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  1. Azathothh

    Banned by Azathothh

    Hello. "I didnt even hack on this account" - yeah, but you did hack on other account in order to gain benefits on this one, so it's pretty much the same. I'll reduce duration of this ban, but keep in mind that any offense in future would mean perm ban. Best regards.
  2. Azathothh

    Protodino Banned by Azathothh

    Hello. I've reduced duration of your ban a bit, but keep in mind that another offense may result in perm ban. Best regards.
  3. Azathothh

    [Anfall]&[Iilanfall] Banned by Azathothh

    Hello. You've pasted rule from Feronis realm, you need to switch it to Angrathar: "16. Multiboxing by using 3rd party software is prohibited and the punishment is the same like in point 7 of the Terms of Use. Playing with a few Sunwell accounts simultaneously is allowed, however joining a Battleground or a Dungeon through Dungeon Finder using more than one account is forbidden. You can boost your alt in dungeons, help with quests and so on, but disturbing other players is something we'd rather want to avoid." You've been banned for using Dungeon Finder with more than one account at same time, not for illegal software (cause you didn't use any) Doesn't look like everyone been happy with that if you've been reported by players from your group. I'll reduce your ban to 2 days, but please read Angrathar rules and follow them in future. Best regards.
  4. Azathothh

    Igniubi banned by Adrestia

  5. Azathothh

    Account freeze

  6. Azathothh

    Ryze banned by Azathothh

    Hello. That's correct. You've been botting on different account - that's why you've been punished on main account as well. Appeal rejected. Best regards, Azathothh
  7. Azathothh

    Banned,by Azathothh @Azathothh

    Hello. Yeah, i've looked in your goldlogs - that's how i found you. I see that you've been trading multiple times with at least 5 accounts used by goldsellers... Keep in mind that if you're actually selling gold from alt accounts, your main account is going to be punished as well. Gold selling on our server won't be tolerated. Ban stays. Best regards, Azathothh
  8. Azathothh

    [Synek] (Banned by Ysolte)

  9. Azathothh

    Banned by Sykvii

  10. Azathothh

    [Malarbee] (banned by Azathothh)

    After checking new informations regarding this case i've decided to change duration of your ban back to 30 days. Please keep your lies to yourself and don't write more appeals (or should i say "copy" instead of "write"?) Regards
  11. Azathothh

    Account freeze

    Hello. Yeah, your friends been sending money/materials to one account/bank and then supplying goldselling companies "4. Selling / buying gold is prohibited. for selling gold - the player is punished with a permanent ban without being able to appeal against its; for buying gold - the removal of all gold held on all characters and 14 days ban. Removing gold, professions and riding might be an alternative punishment." Appeal rejected
  12. Azathothh

    [Malarbee] (banned by Azathothh)

    Hello. You will be on a watch list anyway, don't worry about it. I'm not going to remove this ban, but i can make it bit shorted, keep in mind that it's your final chance and ANY offense may result in perm ban. Regards
  13. Azathothh

    [Malarbee](Banned by Azathothh)

    Hello. Appeal rejected since i can't see anything here
  14. Azathothh

    Ripper#0995 banned by Dredd & Azathothh

    Hello. " 25. Acting to the detriment of the server is forbidden. " First two links doesn't work - i have no idea what you've been talking about with Dredd and it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that you've been spreading false information with FAKE SCREENSHOT which is now still circling between players in many places. If you've seen that someone is spreading rumor about some exploit without a proof (cause it doesn't exist) then you could ask any staff member to investigate it. You've decided to create your own fake proof and that's exactly "Acting to the detriment of the server" To answer your question: yes, it's a permban - such behaviour won't be tolerated here.