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  1. Tomcat

    RaF in Nightbane?

    not at this point (but imo it shoud be)
  2. Tomcat

    Multiboxing = Ban

    Remeber to buy DST, Warglavies, and so on, be4 you reach max lvl xD.
  3. Tomcat

    Having some trouble with lvling

    i suggest you to find a guild, and dont w8t with it, even if you are like ~30lvl. Social aspekt is also important. You can find some frineds while lvling, and have better start when reach 70. Try to search for guild in sunwell discord, guild section on this forum is realy out of data.
  4. Tomcat

    Having some trouble with lvling

    well im not sure where you played be4, but lvling in TBC its looooong process, and Priest its hard class to lvlup - esecialy if you lvl up solo. So if you are comparing wotlk or modern WoW to TBC... well... you will be suprised how slow it goes in here.
  5. Tomcat

    Having some trouble with lvling

    his talking BSts, its normal, that population will drop to 40% even 30% after few monts from start. Its always like this in every TBC ive played. Nightbane starts with 7K+ population, and (after like 3 months) droped to 3K+ in rush hour. And now its stable. This is typical sytuation. Nothing special to worry about.
  6. Tomcat

    Race change

    1000k gold plz
  7. Tomcat

    New player in TBC

    1. Can u tell me who is more fun to play Battlegrounds ? - there is no such a think like "more fun or best" its realy depend on your presonal skillset and preferences. Every DPS class is fun if you are "lets kill every1" type of guy. If you are more survival type - go for healer it will be more fun to you. Some might say - go for rogue coz its fun... but it wont be If you will sux on it. (i hope you got my point). 2. Who is more fun in PvE ? - what you mean? DPS rotation? and what is Fun to you? easyer rotation is more fun, or harder? maybe tanking is most fun to you... ? like you see its all about skillset you have and preferences. 3. Who is more need in guilds ? - and again, there are guild with lack of rDPS, and there are guild with very few tanks or healers. But stystics tell us - most guild dont need mDPS. Coz there are tons of Rogues, fury Warriors, retri Pala's... and usualy you want on T4 - T5 lvl like only 1 group of mele DPS in whole raid. 4. Where is more Polish guilds, ally or horde ? Horde - no doubt 5. Who is better on PvE and PvP about racials .... Orc or Dwarf ? - well... why you compare this 2 specyfic races? why not human vs orc? or NE vs BE? 70-80% of ppl will tell you Horde have better racials, buts its realy about what class you play and you are more pvp or pve player. Like i said there is no such a think like "BEST" class/racial/...
  8. Tomcat

    Character Transfer to Sunwell Server

    99,9% - no chance.
  9. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Time Walkers

    Guild has beed closed. Thx to every1 who help us in this adventure.
  10. Tomcat

    Convert Server to PVE

    I will tell ya how it is... as a Horde player i never atack first... and guss what, have the same opinion about ally, you dont atack when its 1 v 1 in open land. Its better to hit as a rDPS from roofs in cites like Area52, or just atack when you are like 3 v 1. right? - same opinion. same sytuation. So... maby its not about Horde/Ally... maybe its just about players, huh? I do realy not care much about pvp, i have almost full T4 geared character and didnt went BG even once. But even for me... non pvp realm just sux.
  11. First of all i wanna say that english is not my netive language so... sorry, i will do my best I dont have any "hard proofs" for it so i wanna post it in here - not on bug tracker... and check your opinions about the case. I think we don't have 1x drop in open world. This is first time in my entire TBC "carrier" when i have problem with gold in game. There is almost non white/gray items drops from regular mobs in OL. I drop more Rare 70 items (blue) then white/grey crap. To be honest... i dont even remeber i drop this kind of items in OL atal (few days online /played). You can kill like 20 elemntals in Nagrand and loot 1 mote. I dont have hard proof for it how it shoud be... but imo its defenetly somthin wrong with that drop. Just look how economy looks like in Nightbane (at least in Horde site). Its just sux.
  12. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Time Walkers

  13. Tomcat

    Ninja looting and <Little Memory>.

    Sadly bro it happends, there are shity ppl everywhere. If im correct, according to the legal terms, you can do somthin only in "raids" and olny if ppl be4 boss fight were instructed how the loot will look like. You have to show screen from "RL telling you how it be" and screen, how they realy did it - as a proof how RL (or Master Looter) tricked you. Otherwise you will be ignored.
  14. Tomcat

    Retraded Guild - Haste

    1. Player 123 from Guild XXX fu**ed up with ninja looting. 2. Guild YYY see player 123 still playing in Guild XXX with no consequences - that means oficers and guild master (and regular members also) aprove this kind of behavior in guild. 3. Guild YYY put, all of Guild XXX members in "black list". - well... I agree. Besides that its about "Hymn" who they play with... you are the "pug player" so, if they will say no to you, coz they maybe simply dont like Taurens or whatever... Sorry man, but respect that and leave.
  15. Tomcat

    Hunter pre raid legs

    dude... i play as a Fury Warrior and half my gear is Leather. wearing only plate items for DPS Warrior have same sense as checking some1s GearScore on TBC... (where you have 68 rare endgame items).