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  1. tolbuhin

    Transfering from Retail

    Well at 110 I can solo the damn 25 HC ICC for like 15 mins. This isnt fair for anyone who play months to get a few items from 10 Naxx.
  2. tolbuhin

    Transfering from Retail

    I have like 40 110 chars on retail.. How do you think that gonna happend?
  3. tolbuhin

    Is the server overall toxic?

    World of warcraft become more toxic after TBC. Find group is just 1 click away. The game change after every expansion and become more toxic (using your words) and anti-social. Best way is to do dungeons/raids with guild. This is the way on retail, this is the way and here. The main reson to find proper guild
  4. tolbuhin

    Looking for some class decision help...

    Well for leveling there is alot of things to watch, but as max level I would go for aflli lock. Doting is fun. Resto shammy is also good option.
  5. tolbuhin

    LF Raf buddy.

    Where are you from, whats your current time zone and when can u play?
  6. tolbuhin

    Sending items between Ally and Horde toons?

    You use to be able to COD heirloom items before, not sure now and is it possible on this server
  7. tolbuhin

    Searching friends

    Ask someone to RaF you. You will get someone to level up +3x xp rate for that.
  8. tolbuhin

    Faction imbalance

    Well I leave my horde char and start alliance, but Im not rly happy about it bcus I already had some gold and I cant move it
  9. tolbuhin

    Respawn time of quest mobs and boxes

    Thanks. By the way I check the suggestion forum part and I saw that all the quest mobs or boxes are with higher respawn time. Could you dig e little deeper and check that
  10. tolbuhin

    Faction imbalance

    I also want to start alliance, but when I saw the diffrance start horde insteed. If think change or Ally have some plues maybe more people will chose alliance.
  11. Hello Sunwell staff. Could u please reduce the respawn time of quest mobs and quest chests a lil bit. Yestarday I was doing a quest in Ghostland where u have to loot a box and I w8 9 mins box to respawn. Mobs around the box respawn 4 times b4 I get the box to loot it. Thx in advance!
  12. tolbuhin


    Здравейте пичове. Днес разбрах за този сървър и мисля довечера да почна едно геройче тука. Гледам, че повечето от вас мислят да играят хорда, затова и аз ще започна хорда. Надявам се да се видим в играта!