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  1. Backripper( Banned by Azathothh )

    Hello Kevin! It doesn't matter if it was you/your little brother/friend/your dog/your grandpa/president of USA using bot on your account. If you take a risk of sharing your account data with someone else things like that may happen and person responsible for it is you. Actually i don't believe you. I have explained you everything that you should know in-game already. It was a 7d ban for a bot (which you deserved) but you've decided to waste my time with a shower of lies in multiple tickets and now you're lying here as well (i'm not sure if you're aware that we can check e-mails and IPs of your accounts). That's the reason why it was changed to 30d. Proofs : https://imgur.com/a/4sjq6Wb (edited to hide personal data of other players) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYQPU_7q3ec Appeal declined. Have a nice day!
  2. Read to be up to date!

    Dear players! I'd like to remind you about changes in raid IDs duration due to launch of Ulduar and share information about Emalon (2nd boss in Vault of Archavon) release : 1st ID : 23th May - 1st June - Ulduar released 26th May 2nd ID : 1st June - 7th June - on this ID Emalon will be released in both 10man and 25man VoA (this way nobody will start ulduar with T8 set items just because they got "lucky") 3nd ID : 7th June - 13th June - and we're back at our normal "raid reset" day
  3. Too many login attempts

    In such situations all you have to do is wait 15min till this autoban wears off (and then use correct password to don't get it again ).
  4. Mekkon (Banned by Azathothh)

    I think you meant "use" instead of "learning". I'm sorry but our server is not a place for bots or people trying to learn how to write bots. If you want to do that - you'll have to do it somewhere else So you've been banned for bot using on your main account for 7d, before that time passed you've been using bots on multiple accounts at same time, and now you're saying that you TRULY just want to play LEGIT here? People who want to play legit doesn't use bots...or am I wrong here? Appeal declined and there's no way i'm going to change my mind. Have a nice day!
  5. Appeal

    Hello @rasec17 Please check your PM box.
  6. Ban: Demirrin (By Azathothh)

    I've seen enormous amount of cheating players recently, therefore I do not intend to have mercy for any of them. Don't want to be banned - follow the rules and don't use bots/hacks/etc. - simple as that. Apologies accepted, but the ban remains.
  7. Account banned for gold selling 2

  8. Forgot Username

    Open game folder \WTF\Account Folder names in there are logins of all accounts you've used.
  9. Quests is not showing on world map.

    Please do the following: 1. Disable all addons. 2. Login with character where it happens. 3. Close entire game. 4. Clear cache folder. 5. Login with addons still disabled. If problem will still persist after that - try to clear your quest log (remove all quests) - same thing happened on retail https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/1127123822 "This happened to me also ,what I did was get rid of all my quests in the log book and relog into the game this fixed the missing markers. I only had this problem on Khadgar server. I then collected the new quests in the zone " - https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/1127123822#post-13
  10. my character got stuck

    Fixed! Next time please use in-game ticket system in such situations (Help request -> talk to a GM -> open a ticket), we would be able to help much quicker
  11. Wispcloak

    Hello! It seems to me that you have misunderstood how you can acquire these recipes. For https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=42189 you MUST complete https://db.darkwizard.pl/?achievement=1288 and for https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=42190 you MUST complete https://db.darkwizard.pl/?achievement=41 (for alliance players) or https://db.darkwizard.pl/?achievement=1360 (for horde players). There is no option to choose which one you want to get after finishing one of these achievements. http://www.wowhead.com/item=41609/wispcloak#comments:id=452558 http://www.wowhead.com/item=41610/deathchill-cloak#comments:id=393862
  12. So what is wrong with WG queue?

    Actually it doesn't matter if you will join the WG queue at 14min 59sec or 2sec before start - and it was like that on retail as well : https://www.engadget.com/2009/06/20/patch-3-2-gives-wintergrasp-a-queue/ http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Wintergrasp#Queuing Limit is currently set to 100 players for each faction, and when it's reached players still can join at 1:1 ratio (so if there's 101 alliance players, 102nd won't be able to join until there's 101 horde players). One thing is different from retail - it's not totally random who can join WG, and who can't - time when you join the battle is important (i mean when your character is physically at wintergrasp and joins the raid, not when you join queue before battle) - so if you're at starting area, waiting for battle to start it's more likely you won't be kicked out if you click that you want to join immediately (that's because you won't have to load wintergrasp zone first, which happens when you teleport from distant locations)
  13. Appeal

    Hello @freeBSD Because it's first time you've broke our rules, and admit to it instead of lying - i've decided to reduce your punisment. It's 14days ban (starting now). But...if you'll be ever caught breaking rules again - it will be instant perm ban.