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  1. Most guilds recruiting are Horde so I don't see why you would have that concern.
  2. That's Vanilla content though. We are here for TBC, not Vanilla. Leveling is slow enough as it is. 2x rates pretty much mean we will skip some grinding rather than some entire zones.
  3. Vosha

    Horde Guild

    Try here? http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/107-horde/
  4. Since you plan on reducing mount costs for the Alliance, will you do something else for the Warlocks and Paladins that get a free mount anyway? Reduced cost for Warlock pet skills would be nice.
  5. " We all want to have a healthy and well-made TBC realm before Classic WoW’s release." Does this mean you will close down when Classic releases?
  6. Vosha

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    By the way, how about adding bonuses for Honor and Reputation? It might not affect faction economy as much as free stuff potentially could?
  7. Vosha

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    But "no changes" could mean a huge faction imbalance which then is unlike the original TBC experience. "No changes" would almost mean the biggest change. I'd like to play Alliance because I want to be the underdog and have players around me to kill, but I'm worried I'll be completely alone if everyone rolls Horde..
  8. Vosha

    How to catch up?

    I just now started playing on this server and I'm wondering how easy or difficult it will be for me to "catch up" with the rest once I hit level 80. Anyone know if I will be far behind and what will be the most effective way for me to gear up and so on?