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  1. 3. Honestly, I agree - I keep jumping from guild-to-guild due to early g raid timing (almost all guild revolve along 19:00 server time +1:00 CET) 4. You can make both horde or Ally DK's, regardless of your first main 55lvl + character
  2. TBC - faction imbalance handling - question

    Ok, just putting it out there: What about a full PvE realm !! Honestly, when was the last time you saw a Private server with an option for a full PvE realm? Questing peeps can roam around freely in contested zones, marked in blue, while pvp-fanatics can just spend time in gurubashi arena or popular areas and just duel it out (if anything, world pvp is nothing more now than a bunch of 79 twinks running around & causing people to quit the damn game, very rarely (to almost never) have I run into the same level champ from the opposite faction & started fighting...) How much people would not like this (and how much should pve focused people even care about these other people...)
  3. Sending mails between fractions

    Then you just make a second account & make a troll rogue - it's a 2-3 mins walk from Durotar starting area to Ratchet (ya just jump from the cliffs to the South, along the Shaman's spirit path quest and you're in Booty Bay very fast - just get the ally champ there and you're good to go
  4. You can't really blame them at this point for rolling on spirit cloth gear, as almost all of the cloth items have it For cloth dps, they mainly need hit / crit & haste and besides the hit gear, all other has spirit in it as well, so, not much choice overall... You're gonna have to hold it in until ICC
  5. Arena under lvl 80

    mhmm... well that sucks... but at the same time, it might be intentional to make some cash. If anything, the excuse still holds up: "In retail, you couldn't make arena teams / compete for rating & points sub-80 lvl"
  6. Arena under lvl 80

    You won't see much action there...
  7. I think a lot of people would not like it if even hunters needed on them, but being a main hunter (LOL!) I agree
  8. I think classes that can wield swords (2h or 1h) AND can dual wield weapons at all should be able to transmog them - for example, paladins or mages should not be able to transmog it; DK's, when using frost spec / dual wielding 1h weps should
  9. I gave the 277 ilvl as an example - it's the same as the current release content (or ilvls 232 & 239 being the highest ones available) - just because a few people are already at an average of 232+, does not mean that 70% + of the rest of the lvl 80 community is, no point into rushing anything, as the others suggested as well. If you're that bored, just lvl up & gear other champions / classes
  10. Overall Classess - 80 level

    Yee, totally agree - in the statistics all sub lvl 10 quick & curious created characters are added as well - if a normal account has between 1 to 3 lvl 80s, all other 6-7 slots are filled with low sub-2 hours played champs
  11. I don't agree - as with 3.3.5 and everything released (like, on other servers), just because ICC HC is available does not mean 80%+ of the people are equiped with average item level of 277 - no, these heroic modes (or more like, being able to farm the highest difficulty instance) usually are done by less then 15% of the 80 lvl raiding community. Same goes for the current state now - just because a few guilds have managed to beat Ulduar 25 (even with hard modes) and are with an average item level of 232+, does not mean all other players are. It would make sens to release these dungeons months after TOC (or as you said, the heroic mode TOGC) and maybe 1-2 weeks before release of ICC. Don't worry, people won't get over-geared & bored
  12. The easiest class for PvP

    I thought people played certain classes, cause they feel the most comfortable playing that class (or at least it has the most appeal to them), not that its just the easiest one to win pvp with.... I mean, mind as well say right now some class, like "paladin" and then 70% of BGs get full of paladins only... I'm pretty sure you're the one that has to pick the best class for you on you own and based on your pvp experience. Otherwise, why bother play this game
  13. Post-Ulduar news!

    Yes and no - I agree it would be a lot more fair & pleasurable to experience the content as it really was + its specific class play styles , but each patch has some specific un-balances that people now know how to perfectly exploit... 3.3.5 is considered to be the most balanced out between classes, otherwise you risk some classes to not be played at all
  14. Rules discrimination

    I agree, this is a bit harsh - whenever someone points and someone else and just says" polish", they're instant muted, without any investigation or context given - was it just /say chat between guildies, were there loot rules involved, was it an official global channel (or even just /wisp ?) - and for 7 days?? That's a bit extreme
  15. can i refund my donation?