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    New player

    1) if u are asking about time, u have to wait around 10-15 minutes for rhc/bg on 80. 2) It's pretty easy to find a raid guild but it depends on ur gear/experience and spec. 3) Sure there is much botting but as u can see on discord GM's are banning like few accounts every day. 4) With X4 boost 1-60 takes around 4hours if u know what to do and where. In my case 70-80 took ~1hour every level. If u want to main PVE 4sure u should choose horde.
  2. Nico

    Black Market - Description!

    And what about cold weather flying? For example i got it on my alt and I'll sell him on the market - Flying in northrend will be still available?
  3. Nico

    Black Market - Description!

    ^And what about 80lvl items? Delete them? Leave them on character? It doesnt make sense because u can get 2 lvls in a few hours.
  4. Nico

    New to private servers.

    To be a good prot warrior u have to know how to play this spec. And i guess u dont know if u are asking so better to choose pally.
  5. Nico

    Ninja Loot? - ToC 10 Normal

    armor prio btw.
  6. Yo, is these informations about % drop are legit? https://wow.gamepedia.com/Fragment_of_Val'anyr
  7. Nico

    Fragment of Valanyr Drop Chance

    Read subject and description of my post.
  8. Nico

    Live Stream - WoW TBC Sunwell priv

    I dont think twitch cares about streams for 4 viewers. Some ppl are streaming sunwell every week since few months and they still didnt get ban.
  9. Nico

    Fragment of Valanyr Drop Chance

    Bro, i just asked if these informations are true. I just want to know which bosses should be killed on normal or hardmode if no1 needs items but only fragments 😜 And why i have to kill yogg on hardmode? He always drops fragment, even on normal. Aswell im not sure if there is someone mad that hard to collect valanyr with full pug.
  10. Nico

    [Black Qiraji Battle Tank]

    It's not a bug i guess, that's how this mount is working. "if your in Dalaran or anywere that you cant use a flying mount" U cant use any flying mount in dalaran btw.
  11. Nico

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    But u know wow is using 2gb ram and doesn't matter how much do u have in ur PC? U can use program to force wow to use 4gb ram but i dont remember name xd
  12. I think drop rate is bigger than 0.5%. At the first day of event i saw like 15 ppl on this mount in dalaran xd
  13. Nico

    32. Krxton

    https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Krxton Nice chest btw
  14. Nico

    Engineering on mage pve ?

    ^+1 ENGI + Tailo is the best option for pve mage. And pls, dont play arcane on raids ;_;
  15. "Posting the guide to forum with comprehensible layout. It takes hours." https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwFarUulhtJ4aEdCb1dzcmZBdTA Why u spent a lot of hours on editing this guide instead of just pasting link to "UR" guide? And why u deleted part about authors and changelog? LUL