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  1. hijako

    Class graph

    will try it out - thanks for the neat idea!
  2. hijako

    Ninja Loot? - ToC 10 Normal

    So, I can agree that the way they did it is pretty scummy. However, we're talking about leather gloves - the rogue should have priority for them over you (a hunter), no matter if he rolled less. Now, in the third case, which is not stated here - if the rogue already has better gloves, but for example, wants these ones to keep for future offspec (like, for example, keep them because of armor pen & use them in a combat off built), in that case they're at fault here
  3. hijako

    Class graph

    that's a great idea! Thanks! Follow-up question: would it work if you're interested in the opposite-faction class ratio too? Or only for the faction your character's with?
  4. hijako

    Class graph

    I don't think that these statistics are very accurate, cause it includes all sub-level 10 characters you've got lying around, created just for the heck of it. For example, it looks as if the DKs are a total luxury - yet that's not the case, they're everywhere! I wonder if they can make these statistics count characters lvl 40+ or something like that, just for not so skewed results
  5. hijako

    New Player questions about gearing

    First go buy in the AH whatever ilevel 200+ you can find (doesn't have to be epic, there are blue items as well) - no need to buy anything too expensive, only sub 80-90 g as a max price. - you need a total of ~2.7k gs to open up rhc, so I'd guess you're pretty close. There are lots of pvp lvl 78 crafted sets, that give great gs (again, buy only the cheap pieces, as you'll be replacing all of those items pretty soon after start doing rhc). Then, do quests for various factions - pretty good gear is available from Reveared rep for example, or if you're lucky, even reach exalted (when you reach honored, buy the tabard - when equiped, you farm extra rep from any dungeon for that faction). Also, from normal dungeons that are 76lvl + req. you can get ilevel 187+ gear, so farm those as well (like, Gundark, Halls of Stone / Lightning, The Violet Hold)
  6. hijako

    transfer aly to horde

    In the time until all of this is discusses, voted & eventually approved, just level a new character!
  7. hijako

    New Player - Healer Main - Questions

    For alliance - shaman definitely! Which-ever spec, dps or healing, they are constantly in shortage. Priests / tanks, meh, about average, you can never have too much of them ( I think tanks in general are a little bit more needed, but that could be based on my personal exp). Still, priests are more needed than resto dudus for example. Faction imbalance: well, this one's kind of obvious, where-ever you are xD. Usual player distribution, during more populated hours: ~1600 - 1700 Aly vs ~2300 - 2400 hordes online, I'd say pretty decent, you will have constantly groupings / stuff to do with both factions
  8. hijako

    transfer aly to horde

  9. hijako

    Estimated population at launch?

    last year the big thing was TBC server releases (Warmane's one, Hellfire, a 3rd one I forgot...) and each time there were lots of people at launch (over 4k+). Sure, some of them died off quite fast, but I'm sure the progression & methodological release of content will keep people interested & playing
  10. hijako

    T5 on launch!

    Does this also mean, that for heroic dungeon keys you'll need reveared rep & not Honored... ouch...
  11. hijako

    Forgot my username

    I think if you can't log in on the main site & click on the "Forgot password option", it will send you a new temporary password AND mention your account name in the same mail (as long as you remember your exact email that is xD)
  12. hijako

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    As the others have suggested, making everything cheaper will disbalance the economy, so a full-leveling time price reduction is a bit too much: spells & mount prices could be cheap, but as you suggested with the XP boost, just till lvls 40 or 50-ish (maybe for the 100% ground mount as well), but flying mount prices & skills should NOT be cheaper!
  13. hijako

    32. Krxton

    If this doesn't prove it Better make a screenshot of the armory, before he sees it here & changes it
  14. hijako

    Dual talents on TBC

    Sounds reasonable - if anything, this is just a comfort-ability for high-geared players, so a big paywall sounds pretty reasonable - I mean, during early gear-ups, most people focus on developing 1 spec, not multiple anyway. I don't think this is some game-breaking luxury, 1k gold is quite a lot in TBC and will be passed by 80%+ of the people, + it just saves some constant walking around, nothing else. If other private servers manage to work well with things like portals or Class masters in Shattrat, I don't see an issue with this.
  15. hijako

    I'm getting my ass kicked

    One of the quickest ways to earn fast gold during the sub-30 lvls: - just do some quick mining of copper ore - a 20x stack sells for ~5g normal price, if you sell for half of that, people buy it almost instantly. So, ~2g for 10 mins of work / running around mining copper ore. I guess the statistics will be similar for light leather with skinning. By then you'll have enough gear/skills to just do quests and even sell to the vendor, skipping the AH (well, for a really great rare item that you don't need, nothing hearts also putting it on the AH) - you'll have an easy 500-600g + by lvl 60.