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  1. Antik

    I need to rant

    Cry more. Loot is by and far equal to drop for each piece and is spread out evenly. He did just as much work in the instance as you. He deserves each piece of gear he can equip as you. Why is it necessarily your loot? That's ridiculous and sounds like something an impetuous, entitled child would demand.
  2. Antik

    pvp toggle off in all zones

    You're right, it isn't an excuse. It's a reason. Grow up maybe? I don't understand how people get camped. Just log off and do something else. As Tyler the Creator so eloquently put it with respect to bullying;
  3. Antik

    Bank alt accounts can't send mail

    So put a few levels onto your bank alt.
  4. Antik

    Ninja - L E R U C / Vandoria

    Just in case you try and edit the post http://archive.is/MHsYn You sure? Because you have many posts with screenshot evidence in them proving you're Illyri. How about you man up and own your shit double standards? How about you man up and admit your ridiculous implications and claims that you're better than under some retarded moral superiority complex. Just because you cry more. Just because you complain more. Just because you abuse the report forum to try and feel relevant, to try and feel powerful, to try and feel useful; doesn't make any of that so.
  5. Antik

    [Report] Peddius

    Your name - Antbank Reported player's name - Peddius Date - December 5th 2018 Rule that was broken - ninja looting - I and others didn't see Peddius say he reserved Reign of the Unliving trinket. I have one already but others don't. Description - Looted Reign without stating when the raid was full what the loot rules were including that Reign was reserved Evidence -
  6. Antik

    Dungeon Finder Problem

    What the hell is it with you people and that word? It's like the word "probllematic" with the entitled autists ruined the world. He sent you a message you didn't like. GREAT. Did he continue to harass you? Did you place him on ignore? It's up to you to police who can message you and who can't. It's why the ignore feature exists. You don't get to cry to mommy and daddy because some mean kid ont he playground hurt your feelings.
  7. Antik

    Ninja - L E R U C / Vandoria

    I had to come back because you're Illyri You seem to thrash about and whine, moan, bitch, and cry that I'm a super evil toxic rayciss. Then you're just an incredibly toxic piece of work in global. So were you just joking? So you either admit I'm correct or you admit you're a toxic shitter who holds himself to no standards when chatting while screaming and moaning about others doing the exact same thing. You may think I'm toxic. Which is fine, I don't care about shit players. You may think I'm rayciss. Which is fine, I don't care about whiny shitters. You may think whatever you want about me. Which is fine, but at least be a man and hold yourself to some base standards. Otherwise you just come off extremely poorly.
  8. Antik

    Ninja - L E R U C / Vandoria

    That's very excellent man. You sure got m... wait, what is the information about again? The rules which is what player reports hinge on. >maturity >on the internet Daddy issues? I wasn't trying to be either mature or constructive. I was trying to make point. Clearly it worked in rustling your jimmies. My very sincerest apologies if I've offended you. I will end this with a tip: stop trying to /r/imsosmart; acting like a pedant. Not only is it obnoxious, you're really shit at it. Although you should head to reddit where the professionally offended live. e; Oh, I can't wait for your reply. I really hope you do and act all offended again so I can ignore it and get rid of the notification.
  9. Antik

    Ninja - L E R U C / Vandoria

    Go back to your safespace if you think a joke is toxic. Also you should maybe read the OP fully before you post a wall of irrelevant text. He clearly understood all that. You can tell because of; Maybe that's just me. Apologies if you're illiterate; which if true means I'm wasting my own time.
  10. Antik

    Ninja - L E R U C / Vandoria

    So it's bullshit hearsay because you probably didn't win a roll? Cool. People like you are why most private servers get a bad name: entitlement issues. I dunno, maybe it's a [removed by moderator] issue.
  11. Pro-tip; You can break your chats down by tab. There are addons to filter by word too. Which was a much better time when player names meant something and people learned the hard way about ninjalooting. It's why blizzard did nothing about it and it's why Sunwell would be prudent in ending their policing role to answer ninja looting.
  12. Hey smarty pants OP. I have a tip for you; Don't go to the raid if an item is reserved. OR Make your own damn raid. Also making this a rule would ruin the vast majority of bad players' ability to do any sort of content newer than a few tiers ago. I suspect you're one of these players. What will you do when these raids stop and bads such as yourself stop being carried through content? You'll make a post on the forums complaining about how all loot should be shared whether or not a player is in the raid for the kill or not. Or some communism like entitlement that this server reeks of as of late.
  13. Antik

    Ninja looter- Chilpilcosby

    EXCELLENT job with the screenshots!!! A TON of information can be pulled from them. I commend you for your efforts in ridding the server of these nasty ninja looters.
  14. Antik

    Ninja Loot? - ToC 10 Normal

    Thank you for the 523x259 image. I'm certainly going to zoom in and squint just to read that. Or maybe I'll just laugh at you. e; This just in! dislike = downvote
  15. Antik

    Elaron - steals from guild vaults

    It's not his fault. It's your fault for trusting someone you just ginvited to withdraw from your guild bank.