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  1. Hello. I have a small question. Is it normal to lose your current pet after using dualspec to change your talent tree? And I don't mean it has to be an exotic pet type. No, I've lost my wolf pet about 3 times by now. A pet should just be dismissed (not abandoned like in my case)when you change spec (you can Call Pet afterwards)and from what I know, exotic pets should automaticaly get stabled when you switch to a nonBM spec (my stables are free but no pets getting "saved" there). So, any of this happened to you too, fellow hunters?
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    Please. I'm just angry and not accusing Sunwell staff of anything. I just don't want others to go through this. I understand that I can't recover my stuff but I just hope that it's possible to "punish" the culprits. Now that you mention the selling of database, I did use the same account details on other servers and if they did sell my info then really...shame on them. Is there a way to change my account info besides password?
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    How serious is the hacking problem on this server? I'm asking because my account just got hacked (maybe last night). I haven't logged in until a couple of hours ago to find my items in my bags all chaotic and missing all of my gold (around 2.8k). I've been playing wow on various servers for about 8 or so years and this is the first time in life that I have ever been hacked. How is this possible? I haven't shared my info with anyone, haven't used weird 3rd party programs and addons from untrusted sites and I have DEFINITELY NOT bought any gold from gold sellers. This servers needs a security measure (like Warmane has) or else more people will fall victim to random hackers. This incident really cut my desire to keep playing WoW for a while. It's my first character on this server and the amount of gold I've lost really sets me back. So...anyone else has experience such unpleasant event?