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  1. It's not that dual spec will be available only for alliance entirely. Dual talents will be available for the Alliance from the start, for the Horde after BT is released. Eventually everybody will have access to that feature. Gnome with Tauren endurance? No thanks.
  2. For me it is fine. T4 first kills will depend only on the availability and time - who's the first to get 70, to get some hc gear is first to take kills. Having more time before next content will allow more players to catch up and create more equally geared guilds. Because of that, first content that is released afterwards will allow those guilds to compete on the other areas than just amount of time they can sacrifice. Maybe it will really let guilds to show their skill. There will be no waiting for people to level, no waiting to get some gear, everybody will start from the same point, so it will be much more fair, in some way. 9 months of T4/T5 + Hyjal should be enough for even more casual groups of people to catch up, it also gives more time to enjoy the server.
  3. If you checked guilds thread you would see that there are several guilds planning to play on both sides. Everybody hopes that it will be 50:50 and dual talents can make it. If you really want dual talents just roll alliance. Don't worry, there will be plenty of people playing horde that don't care about dual talents. This is quite unique approach to the issue that can actually allow the administration to achieve the goal of balanced factions and by your posts you're proving that this was a good idea.
  4. You can get dual spec for SC or gold. Never gold for SC.
  5. Could you please tell me where they said that? I don't believe they did. It would be just pure pay2win and that's the first thing everybody wants to avoid.
  6. Dual spec for the alliance only means a lot more allies, hopefully it will be roughly 50:50. If administration achieves that other aspects of the server will be great as well so there's no way it will die quickly. Trust me I would love dual spec for hordes as well because I am planning to play prot warrior and would love to make stunherald and do PvP, however if not having dual spec is the price of a balanced server I take it. If you won't be able to farm for dual spec, choice for you should be simple - roll an ally. If you played vanilla you should be used to farming which is much easier in TBC than it was back into days in vanilla. There will be simply not that much farming (not much things to spend gold on too) and administration already announced that they will ban gold sellers and there will be no cash shop which would be obvious pay2win which is great, no gold selling means no inflation, I've seen AH prices on paymane and this was just ridiculous. Same flask there was approximately 20 x more expensive than I've seen it on other TBC servers.
  7. Back into day when you joined retail TBC there was no "we're here for TBC, let's skip vanilla" and unless you played vanilla as well you had to go all the way through from 1 to 70 with x1 rates. To be clear x2 is acceptable, I'd just personally prefer x1 but if majority prefers x2 that's perfectly fine. And x2 is indeed skipping zones and content. I am playing on beta (it has the same XP rules as the release will have as far as I reckon) and I skpped: 100% silverpine forest, 100% desolace, 100% badlands, 100% Swamp of Sorrows, now I am lvl 50 and I haven't set my foot yet in tanaris, hinterlands, felwood, ungoro, WP, EPL, Silithus, Winterspring... not to mention that I had to skip dungeon quests (unfortunately not able to find party for 5 mans). So yes, leveling is damn fast.
  8. Please tell me how can dual spec give you advantage over other players on arenas, BGs, in 5mans or 25mans. I really can't see that. It will also be available for gold so it is also farm2win (if you're not able to farm 500g or 2000g then this server is not for you). Paying 100 SC does not give you any real advantage. I am personally supporting x1 XP rates, especially because I spent a lot of time on beta server and can see that almost everything works (bugs are vanishing from github pretty fast so I believe that it will brilliant on the release date) and even x2 XP means that you will skip a lot of quest/zones/content. Leveling is an important part of this game, get over it. It may not be in BfA and if you prefer that - feel free to go play on BfA. Things like dual talents/cheaper mounts are acceptable only under condition that this with huge probablity will solve one of the most important issue of TBC servers - faction imbalance. Freaky things like x5 XP or autocompleted quest will just make this a fun server nobody wants. And to be honest - a guy that everything wants for free - you are a first person to leave in case of even smallest sign of crisis. If you don't put time and effort on some goal you won't care about it and will just leave at first opportunity. If server was based on people like you it would be doomed from the very beginning.
  9. You also stated that you wanted to add 3-5 autocompleted daily quests for the alliance. Apparently this server is just not for you. Administration will not be able to appease everyone, but definitely much more people would leave if your "ideas" were implemented. If you like fun servers, give Warmane a chance.
  10. neheri

    Community poll for xp rate change

    If you want to create a poll, add x1 XP option to it.
  11. neheri

    Faction imbalance

    I only said that this is worth considering. As long as the que is not fake that should not be a big deal. This would also diminish the effect of faction que if it was implemented.
  12. neheri

    Faction imbalance

    Please remember that Hellfire TBC which was released roughly 1.5 year ago, offered only free lvl 30 mount to players and thanks to that server ratio was 50:50. Nightbane alliance players are offered much more, dual talents are really significant (maybe you will be able to tank/dps heal/dps through leveling?) and 50% cheaper ground mounts + 15% cheaper fly mount can be a lot for some players. It's much more than what Hellfire TBC offered already. If it worked there why wouldn't it work here? I would personally maybe add x3 XP for 1-40 lvls, which would work as a catch up mechanism even for new players on the server after some time. I think a large part of the problem is caused by your attitude. Honestly you are crying so much about faction imbalance that if somebody never knew about that, now will just FEAR to go alliance. In my opinion, Administration should consider some "mild" faction que - let's say maximum difference to be 55:45 - and announce that then close all threads about the issue. Fact by having faction que can make people consider if those slighly better racials will be worth hours of checking. Guilds aiming for fast kills can consider for an instance if 1% hit from draenei + no waiting time would be more than +AP from Orc racial and high chance of a que. But this must be announced and known to everybody in advance, the earlier the better. Faction que also has another advantage worth considering - que skipping for Sunwell Coins. Sure that would need to be rethought several times as some people could consider this as pay2win. I think that this would just be honest way for administration to make money allowing them to carry on with the server.
  13. Giving dual spec only to alliance early is definitely good idea, however prices and requirement should be rethinked twice. Also I can't find information whether 500g (or 100 SC) is the price per character or per account.
  14. Good job guys keep up the pace of fixing the issues and the server will be success no matter what. Dual talents and cheaper mounts seem to be REALLY in favour of alliance so hopefully this issue will be addressed in the long run as well.