate because it depends on the amount of casters you're running with, their skill level, their classes as well as the encounter in question, and then you also provide non-zero value for healers which should also be accounted for somehow. However, that's the metric you should be concerned with and I think you should at least try. Evaluating sp and spirit at double weights is a good approximation (say, 8 casters including yourself supposed to value sp equal to you and 4 healers who are valued at half), but it could well be even more valuable on encounters like Yogg+0 in which you have lower DPS time than affliction locks that you're ought to stack, or Vezax in which you could be running with 15+ casters and 5 healers, who on that fight actually really do care about efficiency. The raid DPS BiS list won't be completely different - Starshard's Edge, Grasps of Reason and Illustration for example are BiS no matter how you twist it because they offer the most sp in any event - but the overwhelming value of sp will switch around some gear choices and that in turn changes the plan to get hit capped.
  3. When is Naxx getting nerfed?

    There's a handful. If you look at the list of changes, there are custom boosts that apply to non-hardmode versions. Moreover, there's plenty of "pre-nerf" mechanics and values from the PTR and they're buffs relative to the Ulduar people back in the day actually did. Anyhow, I kinda have to agree with the whole Naxxramas situation. I just pugged full Ulduar-25 normal and it was successful, but in actuality well over half of the players from a guild that already had Ulduar normalmodes cleared, and many of the extras were alts from high-end guilds, not your average players from trade chat. My general impression was normal Ulduar being at least on parity with Sunwell's Naxx25 (outside of Flame Leviathan, XT-002 and Razorscale perhaps) so I don't think difficulty being backwards is the problem. However, the gap isn't very wide either and realistically, it's just not worth it for anyone to organize a run capable of clearing Naxx when they could be doing Ulduar instead, and the difference in difficulty relative to Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity from the same tier IS just absurd. I understand the reason for not returning Naxx25 to Blizzlike values is the drakes. However, as evidenced by the fact that no one's doing the achievements, nobody cares. Even if/when someone bothers going for the achievements, they will be brute forced in Ulduar HM gear and any prestige that might have been there will be lost, so the devs might as well do whatever with the drakes (keep them available in Blizzlike Naxx, make them unattainable, give them to Conquerors of Naxxramas, give them to players who cleared Naxx25 before a certain date, I don't care) and throw a carrot to the PUG-scene and new players still looking for a guild.
  4. When is Naxx getting nerfed?

  5. I don't think it's a coincidence you're talking about Archavon. Choking Cloud decreases the chance to hit by 50%.
  6. T7.5 Warlock BiS (All specs) (Rawr simmed)

    It's included
  7. Let's discuss glyph undercutters

    There's several considerations to be made here: 1. There's a lot of glyphs everyone is forced to make while leveling and supply is inevitably high. In a few cases demand might outweigh the supply but in most others you can only ever make glyphs that are useful in small niches or they are outright trap options, and demand will naturally be low in addition to high supply. Given that you had no choice but to make those glyphs, you can effectively disregard the material cost so, as long as the listing price minus AH cut minus AH fee multiplied by the times you need to relist the glyph before you can make a sale isn't lower than vendor price, literally any price is profitable relative to just vendoring the glyphs. The best you can hope for is for someone to buyout all glyphs in attempt to fix the price (with low-demand trap option glyphs, it really might be sensible to undercut 40g to 40s and have the price-fixer buyout, the alternative being to relist the glyph dozens of times before making the sale, at which point the price likely has fallen to <1g anyway), or successfully do that yourself, but that can only be temporary because with excess supply the price will inevitably gravitate towards a few silver over time. 2. In actuality, it's not profitable to sell glyphs at a few silver. Not because you could somehow get a better price, but because during the few seconds you spent listing the glyph, you could have killed and looted half a mob, or done one hundredth of a quest/two thousandth of a raid, or done literally anything else and made more profit. However, stopping to think about listing the glyph might cost even more time or simply isn't something you can bother with when you are listing your inventory of a hundred different glyphs. As long as you know your glyph business is time-efficient way to make gold overall, you simply might not care. 3. To continue this line of reasoning, you make gold by volume of sales. This is a popular and still a rather fresh server so I'd imagine hundreds of glyphs are sold daily. The larger slice of that pot you can grab, the higher the potential profits: it's better to sell a hundred glyphs at 5g profit than ten glyphs at 40g profit. One option is to camp the AH to constantly cancel auctions and undercut competitors by 1c (and given the activity of the AH, this will take a lot of time), another is to deep undercut to drive competitors away from the market altogether. Even mere 1g profit per glyph might be better in terms of active play time spent than 10g profit while having to camp AH 24/7. Now, that isn't to say there aren't players with poorly configured auction house addons or outright fools (after all, there are also people also selling items below their vendor price and on a lot of servers I've seen a phenomenon of all alchemy consumables being sold at below material price, even accounting for alchemy specializations), but in a healthy economy the price of glyphs is expected to be rather low. If players A, B and C agree to fix the prices at high level and each take 1/4ths of the market, it's rational for player D to undercut and take 100% of the market as long as they're still making profit each sale. I've personally given up inscription in favor of getting a few more sp out of JC but while I was at it, I was making perhaps 2k gold per hour of active hour of play time spent and I'm by no means an expert at making gold. Conversely, I know players on this server who are approaching 100k gold made with inscription without even touching the Nobles deck market, and I know players who got gold capped in WotLK retail utilizing deep undercutting strategies
  8. Warlock specs on Sunwell

    And I have seen affliction lock (with tricks and PI) doing 9.6k DPS on Patchwerk, according to both Worldoflogs and Recount. I myself have done 8.5k as demo, without any raid support. Seems about right, since Simcraft for my character results in simulated DPS of 7.8k, but the fight was over in just about 3 minutes, yielding substantially higher cooldown uptime than in the 300s sim (first meta during lust, second meta entirely in the execute phase and boss dying soon after it ends). With shorter fight, you could do even better and that wasn't the fastest Patchwerk kill by any means. Conversely, I just haphazardly put together a pre-raid profile and demo simmed for 6.4k (probably not the ideal setup because I recall getting 6.6k in the process of optimizing my pre-raid setup, regrettably I didn't save the profiles), affliction should be at parity. Taking into account the possibility of higher cooldown uptime and/or getting support from the raid, never mind the old-fashioned luck, breaking 7k should seem possible even with entirely pre-raid gear if you get the raid cooldowns (indeed, our affliction lock did just that in the first Naxx, at least if the meters are to be trusted). I think the meters are working just fine, except perhaps the one you are using (or the "almost BiS locks" you've seen are actually mediocre). That's much more likely than every lock on this server failing to get even close to their theoretical potential.
  9. PTW server or just not in yet ?

    There isn't supposed to be badge vendors in capital cities, that's Cataclysm stuff. They are in the Sunreaver/Silver Covenant areas of the Dalaran.
  10. changes when ulduar patch comes

    The server is seeking to emulate 3.3.5a mechanics already. The changes to non-raid content would be of more interest, such as confirmation of ilvl213 Dalaran rings becoming available from the start, how emblems will be handled (as this is already unblizzlike with valors available from heroic daily), as well as whether most of Argent Tournament content will be enabled, including the goblin dailies that were in turn removed in 3.2.
  11. T7.5 Warlock BiS (All specs) (Rawr simmed)

    It's not completely straightforward to sim but what you can do is some back-of-the-envelope calculations. Looking at EP-values, 1sp is around 1.5dps and 10 seconds of 165sp/195sp (no Demonic Aegis/Demonic Aegis, BoK on both counts), with these ballpark numbers, translates to 2475/2925 damage. Supposing global cooldown of 1.25s, life tapping for buff ends up being 1980/2340dps. Intuitively, it would make sense to life tap if you don't have a spell with higher DPSC than your best filler. However, realistically this probably isn't going to be the case: for example, Simcraft gives me DPSC of 4406 for Shadow Bolt (as demonology). This intuition gains traction as I increased the level of current mana for Simcraft to consider tapping (I don't know if you can make a trigger based on set bonus buff - I'd imagine you can, but I didn't find how quickly enough and mana graph looks more or less like what I wanted), and as uptime increased from 45% to 76%, simmed DPS decreased from 7701 to 7605. Now, while I used precise numbers, at the end of the day they're kinda bogus, a Fermi estimate more so than proper rigorous theorycrafting. However, unless I got the numbers completely wrong, they would seem to be in the order of magnitude where it's definitely not worth it to life tap needlessly just for the sake of keeping up the 4-set buff (on the other hand, you do have to life tap some anyway, so it might be prudent to tap in such a manner so as to maximize buff uptime). The more interesting question is life tap strategy if you are going for raid DPS as demonology.
  12. This thread on the other hand was made by a poster called Vaxsysl. Moreover, it sounds like he has played on Dalaran-WoW, which is the same server authors of that document are from. I'd hazard a guess it's the same guy.
  13. Warlock specs on Sunwell

    Affliction is the top personal DPS spec on most fights (as it should be)
  14. Angrathar: Secrets of Ulduar!

    Actually, it seems to me the changed encounter is more difficult, supposing you had figured out how the "rush enrage" worked, or if a guild just had had the right degree of unoptimized execution in P1 while intuitively grasping P2 and 3 and just killing the boss right there before ruining their chances by gitting gud in P1. The way enrage worked was completely against any common game sense and non-trivial to figure out from the logs with all the noise caused by other variables, but someone is bound to have figured it out sooner or later and with that knowledge the throughput and coordination requirements fall dramatically compared to the present version. Thinking back, someone more rational or just generally smarter than I certainly could have singled "rush enrage" out as a likely hypothesis for explaining changes in enrage timer before the raid was closed. Hell, even without knowing any of this (there would have been a lot of things to gain an advantage in enrage timer if you had known), I understand a number of guilds got really close to killing the boss before the changes. We had him down to 6% without anyone dead when everyone's stacks mysteriously reset (while 12~15% enrage is survivable) - only an act of god like that one could have prevented the kill - as well as sub-1% attempts, and I hear some other guilds did too. Conversely, at least some of the guilds that apparently got him to killing range, presumably not knowing about the "rush enrage" mechanic, didn't kill him during the first reset after the changes.
  15. Progression, Naxx 25

    It must be said that while Naxx80 was outrageously trivial, there were amazingly awful guilds in retail and not everyone cleared Naxx25 the first raid or even the first few weeks and getting immediately disheartened is a bit silly. Now, everyone and their mother did clear retail Naxx in relatively short order while on this server I've seen recruitment messages from guilds that have been around from the beginning and still haven't cleared the whole thing, but now we're talking about 11-14/15 bosses instead of wiping on Anub'Rekhan so they DID progress eventually: gear from the bosses that you did kill is a pretty potent tool for indirectly nerfing the rest of the bosses. Besides, Naxx10 is as faceroll as ever. Also, Naxx25 is demonstrably doable in pre-raid gear and while most PUG leaders (or guilds no better than a bunch of randoms) may look blindly at gearscore, others could be more strongly persuaded by a properly min/maxed character or other displays of competency. No offense, from these posts you don't sound like a guy who'd pass a closer inspection with flying colors, but having heard what kind of aspirants were looking to fill the last spots in our alt raid yesterday (full clear without wipes), merely following the instructions in the recruitment message would have made a good impression relative to some of the others who tried to get in.