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  1. Hello!I used to be in a progressive build back when TBC was retail. As GL, we used this raid comp (trying to min-max) as much as possible.:https://raidcomp.mmo-champion.com/?c...00000000000000I am wondering how much has changed in time. We use to switch Shamans in DPS groups (from tank and heal groups) for lust on DPS. I want to make a serious 25-man guild for the upcoming TBC serverPS I was the tank-stacking agility bear druid who would swap to DPS in fights.
  2. Maviand

    Transfering from Retail

    In TrueWow (or Primal Wow) they basically roll back your character according to your achievement points and grant you the top tier according to what you cleared assuming it was available.
  3. Maviand

    [PVE] Resources for Enh Shaman

    Run SWP, BWL & Hyjal @ 80. They still have good trinkets (better trinkets) than those available at 80.
  4. Maviand

    Transfering from Retail

    Will it ever be possible to transfer my OG toons from retail to this server?