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  1. Dredd

    Weekly quest reset 2 times in 1 week.

    Hey. Some people already used the emblems. This bug won't happen again, but 2nd weekly will be available until the next week to keep it fair.
  2. You're insulting Sunwell staff on other Discord, which normally isn't a real offense, but in this situation it was. Instead of messaging me, you've insulted me and tried to create a drama. I won't unban you.
  3. Dredd

    Discord ban

    Ban revoked, keep it civil.
  4. Dredd

    Banned from Discord pt. 2

    Ban revoked.
  5. Dredd

    Discord ban?

    Ban revoked.
  6. Dredd

    Discord Ban Appeal (2 weeks later)

    Ban revoked.
  7. Dredd

    Banned on Discord

    Ban revoked.
  8. Dredd

    banned from discord

    Ban revoked.
  9. Dredd

    Character Kuzo Banned by Dredd

    You weren't banned for a lag.
  10. Dredd

    Few questions about nightbane

    1. There are no plans for RaF at this point. 2. We don't plan removing the attunements. The attunements themselves are going to be available from the start. 3. We're not changing our mind on that matter. We have to keep the factions balanced.
  11. You are not banned.
  12. Dredd

    questions about GOLDS + Latency

    Bazaar doesn't work that way. Bazaar doesn't generate gold out of nowhere. Existing gold is used to trade for Sunwell Coins. Bazaar is not available on Angrathar though. About latency: try VPN.
  13. Dredd

    [Report] Defibrylator

  14. Dredd

    Can't log in

    Everything's back to normal. That was database issue.
  15. Dredd

    Can't log in

    Please message Raphael on Discord.