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  1. Game masters ignoring obvious ninjalooting

    Just as an example, where not much work is required, yet is an effective way of dealing with ninja looters on PUGs: - On gamer-district, whenever someone ninja-loots in a 25 man AND/OR 10 man Wotlk raids and enough evidence is provided (I think the example given at the begining of the post is enough and sufficient), those people get flagged and each time you join one of their groups (regardless of whether the ninja is the leader of the group or not), a Big message appears, so you are informed, that this person has been reported for ninja-looting / stealing. It's not much, but at the end of the day, at least fewer people would join his group, making it hard for him to create new PUGs. In regards to if this should even be addressed: new players, wanting to gear up so that they would have a better chance to get invited to a raiding guild, depend on PUGs. So, being a server with a lot lower player count than retail, I personally am PRO of addressing the ninja situation more seriously - if anything, at least out of respect to the community. If you have already put out a SPAM barrier for players below 4 hour play time, I think a ninja-barrier would be appreciated a lot as well
  2. New to the server! Have some questions!

    Class / race / talents & spell-wise, everything is up to 3.3.5. At first I thought "this really isnt much of a progression feeling..."but then i though how OP a few spells were and how well later on most of them were balanced-out during 3.3.X (anyone remembers Seal of Blood for retri paladins 3.0.8 ?! Or how whirlwind stacked and literally multiplied dmg by 2x...)
  3. No ToC to gear uo ?

    Just do normal dungeons & try out to buy items for your class with item lvl 200 blues from AH (usually, not so expensive) to reach 2.7 - 2.8k gs, then you can start heroic dungeons - just from dungeons, its not difficult to reach 3.3 - 3.4k gs PVE gear to start with 10 man raids
  4. Project 60

    Does this mean you don't allow DKs in your guild?
  5. Hunter DPS spreadsheet

    Most of the itemization guides are for 3.3.5, meaning linked with the latest spell changes + gear available for 3.3.5. In other words, for previous gear content (from 3.0.8, 3.1.0, 3.2.0) that had also previous spell updates... idk if it would be useful at all... I think up till ToC, whatever agility mail gear you get is useful for any hunter spec (keeping in mind ofc the priority stats, like hit rating not to be below or above it, or how you need attack power gems for Beast Mastery vs agility gems for MM & Survival, etc...) Actually, excluding the MM spec in 3.3.X ICC gear, where the primary stat is armor pen, for the other talent specs, again, all agility mail gear is fine, so not much to look for. Best trinkets pre-ICC ? - not much choice anyways, except maybe Grim toll probably prio for MM, other than that any other attack-power trinket will do fine (with the passive stat being what you need the most - either crit or hit or haste... but anyways useful in pretty much the same way for all talent specs)
  6. [PVE] Resources for Enh Shaman

    How do you people not go insane with such a crazy rotation I'm not saying that enh. shaman is not a viable class for pve, but damn... is it worth it?! Definitely not for everyone - if in real life I'm having issues with walking & linking at the same time, then trying to keep up this rotation, while running around / avoiding boss encounter procs....
  7. 400% 24 hr xp boost ?

    If it was so cheap (5 $ for 24 hours game time) then everyone would to it & goodbye blizzlike experience - the idea is for the boost to be expensive, so fewer people would do it and at the same time, some contribution to the officers would go... By the way, if we compare the service / donation prices at other servers, this is definitely not so expensive
  8. The staff actually has forbidden people to not speak any other language than english in groupings - you can even report them (thats a little extreme in my opinion, but anyways) - with such a strict rule, how can you even suggest that they are encouraging this sort of behavior?? Also, why blame polish people only? This can occur with any type of group (regardless of nationality) - again, if you don't wanna risk it, don't do rdf solo. I mean, on the next day, the tank or healer could disconnect & the whole group could be disbanded after the very first dungeon boss - is the staff gonna be at fault here again?? As long as you are playing & dependent on other people in an online community, this will always likely happen. By your definition then, the staff have to disable the kick option...
  9. #3: If we are referring to historical accuracy, no weapons for honor points (or in other words, pvp weapons from previous arena seaons) have ever been available between patches 3.0.8 & 3.3.5 - only from the current season with 2 variants: for 1800 rating (the weaker ones) & for 2200+ in 3v3/5v5 (for the stronger ones). I remember this was a real pain, as everyone was used to get the previous seasons weps in TBC... On other WoTLK private servers, they usually implement them in some way (for example, @ Gamer-district, Furious weapons can be bought with vote-points). Ofc, this system doesnt exactly work here (and I hope they don't try to do it anyway)
  10. If you're gonna cry for each wasted dungeon/raid ID, you better stop playing right now - this is what WoW has been ever since the very first dungeon in Vanilla, up till now including. Safest is to do dungeons with guild members or known people. Also, don't blame the officer's staff on this one - the game's content is based on the cooperation of multiple parties - or in other words, its an online game for goodness sake! This is what makes it interesting & dynamic, they should not interfere in people groupings For what's worth, you won't find better community on other servers (if not worse...)