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  1. Antik

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    I personally think the slave market is a great idea to add. I know quite a few people agree. Those people are all of various reasons. Some want to buy, some want to sell; all think that it would be a good addition.
  2. Antik

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    I think there is a lot of confusion here and I think it stems from people's lack of understanding of the differences between progression on live versus raiding on private servers, coupled with the false idea that the best guilds on private servers are just as skilled as the best guilds on live. I'll cover the latter part first: that's a joke. The absolute best guild either sunwell server has seen is no where near as good as the best guilds were on live. Not even remotely close. e: The best guilds on private server are about average guilds who raided semi-seriously were on live. For the fomer part: it's pretty obvious people don't quite understand just how significant it is to already have 100% of the timings known, the best specs known, the best raid comps known before even release of the raid are. That's an incredible advantage. I've said this before and I'll say it again: the ONLY BUFFS private servers should EVER do are HP and damage buffs. Changing timings, or how mechanics works is just ridiculous and full of hubris. Blizzard is a multi billion dollar company that put tens of millions (hundreds?) into WoW development. The timings of mechanics is pretty substantial and was the primary reason for PTRs on retail WoW. For a private server dev to claim he knows better about the timings of mechanics is plain ludicrous.
  3. Antik

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    I think a small 15% HP and 15% Damage increase across all bosses in ICC25NM should be added. While the content finally catches up with the talent and abilities characters have, it's also 100% known content. Normal mode TOC25 was pugged the first week, that's not fun, that's not challenging for anyone - and if it is that's scary. ICC is the penultimate raid in this expansion and it should bring with it the penultimate experience. If the casuals need to actually work for something in the game I see no problem in that, and if they see a problem in that I question the reason why they even play. Ulduar was too hard, sure; but Ulduar25 was difficult on live too. And you didn't even do all the prenerf changes or even live changes for Ulduar. I would be extremely happy if no guilds were able to clear the first wing with the first ID. I will be extremely disappointed if PUGS are able to kill even the first boss within the first few months. *and by pugs I mean true pugs, not 8-9 people's alts from 3 different guilds.
  4. Not sure an explanation is necessary. https://imgur.com/a/Ntgz5PO
  5. Only due to 3.3.5a class talents/abilities. That's it. Those class changes eclipse any buff the content receives.
  6. You caught me. What is with bad players thinking the game should be catered to the least among us rather than be difficult for anyone of us? All of these same bads are clamoring for blizz-like values while they play with classes balanced post ICC for Ruby Sanctum. EVERY class is SIGNIFICANTLY better in 3.3.5a versus where they actually were in 3.2.0. Relatively speaking this content is significantly nerfed. Normal mode should be about as difficult as hard mode is if you are actually honest and want to play blizz like. But you aren't fooling anyone, you aren't honest at all. You're just bads who want free everything - in life and in game something tells me - and you demand others suffer for it., while using a shitty excuse. >but but but but but muh blizzard values!!!!! During Ulduar if classes were balanced around 3.1.0 values there would have been maybe a few hard mode kills across both factions.
  7. Right below you cry about wanting a noncustom server, right above you cry that you said you wanted/are okay with a custom server. Make up your mind and stop lying like a piece of shit and claiming you aren't to sway a discussion/argument. It's dishonest, disgusting, immoral, and just plan reprehensible behavior.
  8. No. I want 3.2.0 skills/abilities/talents and 3.2.0 bosses. As it was intended. Apparently the player base of private servers would cry too hard having to download the entire, or parts of; the client again every content release. I want and prefer that. What you're doing is trying to ascribe my wants based on contextualized statements, all while throwing out context. It only makes you look stupid.
  9. With that logic why didn't you release him with Naxx? He would have been useful then too. The point is that if this is a blizzlike server: which you FORCE on jewelcrafters with the Icy Prism being 3 of each blue/green/purple gems rather than 1/1/1 then why is this QOL change being made? This change will have and already has had significant effect on the economy - I really don't care as I have a significant amount of gold and materials stocked away but it will negatively affect other players - If it's released when it's supposed to be that negative effect doesn't happen. As a comparison; Why not just make crusader orbs cost 1 emblem of triumph instead of 18 (? I think 18, or is it 15?) as that would help people a ton too. The significant amount of little Timmy gimme-dats who feel entitled to everything would love it. The idea of why these things are poor choices is that Blizzard - the company who made the game and spent millions testing each patch - understood the whys, have a significantly higher player base on hundreds of servers to compare the economic differences of each change. You don't. You have 3k? 4k? 5k? players at a time; not 15k.
  10. Antik

    Option to disable world PVP

    The game is world of WARcraft. You are NOT being forced to play. Your playing is your decision and only your decision. Anything you experience that you dislike about this game is solely because of your choice to play the game. If you don't like it; leave
  11. Antik

    Option to disable world PVP

    >I can't answer any of your statements or questions with valid points so here's an ad hom!!!!
  12. You absolutely can and you are by only making TOGC 25 with boosts. I'd extend that to TOGC10 man as there are quite a few 10player guilds. The people complaining are people who feel entitled. For what reason they feel that way is unknown.
  13. Antik

    Option to disable world PVP

    Do you know what irony means? Because you're using it wrong. I never claimed I was owed anything. You and yours; however, are. Which IS entitlement. He didn't use slippery slope at all. Not even remotely close. He made a point, he didn't successively make the point with worse and worse examples. Do any of you actually have an argument to make besides wanting free gibs? Or are you all entitled narcissists who only think their fun matters and no one elses fun does? So instead of a 3k population server you'd like a 300 population server? How about we reverse this. How about the evil gankers make a thread asking to force the pvp flag EVERYWHERE including alliance zones for alliance players and vice versa. That would be ridiculous would it not? Because what you're asking is just as ridiculous and reeks of being lazy, entitled poor sports. Basically you're the problem with the west today.
  14. Antik

    Option to disable world PVP

    How is it hypocritical? Game comes with PvP by default, server you joined is PvP as is. Other people like PvP. You want to remove it from them. They're taking nothing from you that isn't necessitated by the game and server. You're just a whiny and entitled brat. I don't like having to use my time to travel between point A and point B. They should add an instant teleport feature with unlimited distance and scope. I don't like how I don't get all items other players loot. I don't like how I don't get all gold other players receive. It doesn't matter that you don't like it. This is how the game is; deal with it. You absolutely can. You can level slowly through instances, or only level in alliance zones. It's your choice, you have the options and want the game to be modified for your liking and for other people's disliking. As I said above: stop being so entitled.
  15. This topic is ridiculous, wrong, and extremely obnoxious. It is free, no one ever takes into account the subject's time, or energy when describing something as free. If I were wallking through the mall and someone gave me $50 that would be free. Except with your ridiculous lack of logic. Apparently my incredible tedious amount of time to be at the mall and used energy to travel to the mall, oh right and I had to fit in clothes too! SO MUCH ENERGY USED!!! Liebe: stop, learn what you're speaking above first. You're describing effort by one party. It has absolutely nothing to do with "free" or not. That, when it's used in this context; is pretty obviously an economic value. In such a case - as it is - it is free.