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  1. krizzles

    Player Report: Luky

    Your name - Krizzles Reported player's name - Luky Date - 12.01.2019 Rule that was broken - II. 6 & 7 Description - After a low roll on the OS25 3D mount the player heavily insulted me with racist and abusive language Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/3ciV4z7
  2. When exactly will Malygos 25 be nerfed? At the reset tomorrow or at the server restart saturday morning?
  3. krizzles

    Warlock pre-bis raid?

  4. I checked out a few Ulduar bis lists and warlock guides and it seems that at the time, destro was the best dps warlock spec. http://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=106401 bis list http://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=80361 Do you think this will be the case on this server as well? Or have some important stats and abilities changed in 3.3.5 so that Affli might still be top dps?