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  1. Doremi

    Avenris banned by Dooremi

    Hello, We don't accept offensive language in forum appeal. Please take care of level of Your speech. Insulting the administration isn't tolerated also. Appeal rejected.
  2. Doremi

    Nowaa banned by Asureuz

  3. Doremi

    Appeal Yunghur banned by Asureuz

  4. Doremi

    Cianciatta Bann From Asureuz

  5. Doremi

    [Subbha] (Banned by Anticheat)

    Unbanned. Regards.
  6. Doremi

    Weird Ban

  7. Doremi

    No Thanks Sunwell..here is why

  8. Doremi

    what happend

  9. Doremi

    [Lexus] (Banned by Crafty)

  10. Doremi


  11. Doremi

    unMUTE from global Puncherfaust

    Hello, write an appeal here: http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/36-appeals/ My best regards.
  12. Doremi


  13. Doremi

    [Report - Ninja Looting] Aronid

    We don't interfere in stealing items from guild bank. Rejected.