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  1. Double XP broken for me

    With issues like that just open ticket in-game for quick help. I'm sure it's working fine, there was no change in xp rates + i don't think it's possible that one account would glitch like that. Make sure that after using .blizzlike command you will get "[14:20:25] Your experience rate has been changed to default. You have to relog for the change to apply." message. When you get that, please close your game completely, clear cache files (found in game folder /cache), and check again. If you will still have doubts if it's working properly - open in-game ticket. Best regards
  2. Phasing Issues Hodir Quest Chain

    Hello. You must complete Battling the Elements now - to do that you have to kill those revenants with Snorri, not by yourself. If you're killing them with Snorri and it's still not working - check if you're not in a raid group. Best regards
  3. appeal

    Hello. I can reduce your ban because you didn't have any profits from using flyhack, but unfortunately you will miss exp event anyway because of that bot on other account. Please stick to the rules in future and remember that another violation of the rules will result in permament ban on ALL of your accounts (not only those where rules were broken). Also if you'll ever want to write an appeal in future please read this topic first: http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/335-appeal-instructions/ Regards
  4. "In dreams" quest

    Don't know what happened there since i'm not a fairy, but i've just checked this quest and it's working fine. If you say that Taelan Fordring is stuck in place after killing High Inquisitor Isillien then probably you have killed Isillien too quick. Taelan Fordring is supposed to die there in a fight with Isillien, then Isillien starts attacking players near and after a while Tirion Fordring appears and help with Isillien. Soon after that fight is over quest is completed. Do it again and don't kill Isillien before Tirion appears. Also make sure that you're not in a raid group. In future please remember to report bugs in our bugtracker, not on forums. https://sunwell.pl/page/bugtracker
  5. Randeaux for Ninja Loot

    Unfortunately you will have to post a screenshot showing that you've changed loot rules at the beginning of this raid and everyone could see it.
  6. Prices for spells are fine. It may feel like that because it's x2 exp rate till lvl 70, while other stuff like gold is x1
  7. 15. Randeaux

    Opinion #1 Player Randeaux should be added to ninjalist for 30days.
  8. Report ninjalooting Choochoorip - EOE

    Opinion #2 No punishment. Part of rule 22: " Administration doesn’t interfere with the priority of loot rolls. The concerned player should ask raid leader about that. The decision about the priority lies within the raid leader’s concern. "
  9. Out Of Quests in Sholazar

    If you started Frenzyheart Chain and can't find quests for them, then my guess is that you have quest item https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=38619 in your bags which you have to use in order to spawn an npc that will give you next quest. If you don't have that item try talking with Elder Harkek or High-Shaman Rakjak to get new one. In future please use in-game ticket system with issues like this one - help will be much quicker and accurate (now i can only guess what is the problem). Regards
  10. ..

    Hello. Punishment reason isn't "botting" but "Botting 2nd time on multiple accounts", and no, it's not your first warning. You've been banned by Tide on "Equip" already, you've said that you will never do it again and your ban was reduced. And yet you've been botting again on Equip and on Toady at same time. Sorry but this doesn't let me believe in your words "and i will never ever use a robot to play again" Appeal declined.
  11. Kicked while flying (Often)

    You get disconnected or wow error and have to restart game? I guess it's happening when you're changing zones? (leaving one and entering into next one) If yes then it's probably lack of memory issue, try to play for a bit without addons and check if it still happens.
  12. Can't connect to new server

    Open config.wtf again to check if changes that you've made are saved. Maybe "read only" attribute is set on this file. If it's not read only and there's SET realmList "logon.sunwell.pl" in config.wtf + in realmlist.wtf then try changing it to SET realmList "datacenter.sunwell.pl"
  13. Can't connect to new server

    Open config.wtf file (should be in WTF folder) and look for that line : SET realmName "Angrathar" if there's something different like "Angrathar - Logon 2" change it to "Angrathar" , if there's no such line just add it at the end. Also check if there's SET realmList "logon.sunwell.pl" in same file, if there's no "Set realmList" then it's fine as well. If problem still persists please give more information : what kind of error you get, etc.
  14. Stuck on connected , Hidden Q ?

    Hello. If it stays on "connected" please click on "cancel" and try using Angrathar - Logon 2, seems like it's working much better for lots of people. Regards
  15. Can not login, account banned?

    Hello. If you will use wrong account details couple of times while trying to login you will get auto-ban for 10minutes, just wait a bit and try again later. Regards