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  1. Asureuz

    [Report Ninjalooting] Crystas

    Hello, We don't interfere in 5-man dungeon loot issues. It doesn't break our rules, so we cannot punish player for this. Regards
  2. Asureuz

    unban away

  3. Asureuz

    Account banned from Adrestia

  4. Asureuz

    [Report Ninjalooting] Dunkmeister

    Hello, It this item was upgrade for this player we cannot punish him for that. It isn't ninjalooting. Additionaly, these screenshots aren't enough evidence. We don't see all chat messages and moment when this item was started rolling, after announce of raid leader. Report rejected. Regards
  5. Asureuz

    [Report - Insult] Toymachine

    Hello, I see that You were talking in the same level of discussion. In this case all players will be punished for offensive language. Regards
  6. Asureuz

    [Report] Zooldar

    Hello, It's hard to say that this player really did that. Next time try to record a short video about this issue. In this case we cannot punish this player. Regards
  7. Asureuz

    [Report] Neetlyfe

    Hello, Player was punished. Regards
  8. Asureuz

    Cianciatta Bann From Asureuz

    Hello, It didn't look like a lag. Your ping was normal too. Report rejected. Regards
  9. Asureuz

    Appeal Yunghur banned by Asureuz

    Hello, Your global chat was enabled. Don't link this meme weapon please. Regards
  10. Asureuz

    Nowaa banned by Asureuz

    Hello, Global chat is available for You now. Regards
  11. Asureuz

    UNmute [Puncherfaust] ban by Asuarez

    Hello, Your character was unbanned in global chat. Regards
  12. Asureuz

    [Report] Ruskaczz

    Hello, Player was punished. Regards
  13. Asureuz

    [Report] Washi

    Hello, Player was punished. Regards
  14. Asureuz

    [Report - Ninja Looting] Nielot

    Hello, We don't intefere in 5-man dungeon loot issues Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list. Report rejected Regards
  15. Asureuz

    [Report - Insult] Kakaowypejcz

    Hello, Player was punished. Regards