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      Change your passwords!   04/27/2018

      All the players who played on Light's Hope and Memories are requested to change their passwords immediately. Two Factor Authentication is also advised. https://streamable.com/i4q5a


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  1. [Report] Defibrylator

  2. Can't log in

    Everything's back to normal. That was database issue.
  3. Can't log in

    Please message Raphael on Discord.
  4. An alternative to IP-lock

    IP Lock is specific only to one IP and it will stay that way. There's also Two-Factor Authenticationt o keep your account more secure.
  5. Ulduar release btw

    That's the reason we have extended the first raid week. You don't need to raid Ulduar Day 1 to be competetive.
  6. Sokawaii (Banned by Piootrekk)

  7. Feedback on mute/kick punishments.

    Thank you for your feedback.
  8. Dzikidzik

    The ban stays.
  9. Dzejson95

    I have told you everything you wanted to know, but you kept spamming with more and more tickets despite my warning. The ban stays.
  10. You have been disconnected from the server

    Login at Sunwell.pl first.
  11. Party kick improvement

  12. Report bugs/issues ingame

    It's not really possible. We need bugs posted on GitHub, so the developers can correctly label them and work on them.
  13. Recruit a friend suggestion

    You don't need to create a new account in order to recruit a friend.
  14. Hotdad78 (Discord) - (by Dredd)

    Your ban has been removed. Please be more civil.
  15. Discord (banned by I'm assuming Dredd)

    I didn't ban you and I will not unban you, especially for these lies.