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      Change your passwords!   04/27/2018

      All the players who played on Light's Hope and Memories are requested to change their passwords immediately. Two Factor Authentication is also advised. https://streamable.com/i4q5a


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  1. No, wtf is this some custom server?
  2. Twink 19

    is it worth to make a 19 twink here anyway here? were looking for a community.
  3. Veryga blaivina tautą.

    Labas DIDELIS vyre
  4. Veryga blaivina tautą.

    Sveiki, ar turime tautiečių šiame projekte? būtų smagu sužinoti kas kur ir už ką žadate žaisti. Asmeniškai Horde pusė Disco priestas ir Resto shamanas.