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  1. Tomcat

    PvP titles for HK

    Well, if its not changing TBC gameplay - and it might make game more intresting... Im up for it. Good idea m8t.
  2. Tomcat

    Nightbane Timeline

    if i remeber good, oryginal blizz servers starts with T4 and T5 content, from very early beginning. You just need to get attu for it.
  3. Tomcat

    Nightbane Timeline

    i think kind of schcedule no exist. Well... there is nothing certian at the moment. Im not sure im updated well, but last info i have read was about - discussion "do we will have T4 + T5 at start" or "do we have only T4".
  4. Tomcat

    Creating a Guild

    I was trying to help, but as you wish...
  5. Tomcat

    Creating a Guild

    Well... man you said you have a lot of expirience with doing Guild Master things... well... imo you shoud start with: 1. what kind of fraction you will play - Horde / Ally. 2. what time zone you will usualy ride, - you just said "2 times per week" but if you are from US, so... i guss you will be ridding around 10 AM - 2 PM my local time. So... Europe players are in shool/work on that time. 3. Think about "name" too... there is a some ppl who will come to you if their will know the Guild name. Maybe you think its banal but... it matters, trust me. Besides I guss your TBC times was far way ago... if you wanna do PvE guild and you think about 25 raids, you relise that "2 runs per week" type of guild in TBC works only for realy exprienced and ripped group of friends, right? Oh, and 1 more, do a post in Guild section.
  6. Tomcat

    What's up with the PvE difficulty?

    Well... i think getin close as much as possible to oryginal Blizz (with no bugs :D) for a lot of players is realy important think, (not only in PvE dificulty, but in all cases).
  7. Tomcat

    Hellground Players, Let's connect

    well -> Bursztynek was my main in ally (Human), i trade it for Horde Warrior using HellGround Slave Market. But after switching fraction i also make "fresh" rogue and yes... name it again, like my old main -> "Bursztynek" so ye... all you said its true and Yes - Revengers 鉂わ笍 i was and had great time there.
  8. Tomcat

    Faction imbalance

    longer queue for BG, and no wpvp ... OK, still prefer this way, then massing with racials
  9. Tomcat

    Faction imbalance

    Lets give every fraction - everything! Lest make fractions only a "textures"... or ... atleast Legion expansion talents and racial skills, PvE from Cata, PvP from Clasic - coz i like to kill in 1 hit. BTW. SilverWarrior ask ppl who played with me, on HellGround - (ask for Bursztynek Human rogue), same on WarGate and Ares i was always MORE Ally player, more then 4 years in TBC servers as a typical Ally, and arout 1 year as a Horde in total -> with oryginal racials. So... I wont let you change it! Coz Im sentymental and im kinda sure i will also in here have some ally characters too. any way answering to your question: yes, this time (after more then 5 years) this will be my first server TBC i'll start as a Horde. Where "start" is main word in this sentece. For real man -> if u will mess with racials - you will see a lot of ppl will feel cheated and wont play in here. We wanna real 2.4.3 TBC For F*** Sake... Wanan do some ally bennefits? ask for faster lvling - nothing more.
  10. Tomcat

    Twinks in TBC?

  11. Tomcat

    Twinks in TBC?

    Im not sure, but there is no such a thing like "Twinks in TBC". There is no such a thing like dungeon or BG finder... To sign up for BG you have to go to capitol and meet a specyfic NPC - BG master. So while lvling no1 care about BGs ...and i hope it will stay like this. TBC 鉂わ笍
  12. Tomcat

    Faction imbalance

    DO NOT EVEN DARE TO THINK ABOUT masseing with oryginal TBC racials! 馃が PPL are coming here to play TBC, not somthin like TBC. If you have to add somthin, OK... do a bit faster lvling for ally, nothin more.
  13. Tomcat

    Dual talents on TBC

    well... i wanna play TBC, not somthin like TBC. If you realy wanna do dualspec, OK... but: make it atleast changable only while talking to specyfic class trainer (like normal talent reset), and make cost like 500 gold for a month. Come on, some one said: " free reset talents during 3months by paying 100gold." ??? realy? 500g its like 10 talents resets, and i remeber times when i swiched talents like 5 or more times during single raid run in the same day (Tank>DPS>Tank>DPS>...) Lets do the math -> most of ppl who play TBC and think/talk about /require dual spec - play like every single day or almost every day. Casual players don't care about dual spec... So... even if you will play like only 25 days per month, and switch talent 1 time each day. Its gives you like: 25 x 50g (reset cost) = 1250 gold. So you save 750g. its like 3/5 free... its still around 60% discount! TBC its hard mode, if you wanna play softly - go wotlk or cata...
  14. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Time Walkers

    ENG: Time Walkers is a fresh project created by few friends from old HellGround, WarGate, and finally Ares. Ye... We are truly TBC lovers 鉂わ笍 . We wanna Time Walkers to be focused on PvE, but good PvP Premade will be always welcome. We don't wanna use typical DKP loot system, we prefer more democratic ways to handle it . Our main goal is create the comunity with out isolated officer castes. Here, every one will have have oportunity to say what he thinks and his voice will be heard. About future of Time Walkers... well, we decide about it together. Who is our target: Mostly Polish ppl but if you are English speaking player we will welcome you as well. And Ye... You dont have to be pro, we all do mistakes. But we require you to have an open mind, good attitude and open to suggestion. After server lunch i will edit this post and paste here some nickname you can whisper to. For now just PM me or do some post in this topick. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PL: Time Walkers to nowy projekt stworzony przez grupk臋 przyjaci贸艂 z starego dobrego HellGrounda, p贸藕niej WarGate i finalnie z Aresa... Tak TBC lovers 鉂わ笍 . Guild docelowo ma by膰 nastawiona na progres PvE, ale dobrym Premade BG te偶 nie pogardzimy. Z za艂o偶enia chcemy oderwa膰 si臋 od sztywnego DKP i przej艣膰 na bardziej... hmmm... demokratyczny spos贸b rozdawnictwa lootu. Chcemy stworzy膰 Gildi臋 z nastawieniem na graczy, bez sztywnych odizolowanych zamkni臋tych kast oficerskich. Tutaj ka偶dego zdanie b臋dzie si臋 liczy膰, a o przysz艂o艣ci Gildii zadecydujemy wsp贸lnie. Kto jest naszym targetem: Polsko j臋zyczny gracz, kt贸ry nie boi si臋 odezwa膰 na Discordzie, najch臋tniej pe艂noletni i koniecznie zr贸wnowa偶ony psychicznie - przynajmniej w stopniu minimalnym. Je偶eli nie jeste艣 pro ogarem, to nic, ka偶dy kiedy艣 zaczyna艂... uszy do g贸ry! Mimo wielu lat gry na TBC sami te偶 si臋 ci膮gle uczymy. Co jest kluczem? Wymagamy zar贸wno od siebie, za czym idzie b臋dziemy z pewno艣ci膮 wymaga膰 r贸wnie偶 od Ciebie odpowiedniego nastawienia, otwarto艣ci na sugesti臋, ch臋ci testowania swojej klasy i ci膮g艂ego podnoszenia przys艂owiowej "poprzeczki". S膮 w艣r贸d nas ludzie pracuj膮cy, studenci... dyrektorzy bank贸w, osoby z rodzinami, nawet jest jeden hodowca grzyb贸w i innych dziwnych paskudztw - wi臋c raczej z za艂o偶enia nie maniaczymy 24/7 w grze. Bawimy si臋 wsp贸lnie i wsp贸lnie jak ju偶 dobijemy do 70tki ustalimy godziny raidowe. Po otwarciu servera i za艂o偶eniu postaci - zedytuje ten wpis i potam informacje do kogo mo偶na whisperowa膰 w Grze. Je偶eli jeste艣 zainteresowany/a ju偶 teraz to mo偶esz mi wys艂a膰 PM na tym forum, lub napisa膰 komentarz pod spodem. Aha... tylko je偶eli chcecie skorzysta膰 z opcji komentarza w tym topicku to piszcie po Angielsku - polityka servera tego wymaga. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best Regards, Pozdrawiamy, ekipa Time Walkers. Discord: ... (comming soon, after server lunch)
  15. Tomcat

    Hellground Players, Let's connect

    Bursztynek - human rogue from HG.