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  1. @Miroy yo who told u they are gonna change mechanics? as i remember by buff they meant hp buff/maybe damage done/taken but nothing else ;d
  2. It's, changed "Shadowfrost Shard drop rate on Normal set to 5%, on Heroic - 30%." and nerf will be on 19th january.
  3. Hi, anyone has good demo toc/icc bis list? Thanks.
  4. Or maybe boost bosses on every version but let people to disable/enable boost only on 10nm/10hc/25n?
  5. "On release, these buffs will be enabled only on 10 Normal version (Raid Leader would have an option to disable it)." so w/e
  6. 25x from icc10, 25x from icc25, 5x from icc 10 weekly, 5x from icc25 weekly, 5x from weekly raid quest, 14x from daily rhc (7x2) and 4x from voa 10/25= 83 +10 from RS 10/25 so it's okay, it shouldn't drop 1 eof per boss.
  7. Or maybe just join pug with all items for roll and dont care about reserving items? People ale organising like 10x toc25 everyday and im pretty sure that u can find raid which can fit u
  8. Nico

    Problem with deleted char

  9. Nico

    New player

    1) if u are asking about time, u have to wait around 10-15 minutes for rhc/bg on 80. 2) It's pretty easy to find a raid guild but it depends on ur gear/experience and spec. 3) Sure there is much botting but as u can see on discord GM's are banning like few accounts every day. 4) With X4 boost 1-60 takes around 4hours if u know what to do and where. In my case 70-80 took ~1hour every level. If u want to main PVE 4sure u should choose horde.
  10. Nico

    Black Market - Description!

    And what about cold weather flying? For example i got it on my alt and I'll sell him on the market - Flying in northrend will be still available?
  11. Nico

    Black Market - Description!

    ^And what about 80lvl items? Delete them? Leave them on character? It doesnt make sense because u can get 2 lvls in a few hours.
  12. Nico

    New to private servers.

    To be a good prot warrior u have to know how to play this spec. And i guess u dont know if u are asking so better to choose pally.
  13. Nico

    Ninja Loot? - ToC 10 Normal

    armor prio btw.
  14. Nico

    Fragment of Valanyr Drop Chance

    Read subject and description of my post.
  15. Nico

    Live Stream - WoW TBC Sunwell priv

    I dont think twitch cares about streams for 4 viewers. Some ppl are streaming sunwell every week since few months and they still didnt get ban.