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  1. Doremi

    [Report] Sinbad

  2. Doremi

    [report] Voruchula

    This is an English language. Rejected.
  3. Doremi

    [Report - Ninja looting] Elandias

    Opinion #1: Masterlooter should be punished.
  4. Doremi

    Bruzzak banned by Adrestiah

  5. Doremi

    [Report - Ninja looting] Sanoxixgodx , Raghed

    Opinion #1: Masterlooter should be punished, item should be removed. @edit @polski23 Add unedited screen or report will be rejected.
  6. Doremi

    Report Brwiak

    Hello, you can /ignore him. Solved. It's hard for me to believe it. You can remove another player from your list and add a Brwiak player. Regards.
  7. Doremi

    [Report] Chanelle

    Opinion #2: Agree with Asureuz. Report rejected.
  8. Doremi

    [Report] Femiza

  9. Doremi

    [Report] Fergo

    I do not see your / roll. He won the item honestly. Report rejected.
  10. Doremi

    Xemath - Ninja Loot 10/17/2018

    Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list. Report rejected.
  11. Doremi

    [Report] Shabzero and Papartank

    Evidence has to be unedited. Report rejected.
  12. Doremi

    [Report] Chanelle

    Evidence has to be unedited. Report rejected.
  13. Doremi

    ninja loot Naxx 25

    No proof with loot. Report rejected.
  14. Doremi


    Evidence has to be unedited. Report rejected.
  15. Doremi

    [Report] Pozdrawiam

    Insufficient evidence. I don't see player Pozdrawiam and his alt in the instance. Report rejected.