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  1. Looking for some class decision help...

    Depends a lot about what are you want to do mostly at lvl 80. Some classes and specs are better suited for PvE, some are more complicated to play some are easier. Some are weak pvp wise and some are very good. Also what "overall fun" and "satisfying" actually mean to you in terms of class? Reconsider once more why u abandoned your shadow priest? what u didnt like about it, what was fun and good? Guys above suggest u try affli lock, but I feel that its very similiar gameplay to shadow priest and might not satisfy you at all.
  2. Bazar I feel that its quite good idea, especially with buying premium items for gold. Not sure completely about buying gold for sunwell coins and vice versa. It might favour players who donate real cash and gold farmers too much and make this server look pay to win. Slave Market Big NO for this. Ability to buy fresh or geared lvl 80 character will ruin low lvl experience too much. Less people would queue low dungeons or do questing. Leveling is huge part of the game and skipping it because someone is bored and got lot of gold to buy whatever he likes from slave market is bad idea. In this scenario you also skip learning curve required to master chosen class and for example we can meet geared 80lvl players who have no idea how to play their character, because they play it for like 5 minutes or smth.
  3. Let's discuss glyph undercutters

    Sometimes its good idea to buy undercutted items and sell them for proper price. Fixing AH that way
  4. View Distance!

    I guess if you increase view distance, server would crash after next Wintergrasp battle.
  5. Is the server overall toxic?

    a lot of ninjaloot. Sometimes nobody cares, sometimes you get kicked even if you open a chest in a dungeon that's locked with key Some players need everything so they can disenchant later. The best thing u can probably do, is to add such players to ignore list. a lot of sensitive people. They will report you for anything. From jokes to how you pull mobs/heals If someone feel is offended by some jokes, it is their right to write report. But usually simple adding to ignore list is enough. Not yet seen report for bad pulls / heals. the polish community will unite against you even when you uphold the server rules. TLDR -> report people for talking in polish in rdf, they get muted, they kick you after that, GM says just put them on ignore. Why am I punished for following the rules? Adding to ignore list people who are muted because u reported them is a good way to avoid being kicked. Or just do dungeons with friends / guild. GMs will mute you within minutes usually if someone reports you just for your language. But they say they do not have the manpower to deal with ninjalooting, allowing it until you hit 25 man raids. The priority is kinda fucked there It is forbidden to speak other languages than english on public channels. I guess its easier to mute someone than judging if someone's item was ninjalooted. If gms have to judge every 10man raid it would take forever, also I feel that 10man loot is not so big deal, and 25man loot is way more important for most characters. You get into an argument with someone, and they insult you first and you just go along with it, but then you see that you get muted because he reported you. This is fucked up considering the other person started it and GM didn't take the time to check the logs and relies on half truths. Both should be muted If they insult you, just screenshot and report them yourself or stop arguing with angry people and add them to your ignore list instead. People que rdf (while leveling) in certain specs but got different gear/talents. Sure, it's ok until you reach like level 60. Then you just become a burden on the party. Tanked/healed/dps-ed through it, and it was not easy Well low lvl talents arent that impactful anyway. I met many shadow priests, bala druids and ele shamans healing dungeons and it was OK. Ofcourse after 60lvl as you said its getting waay harder without heirloom gear. I would say it depends on the tank in such situation. Some of them needs more love and require good healer with proper items / talents, and some can be healed by any class that can actually cast healing spell. Also some people are not patient enough to wait for tank / heal, and they just queue as that roles. Which is someway bad habit to have, but still - I met few retri paladins who tanked brd prisons. Ofcourse it was way more risky than "proper" tank spec. Remember you can always add players you dont like to your ignore list. Its probably the easiest way to avoid situations you dont like to be in.
  6. DK anti-class

    I see people are voting for Rogues, any explanations?
  7. Fix for Kicking abuse while Speedrunning

    Just add players who want to be kicked or dont want to play specific dungeons to your ignore list so you wont meet them anymore. Problem solved.
  8. DK anti-class

    Asked about this on /global and got answers: hunter, fmage, retpal, dk (yeah for some people counter to dk is dk :X) I can see that in world pvp situation hunter can win just by outrange. What I do not understand is how hunter is suppose to kite in duel while fight zone is so tiny, and I think u cant simply escape gargoyle and slowly die to dots Also not sure about fmage, or any other caster. Dk got so many anti-caster tools its insane. Antimagic shield / zone, silence, ghoul stun, mind freeze, grip, snares, selfheal, not to mention gargoyle lolz I am starting to think that "none" is no joke answer Kappa
  9. DK anti-class

    Which class is anti-class for death knight? (duel situation, same gear lvl, same skill of both players) And which class DK counter the most?