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  1. Hello Nightbane Community, I hope that 30th November makes you excited because this day will be a beginning of a great TBC adventure. I believe it’s also a good moment for another information update. There are couple of topics we need to talk about: ● Prenerf of PvE content; ● Progressive server – Timeline! ● The content gating; ● Reset IDs | Arena Flushes ● PvP ranks; ● Imbalance solutions; So, let’s start. Prenerf of PvE content Actually, we just want to mention about the thing that was already announced – when it comes to PRE-NERF values we’ll be based only on reliable sources. We’re not gonna use the Corecraft buffs. Furthermore, as we previously announced, we’re not going to implement 2.0 itemization. If you want to find out what are the reasons of such decision you can find it here: Progressive Server – Timeline! First look at the blizzlike timeline for TBC expansion, it will be helpful to compare it to Nightbane timeline that will be shown below. As you already know, Nightbane will be a progressive 2.4.3 realm. We thought for quite a long time how we should structure the timeline for TBC progressive experience, because blizzlike timeline in our opinion wasn’t well thought out. What was the main problem? The separation of PvE and PvP seasons. The T4/5/6 raids on TBC were released at the same time and attunements were responsible for the progressive character of the expansion. Attunements were obviously a great idea, but right now after 10 years when the expansion is 100% known to actually everyone we need to make some corrections in the timeline. It's obvious that players require the release of T4 and T5 raids as it was back then, we understand it and our players will get it. However, the first T6 raid, so the Mount Hyjal will be released at the same day as Merciless Gladiator season and this change will be called 2.0b content stage; the attunements will obviously still be required. We believe that this kind of timeline will be healthier for Nightbane and we don’t hide that it will also be more convenient to us to manage the project. Those release dates in our timeline are of course hypothetical(but they are simultaneously highly likely) and like always everything will depend on guilds‘ progression as well as the general situation on the realm. So, we wanna release full T6 content(Sunwell is considered as the T6.5 raid) in a day of Vengeful Gladiator season and we think it’s the most natural solution, because Zul Aman isn’t the “tier raid“ it’s sort of a nice addition for PvE players(from the progression’s point of view). The last stage of TBC adventure, so the release Isle of Quel'Danas and Brutal Gladiator season, is dated on Early February 2020. If you have any questions regarding our timeline, feel free to ask, but we would like to emphasize that this timeline is not going to be changed. The Content Gating The Content isn't gonna be gated. So the Dark Portal event cannot be organized, however maybe we’ll manage to give you something interesting instead of it. Reset IDs | Arena Flushes PvE weekly IDs will always reset on Thursday at 9:30 Realm Time(GMT+1). Arena Flushes will always organized on Saturday at 23:00 Realm Time(GMT+1). PvP Ranks Many players has asked us about the PvP ranks system, which comes from Vanilla. It's a really nice addition for PvP players and we don't see any disadvantages stand behind this idea, so this system is gonna be implemented. Imbalance solutions – READ, IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT! We’re still looking for the best solution that can change the perception of the players in the context of powerful Horde's classes racials are; frankly speaking they are not powerful at all, but players have their point of view. What we should do? Do we have to force player to roll a specific faction? Maybe we should, but I personally think that it destroys the fun and sensation of free choice. I've already talked to @Lukaasm and found out that there is a possibility of implementing a dual spec feature made in a TBC style. I know we previously said that we’ll come back to this topic after the release of the realm, but imbalance issue must be solved and appropriate communicated earlier. That's the only solution that can effectively influence on players' decision. We just want to provide you a convinient enviroment to play, nothing more. How it would work and what would it would look like? TBC Dual-Spec made by the Sunwell Team it provides saving of your second talent trees as well as positions of skills on your bars; the feature would be possible to buy via class trainers; if players want to reset their talents they would have to go to the specific class trainer; the other nice option would be the creation of a universal dual spec NPC in Shattrath City - but this option would have to be discussed, however the TBC dual spec would never be a remote feature. it would cost the symbolic 500g for the Alliance faction until the release of Black Temple | Merciless Gladiator season; after the release of BT/Merciless Gladiator season the feature would be accessible also for the Horde players, but it would cost 100 SunwellCoins or 2000g; also the Alliance players will have to pay for the dual spec after the release Black Temple/ Vengeful Gladiator season. It would be a one time payment, after buying the feature you will be able to switch your spec free of charge. POLL: https://goo.gl/wchWbP It's commonly known that the Horde has better racials than the Alliance and we are not able to win with this kind of attitude. We cannot interfere with racials, because it would be too damaging for TBC immersion and as we previously said we don't wanna force players to play where they don't want to play(it wouldn't work in long term perspective by the way). This kind of dual spec that isn't remote shouldn't destroy the TBC immersion. Moreover, it doesn't give the Alliance side the significant advantage, but it might give a reason to choose the Alliance side. If you are going to roll Horde and you're not happy of this dual-spec idea, please think in a moment why you decided to play Horde. Please think more about what's good for the realm than about what's good for you. This kind of dual spec will definitely be a good reason to roll Alliance and will definitely increase the PvE and PvP activity on the Alliance side, which will be extremaly also for the Horde side. Moreover, it will be a great tool that increase the general activity on both sides at the end stages of the TBC expansion. We all want to have a healthy and well-made TBC realm before Classic WoW’s release. A healthy realm means strong and attractive factions; both factions. Furthermore, the Alliance will get two additional bonuses. the costs of mounts will be lower. The skill of ground mounts - 50% lower, the skill of flying mounts 15% lower(mounts won't be discounted). The alliance will get additionally 4 weekends when they will be able to take advantage of the experience boost events. The exp. multiplier for them will be x2 up to 70 lvl(but only during these weekends, normally it is x1 from 56 lvl). Additional weekends will be organized from late December to April(but will be organized when RF race is done - the first one in late December). The last point will be the promotional campaign that informs players about the benefits that come from choosing the Alliance. The campaign will take place on Discord/Facebook/Website. That’s our solution to solve imbalance problem and we believe it’s the best possible option. Please express your opinion on the poll above and please think mainly about the realm needs. The poll will last 7 days and if you don’t agree to Dual-Spec feature, we’ll have to find other effective way to attract players to join Alliance, but I don’t hide it will be difficult. Thank you for reading this announcement. If you have any other question, feel free to write them. Today we begin our promotional campaign you might expect ads as well as sponsored videos from YouTubers.
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    Arena Matchmaking Bugged

    Feel free to report bug on BT and don't forget to provide the proper sources regarding functioning. https://github.com/SunwellWoW/Sunwell-TBC-Bugtracker/issues
  3. It's funny you paste the part of terms of use and don't read the whole point: 1. The global (/join global) chat channel is an English channel. Speaking in any other language is strictly prohibited and may result in a mute from 6 hours to 7 days; in some other cases, channel ban may be applied. 30 minutes of mute - the first case 6 hours of mute – the second case; 7 days of mute – the third case; Permanent channel ban – in the fourth case. In some special cases, permanent channel ban and more strict punishment may be applied even after the first case of misbehavior: it all depends on the Game Master. Polish people are the nation that the most often break this rule. That's why we ban them automatically for 7 days. It has worked perfectly on Angrathar and we belive that such attitude is also appropriate on Nightbane.
  4. Good morning to all those interested in our 2.4.3 realm, called Nightbane! It's launch date will be announced 4th November, around 20:00. We are perfectly aware that various questions regarding Nightbane stir some emotional discussions, that's why we would like to state the most important aspects of the project. Before we begin, I'd like to talk about rhetorics used by some players on our Discord or other places where they are discussing Nightbane. Rhetorics, which is all about either doing certain things that some players want, or having those players boycotting Nightbane. Dear players, never, ever, there was an idea that satisfied everyone. We’d like to remind that Nightbane will be a TBC realm, not TBC with an addition of WotLK or Cataclysm. We’ve been thinking about what to offer in context of TBC and we came into conclusion that TBC, being way closer to vanilla than other expansions, will be more conservative and the only possible enhancement will be up to vote. We’d also like to cut all the speculations regarding implementation of things from other WoW expansions. Transmogrification will not be added, we won’t even make a poll about it (in context of Angrathar, we’ve emphasized that the community will decide about its implementation). The only exception that’s not 100% blizzlike is experience rate being little higher. Poll The periodic poll was created 9th October 2018, gathering the votes concluded 16th October, so it was up for a week. We have announced it on our website, Facebook fanpage, Discord and in-game, so everyone could learn about it. We've gathered 1277 votes total (however in some cases there are less votes, because the poll was about WotLK and TBC and not all the questions were obligatory). It's enough to interpolate it for the whole playerbase (although this voting wasn't of representative character, which is hard in this trade). Question no 1 It’s obvious that way more people want dual spec, however, we’ve got two barriers which keep us from making this decision. First, dual spec in the form of an in-game command or other easy function, known from WotLK, completely doesn’t suit us. It would really be bad for TBC experience. Second, we’re aware that a part of people voting in this poll are fans of Wrath of the Lich King, so the results aren’t that meaningful as we thought. What are we gonna do now? Our solution: we could try to implement a tool which would allow you to save your spec to class trainer. Yes, you’d have to visit your class trainer to switch your specs. We don’t know if we could make it without the necessity of setting up action bars. That’s what we think about implementing dual spec. We ask you for the feedback regarding that idea and to vote in the poll. Another vote is caused by the fact we want to be very careful. In case of the poll, implementation of dual spec in the form mentioned above would be possible only after it has at least 75% approval rating. This threshold will not be up for a change, we will not lower it. Question no 2 The second question was about faction disbalance on TBC, which is caused by unbalanced racial abilities. We've asked you for your opinions and suggestions how to balance the factions. Most of the suggestions were: Faction queues; Free mounts for Alliance; XP Boost for Alliance; Free skills for Alliance; Racial modifications; Racial removal. I'll try to talk about these proposals. Faction queues – that would be a solution which would certainly fix faction disbalance, however the cost that our players and the realm would pay, would be too big. Forcing players to create a character in the Alliance or the Horde would be against the game itself; the game is about having fun and the choice should be free. Free Mounts – simple idea, easy to implement and it would attract some people to choose a certain faction, however it won't be enough for sure. Experience Boost since realm launch – this solution would certainly help to keep the balance. We'd like to remind that experience rates look like this: x2 from 1 to 55; x1 from 56 to 70. We are in favor of that solution: so the Alliance players would receive x3 Experience Boost until level 40. It's an obvious advantage which will attract the players. Of course the Alliance would start doing heroic dungeons and Battlegrounds (well, sort of) earlier, but we have to remember that the Horde is priviledged with racial advantage. Faction balance is extremely important, so if we want to implement something that would make players want to play Alliance, without interfering with the game, that's the right solution. Free skills for the Alliance – just the same as free mounts. Racial modifications – it's not going to happen. TBC is TBC, with all its strengths and flaws. Racial removal – read above. Summarizing the faction balance problem: We suggest that Alliance players would receive: Experience boost x3 since realm launch until level 40. This boost would be active for 7 days since Nightbane launch, then it will be removed. Skills (at class trainers) cheaper by 50%. This priviledge will be permanent and the players will be informed of it while creating account. Mounts cheaper by 25%. This priviledge will be permanent and the players will be informed of it while creating account. Let us know what do you think about it. Question no 3 It was about Experience Boost value which would be possible to buy in the store. The results are following: Maybe we might make a single-time event in the future, where it'll be possible to buy higher rate experience boost, but that event won't be neither permanent nor periodic. Question no 4 In the fourth question, we've asked for opinions regarding implementation of pre-nerf values. We're not hiding that this poll's results met our expectations, so we're implementing only those values that were confirmed by credible sources + sometimes we may boost HP - without interfering with timers and boss' abilities. We believe that this is the best possible option. So we are not going to use the data offered by CoreCraft. 2.0 itemization We're carefully looking at the players on BETA realm and even though they have epic gear, they're wiping very often and can't handle heroic dungeons very well. Epic gear we're talking about won't be present at the beginning of the progression and they're going to face these heroics with green/blue items. Completing these dungeons will take some time and we're not even talking about the raids. We want our TBC to be a challenge and a challenge it will be, especially in terms of difficulty. But we don't want to cater only to 'elitist jerks', it would hurt the population and playability of Nightbane. Times changed, it's no longer 2007 and that's why we need to change our approach a bit. We're not going with 2.0 itemization. We don't want to make hard, pre-nerf content even harder. Summarizing all of this: YES for pre-nerf values YES for all the attunements; NO for 2.0 itemization which would destroy progress of many players for a long time and would force them to jump into the most elitist guilds. Raid timelines: We are going to use time intervals from the official realms: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_(World_of_Warcraft) T5 Tier 5 raids, so Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep: The Eye, are going to be available since launch. We hope that you see how fast are we performing the necessary changes and how hard are we working to meet your expectations. At the beginning nobody believed that we can do something out of HG Core, now, these voices are rare and after Nightbane launch, nobody will ever mention that. We are an experienced team which knows their trade. Angrathar was a huge success and Nightbane will follow the suite. Thank you for reading this post and I invite you to the discussion.
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    Shut down cannot remove your character. It wasn't reason of this situation for sure.
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