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    Hello. Punishment reason isn't "botting" but "Botting 2nd time on multiple accounts", and no, it's not your first warning. You've been banned by Tide on "Equip" already, you've said that you will never do it again and your ban was reduced. And yet you've been botting again on Equip and on Toady at same time. Sorry but this doesn't let me believe in your words "and i will never ever use a robot to play again" Appeal declined.
  2. Kicked while flying (Often)

    You get disconnected or wow error and have to restart game? I guess it's happening when you're changing zones? (leaving one and entering into next one) If yes then it's probably lack of memory issue, try to play for a bit without addons and check if it still happens.
  3. Can't connect to new server

    Open config.wtf again to check if changes that you've made are saved. Maybe "read only" attribute is set on this file. If it's not read only and there's SET realmList "logon.sunwell.pl" in config.wtf + in realmlist.wtf then try changing it to SET realmList "datacenter.sunwell.pl"
  4. Can't connect to new server

    Open config.wtf file (should be in WTF folder) and look for that line : SET realmName "Angrathar" if there's something different like "Angrathar - Logon 2" change it to "Angrathar" , if there's no such line just add it at the end. Also check if there's SET realmList "logon.sunwell.pl" in same file, if there's no "Set realmList" then it's fine as well. If problem still persists please give more information : what kind of error you get, etc.
  5. Stuck on connected , Hidden Q ?

    Hello. If it stays on "connected" please click on "cancel" and try using Angrathar - Logon 2, seems like it's working much better for lots of people. Regards
  6. Can not login, account banned?

    Hello. If you will use wrong account details couple of times while trying to login you will get auto-ban for 10minutes, just wait a bit and try again later. Regards
  7. Genocidal Banned by ???

    Hello. Maybe you've got 10min auto-ban for entering wrong account data too many times. Please login to player's panel on our website to check your account status. If you are banned you will see it here. Character with name Genocidal doesn't exist, if you will send me your account name on priv, i'll check it for you.
  8. Kefsham muted by <???>

    Hello. Yes, it's your first mute, but it's not first time when you broke that rule. " In some special cases, permanent channel ban and more strict punishment may be applied even after the first case of misbehavior " Appeal declined, Regards.
  9. account closed and no longer available for use?

    You don't have to appeal anywhere, since like you've said your account isn't banned. Maybe you're using wrong realmlist, or got auto-ban on IP for 10-15min because you've entered wrong account data too many times?
  10. Invalid Argument Exception

    Hello. Everything should be working properly now, sorry for inconvenience and thanks for your report! Best regards.
  11. invialid log level ( agrathar store )

    Hello. Everything should be working properly now, sorry for inconvenience and thanks for your report! Best regards.
  12. Bringing Down the Iron Thane

    Just use that elevator and AFTER that (when you're at bottom and not standing at elevator) summon a golem. It will always happen when you stand on elevator while controlling a vehicle, so just avoid that and you'll be fine. (leave vehicle before going up) If you will encounter any bugs in future - please report them in our bugtracker - https://sunwell.pl/page/bugtracker (this one is already reported) Regards.
  13. Bloody Breakout Quest not working!

    THere will be server update soon, it should be working after that. In future please don't use forum to report stuff like that - use our bugtracker to report bugs - https://sunwell.pl/page/bugtracker or write an in-game ticket to contact with Game Masters. Regards.
  14. Staff of Celebras BUG

    It's working just fine for me - in such cases please open in-game ticket - i can't help you here cause i don't have any informations that would tell me why it doesn't work for you.
  15. Staff of Celebras BUG

    It's not a bug, the way how it works was changed in wotlk: "2009/01/25 (Patch 3.0.3) Since it's not explicitly mentioned above, now that you don't need the staff to portal in anymore, just go to the room where you used to have to use the staff to open the portal, and the portal will already be open and usable." http://www.wowhead.com/item=17191/scepter-of-celebras#comments Please use bugtracker instead of forum if you'll encounter any bugs in future! https://sunwell.pl/page/bugtracker Regards