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  1. Faction change?

    We might enable it before ToC for a short period of time
  2. +48 instead of +96?? Kappa

  3. It has been discussed so many times. The answer is still no.
  4. You are not banned.
  5. questions about GOLDS + Latency

    Bazaar doesn't work that way. Bazaar doesn't generate gold out of nowhere. Existing gold is used to trade for Sunwell Coins. Bazaar is not available on Angrathar though. About latency: try VPN.
  6. We had a feature that punished a kicked player with Deserter debuff, but it was disabled after a massive outrage of the community. We don't really plan doing anything with that due to failure of the previous solution.
  7. [Report] Defibrylator

  8. Can't log in

    Everything's back to normal. That was database issue.
  9. Can't log in

    Please message Raphael on Discord.
  10. An alternative to IP-lock

    IP Lock is specific only to one IP and it will stay that way. There's also Two-Factor Authenticationt o keep your account more secure.
  11. Ulduar release btw

    That's the reason we have extended the first raid week. You don't need to raid Ulduar Day 1 to be competetive.
  12. Sokawaii (Banned by Piootrekk)

  13. Feedback on mute/kick punishments.

    Thank you for your feedback.
  14. Dzikidzik

    The ban stays.