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  1. powerlol

    WTS Plans: Thorium Shield Spike

    Really? Only spike without lvl requirement? /facepalm https://wotlk.evowow.com/?item=23530 when we don’t know anything about the game we don’t talk much
  2. powerlol

    Twink 19

    Don't blame me only. Twink is known as being one of the most toxic community within the World of Warcraft community. It's been like that since age and even on retail there is toxicity. The most known twink forum do organize 7k prizepool tournament on retail, but yet it has conflict and toxicity everywhere. You're just weak. If those who organized the tournament, if those who would have build Sunwell, if those who would have build everything else (aka apple, microsoft, ..) would have been weak we wouldn't be there to talk about your weakness. If there is in your guild conflicts then that means there are something going wrong and things fucked up. There were a lot of arguements about the "Gurubashi Arena Topic" as you said, but even within your "guild" there is conflict about it, if you would have instored a queue within your members aka first player in guild, first to have it then probably conflict wouldn't have been in your guild. Neither on the discord but yeah that's all about cooperation and working together something that went bad once you made the discord. Blame me, but blame all your guild, blame yourself too. Ashenvale Scouts is growing although all the drama that there is, we just work on it Anyway love you <3