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  1. WTS Plans: Thorium Shield Spike

    Really? Only spike without lvl requirement? /facepalm https://wotlk.evowow.com/?item=23530 when we don’t know anything about the game we don’t talk much
  2. Twink 19

    Don't blame me only. Twink is known as being one of the most toxic community within the World of Warcraft community. It's been like that since age and even on retail there is toxicity. The most known twink forum do organize 7k prizepool tournament on retail, but yet it has conflict and toxicity everywhere. You're just weak. If those who organized the tournament, if those who would have build Sunwell, if those who would have build everything else (aka apple, microsoft, ..) would have been weak we wouldn't be there to talk about your weakness. If there is in your guild conflicts then that means there are something going wrong and things fucked up. There were a lot of arguements about the "Gurubashi Arena Topic" as you said, but even within your "guild" there is conflict about it, if you would have instored a queue within your members aka first player in guild, first to have it then probably conflict wouldn't have been in your guild. Neither on the discord but yeah that's all about cooperation and working together something that went bad once you made the discord. Blame me, but blame all your guild, blame yourself too. Ashenvale Scouts is growing although all the drama that there is, we just work on it Anyway love you <3
  3. Angrathar total online is wrong. It shows ally/horde but number online players should be inversed. right now at 10 PM it shows 1290 ally side / 1580 horde side while it's the opposite. It should be 1580 alliance side / 1290 horde side Alliance is more populated than horde according to /who in game
  4. Prohibit twink players in battleground

    patch 3.2.0 is before patch 3.3.5 (the patch we all play on) so it's just a fact that's blizzlike that xp on/off are splitted BGs, but like we both said. It has more cons than pros
  5. Prohibit twink players in battleground

    as of patch 3.2.0 Players with experience gains turned off who compete in Battlegrounds will face off only against other players with experience gains turned off. source http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/patch-notes/3-2-0 But like you said it has more CONS than PROS, since actually twinks almost died due to this patch on retail. Only like 1 battleground out of the 3 most active language (EN/FR/DE) had pops after that patch. And only one remained till the end of WoTLK. Twink is dieing in general and since this server is getting a hype there might be twinks on it. Splitting them would would just avoid that community to grow on Angrathar.
  6. LoS all around

    @MrCulé What's ur PoV man? Like I said at the end of my post, I don't want it to be fixed since it does give an advantage to casters, but blizzlike hehe I also have to check melee LoS if it works properly if not I'll make a report in 5 min
  7. LoS all around

    Greetings, Today I'm gonna report something that is a counter report of the post below and that is a bug that's almost on every specific server (expect from one russian server). It's about the LoS. It shouldn't be present. LoS shouldn't exist atleast not as we are used to know it on private server. Every three, every fence, every stones, every object u can find around in Azeroth aren't LoS. Proof? you can see it clearly he casts bolts through the stones/crossbow alliance graveyard while I bet it's LoS on both feronis & Angrathar. You also can also check all vurtne (I believe their are the most obvious) videos where he shoots through objects through vanilla up to begin wotlk los never been part of WoW. ps; this isn't the case for arenas LoS/Walls/houses & other specific LoS. We're only talkin about features that aren't walls To give an honest opinion about it, I don't want it to be fixed, since I play most of my time a melee classes and not being able to LoS anymore would be sad, but if that server wants the "TRUE blizzlike scripts" well it should defo fix that.