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  1. You are not banned.
  2. Dredd

    questions about GOLDS + Latency

    Bazaar doesn't work that way. Bazaar doesn't generate gold out of nowhere. Existing gold is used to trade for Sunwell Coins. Bazaar is not available on Angrathar though. About latency: try VPN.
  3. Dredd

    [Report] Defibrylator

  4. Dredd

    Can't log in

    Everything's back to normal. That was database issue.
  5. Dredd

    Can't log in

    Please message Raphael on Discord.
  6. Dredd

    Sokawaii (Banned by Piootrekk)

  7. Dredd


    The ban stays.
  8. Dredd


    I have told you everything you wanted to know, but you kept spamming with more and more tickets despite my warning. The ban stays.
  9. Dredd

    You have been disconnected from the server

    Login at Sunwell.pl first.
  10. Dredd

    Hotdad78 (Discord) - (by Dredd)

    Your ban has been removed. Please be more civil.
  11. Dredd

    Discord (banned by I'm assuming Dredd)

    I didn't ban you and I will not unban you, especially for these lies.
  12. Dredd

    funky DISCORD

    Unbanned. Behave!
  13. Dredd

    Topic title: Login (Banned by Pixie)

  14. Dredd

    [Report] Beneq

    We do not punish ninjaloot on 5-man dungeons.