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  1. Asureuz

    Smallest Creatures

    Hello, Please write an ingame ticket. Regards
  2. Asureuz

    Lantis muted 7 days By: Tide

  3. Asureuz

    Report - Deathmaiden

    Hello, We cannot accept edited/cuted screenshots. Regards
  4. Asureuz

    Report Defactionn

    Hello, We don't accept edited/cuted screenshots. Regards
  5. Asureuz

    [Report] Akilzon

    Hello, Player was punished. Regards
  6. Asureuz

    [ Report - underground hack ] Hell

    Hello, Thanks for report. We'll add this player to our watchlist and we'll monitor him. Regards
  7. Asureuz

    [Report] Dusziyou

    Hello, Player was punished. Regards
  8. Asureuz

    ICCH Lost Loot

    @Holyblaid please write an ingame ticket and describe this once again. Regards
  9. Asureuz

    Report Ninjalooting Deathepostle

    Have supporting evidence in the form of unedited screen shots.
  10. Asureuz

    60. Przemo

    Hello, Raid Leader didn't said that it was his mistake. So in this case we have to punish Raid Leader for ninjalooting. Player Przemo will be added to our ninjalist for 30 days. Regards
  11. Asureuz

    59. Mariatsi

    Hello, Mariatsi will be added to our ninjalist for 30 days. Regards
  12. Asureuz

    STRASZYMORDA Report for Ninja looting

    Hello, We cannot accept edited screenshots. Report rejected. Regards
  13. Asureuz

    58. Climberdude

    Hello, Player CLIMBERDUDE will be added to our ninjalist for 30 days. Regards
  14. Asureuz

    Ninja Report - Moonkiss

    Hello, It's not possible that playe Soshan had this back before. According to our armory Soshan did Insanity run first time with You. It's not ninjalooting, we won this item and got it. If it was upgrade form him we cannot punish him or raid leader for ninjalooting.