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  1. Tomcat

    No Thanks Sunwell..here is why

    ppl on this days... so emotional... ^^
  2. Tomcat

    pvp toggle off in all zones

    they are diferent players, my a** was kicked and ganked a lot of time, and i've been helped from other fraction too. Most of players dont care about you, and they dont atack other fraction - they just wanna to lvl up - so if you are lvling in group mostly they dont atack you coz they know if your group starts to fight back... you can make "war zone" around whole area realy quick. And no1 will lvl up from that point. + at least there is a bit more horde (Thank God) ... coz of this sh***y "balance politics" its hard to fight with rank 1 skills VS. fully traind characters from ally.
  3. dont bother about Horde, coz of "balance" thing - Horde is kinda... f****ed. (BTW. good job sunwell <irony> -> some ppl have 40+ and moving on Azeroth by feets, coz they dont have gold even for spells, so they can only dream about ridding 60%) about the main topick: i dont know that... some1 had special treatment or not form BLIZNO. But... im kinda loling atm, becoz I and few friends of mine (from my guild) we had no problem by just using "Enter spam" to connect - after server lunch. I guss we were simply lucky. And I remember while we played on that "fresh Nightbane days" 80% of my guild on Discord was like "Enrage: Tom! HOW the F you connected!?!?!?!" well... just spamed enter. Lucky Us yeeey...
  4. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Time Walkers

    recriutment list updated
  5. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Time Walkers

    Hi Kyuu, well at this point we dont know yet for sure. We will discuss this subject after first group of ppl will redy for raids. We've initially assumed starting raids around 7:30 PM maybe 8:00 PM (we will also choice our raid days from: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday plus some one day in weekend time) but "for sure" we will talk later. Siema Kyuu, -> Będziemy to uszczegóławiać tak na 100% jak już pierwsza ekipa będzie gotowa na raidy. Wstępnie celowaliśmy na start w okolicy 19:30 - 20:00 (wybierzemy też konkretnie dni raidowe spośród: poniedziałek - czwartek, ewentualnie jeszcze w jakiś pojedynczy dzień w weekend). Ale o konkretach to pewnie pogadamy za jakiś czas.
  6. Tomcat

    will tbc have transmog?

    coz its TBC - and we already have somthin ala dual spec...
  7. Tomcat

    will tbc have transmog?

    plz dont...
  8. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Time Walkers

    good to have ya Tirion, recriutment reopened (for sepcyfic classes).
  9. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Time Walkers

    Hey Silvesten, we will reopen our recruitment soon, (for some specyfic classes) - we will happy to have ya.
  10. Tomcat

    Your perfect TBC raid setup

    I think there is no such a thing like "hard setup for TBC raids" -> Thats realy depend what boss you will fight. Sometimes you will need more warlocks, sometimes you will neeed more melle DPS. Sometimes you will need more AOE healers, sometimes more 1 target healers. Sometimes you will need 1 Tank, sometimes 3 or even more. @Vindawg if I remember good, for Twins in SWP optimal setup is 9-10 healers, on Council in BT i think we usualy used like 8-9 too.
  11. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Tajny Związek Militarystów

    Its always nice to see old crew on the same server. I highly recomend this guild to any1 who is intrest of having some fan with PvE. Respect from Tomcat aka Bursztyn <Time Walkers>
  12. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Time Walkers

    Hey guys, interest is so high... We appreciate it very much! But for now, we had to close recriutment. Reson: sever didnt started yet, and we have already more then 40 ppl declarated to play with us, we have to keep balance inside in guild... thats why we will reopen recriutment after server lunch.
  13. hi guys I wanna ask a question. Is legal to stream on Twitch.tv ... or youtube -> (live) gameplay from Private servers? im asking coz i wanna do full lvling, gamplay stream, and just wanna avoid Ban from Twitch or other problems...
  14. Tomcat

    Download Game

    https://sunwell.pl/beta_guide - here you will find torrent beta realmlist.wtf -> set realmlist beta.sunwell.pl
  15. Tomcat

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    you know why TBC and Clasic WoW was so awsome? coz if you wanna be good geared player - you had to work for it. If you give somethin to some1 for free it will not respect that. If he will work for it - it totaly diferent thing then.