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  1. I don't know why are you asking such question, but there absolutely won't be such possibility.
  2. MrCulé

    Black Market - Description!

    Of course not. The character will be transferred to your account.
  3. MrCulé

    Black Market - Description!

    We've already implemented the limit of gold. 50g will be the maximum amount on the selling character.
  4. Black Market is a tool similar to the in-game Auction House, but unlike the Auction House, you do not sell items in it. You can use Sunwell Coins, the only currency of the Black Market, to exchange the characters with the other players. The maximum level of a character that can be found on the Black Market is 78 and the minimum level is 19. In case of Death Knight, the minimum level becomes 65 and if you already own a Death Knight on Angrathar, you won't be able to have another one. Sunwell does not set the prices and does not interfere with the Black Market directly. That means the prices are shaped by the players, nothing else. We should also add there won’t be any tax, commission fee or any other fees while using Black Market. Additionally, the purchased character will automatically receive a free rename. The achievements will be kept intact. The maximum amount of gold on a Black Market character is 50 Gold. Black Market will be available at Sunwell.pl website, inside Player’s Panel. If you are bored playing a Warrior, you can easily put that Warrior on the Black Market and using the Sunwell Coins earned from the auction, you’ll be able to get that Druid you always wanted to play. Black Market isn’t about solving the problem with character exchange. It always took place, often on some shady websites. Players that genuinely wanted to exchange their characters were often scammed and lost their toons. Black Market is about letting the players do it themselves in a safe way. It also allow us to keep all our staff members, which is necessary for the project to function properly. We are not hiding that the Black Market will bring more resources that we can use to advertise the project and develop it even further. Besides, there are many players that wanted to play on Sunwell, but didn’t have enough time to level or simply don’t want to spend time leveling, when all they care about is end-game content. Number of players like that is growing and we can’t ignore them - after all, they’re players too and we care about them. Black Market will attract new people to join Sunwell - the more, the merrier! Especially on Fall of the Lich King season. Black Market would assure the resources for further development of Sunwell and would certainly bring more players. Players bored with their characters would just exchange them, they wouldn’t have to stop playing, given they don’t have enough time to level a second character. You could also use the Sunwell Shop without spending a dime. It would also assure safe trading of the characters, which is something a lot of players want.
  5. MrCulé

    <Gnomejodas> [A] [España]

    Guys, English here please You can speak in Spanish in local lands: http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/38-spanish/
  6. MrCulé

    [LF] for GER players / guild

    Hello, please also write an English translation here, because it's the English section. If you want to speak only your national language, you can do it in local lands section: http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/50-german/ Thanks in advance!
  7. MrCulé

    [H-PvE] inFamous

  8. MrCulé

    Discord Unban

    Your nickname?
  9. Timeline might be changed, nobody has said it's the final timeline. Everything depends on players and the server situation - like always.
  10. MrCulé

    Is Sunwell making a TBC database?

    We'll try to share such database on the new website.
  11. MrCulé

    Beast <EU> - Old school community