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      Free exp boost x3!!! 23.03-24.03.2018!   03/14/2018

      Hey, Angrathar community!  Some time ago we've promised to make events with increased Experience Rate - and promises should be kept. We have to change the form and length of this event though, because as you can see: the population is very high and we don't want the players to wait in queues. So! Experience Boost x3 (not x4, because it might look unfair for some people: everybody gets the same Experience Rate without supporting the project). The event will be enabled from 23.03.18 Friday, 15:00 GMT+1 (Realm Time) to 24.03.18 Saturday, 15:00 Realm Time. Time and date have been set up like this just not to surpass 5400 Players Online: the online cap that we don't want to increase. We are aware that not everyone can support the project and it's not a problem. We'll try to make events such like this in the future, if the player count allows us to.


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  1. Rawr

    Very nice, but one thing I didn't notice at first is that the values for hit and expertise is not the value of gaining more, but what you lose by dropping points. So anyone importing to Pawn might want to keep that in mind.
  2. Auto-attack problems

    I've never had this issue but I have macroed /startattack into all my main abilities. Try that and see if it helps.
  3. Ha. That does sum up a great deal of our faction. There's a lot of chill people here too though, just try to ignore all of the edgelords.
  4. Game crashes while in Dalaran.

    Report it on bug tracker. It happens with normal client as well.
  5. Hit cap for dk in pve (not 8%?)

    You want 289 hit rating to cap spells as well, assuming you are in raid with a spriest. Drops down to 262 if you are in group with a draenei.
  6. Show off your UI!

    Could be TidyPlates.
  7. Disable "Team has joined area queue spam"

    Any command for stopping speed kill messages?
  8. Your only hope, to ensure you get the item, is to run with a premade group. You can't expect undergeared clothies to pass items to you, it's not like they can roll for the leather that drops either.
  9. 500 at 80? That's a bit more than I expected. Or are you looking at Feronis perhaps. There's 1700 horde online on Angrathar. Yeah I dunno, if these people don't want to pvp I doubt any incentive will change their minds. Perhaps some will join when they're done with hc gearing.
  10. First off, loads of people haven't made it to 80 yet. And how is alliance farming bg's pretty quick if barely any hordes are queuing?
  11. Patch Notes

    It's running 3.3.5 but content is staggered. As in raids, pvp seasons, dungeons and dailies.
  12. Cash shop pricing

    Can't you buy heirlooms the old fashioned way?
  13. I don't understand why professions are part of this, but I don't really care either.