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  1. Scripting trash already on sunwell

    > warriors and rogues instantly disarming bladestorm to the point that your bladestorm animation doesnt even start I hated this shit
  2. Landro's Gift Box

    These must make so much money and I didn't get anything
  3. Landro's Gift Box

    Nice! They're in! Can't wait to bust a few of these open (Shame I didn't get one for the idea )
  4. Arena Season 5 - Information

    Yep, no idea why people have trouble admitting that.
  5. WTB powerleveling boost for gold

    Best way to do it is to get to level 20 then have someone spam Stockaids,SM,ZF for you in that order. Then queue for Prison and run that till 58. If you can wait a few days I'll be doing that for one of my alts and you can tag along for free.
  6. Arena Season 5 - Information

    2's takes 0 skill so the title is meaningless and 5's is basically wintraders only so again the title is meaningless There's a reason that IEM only ever did WoW tournaments in 3v3 format.
  7. Arena Season 5 - Information

    The best of the worst If I had my way drake and title would be 3v3 only, no 2v2 or 5v5
  8. Twink 19

    Heirlooms ruined twinking really, there's not many brackets where gear is better than Heirlooms. Only one that comes to mind is Corpsemaker.
  9. Arena Season 5 - Information

    The only people that disagree with you are people that are barely getting Rival lol. The way you've suggested will work, it's healthy. The top PVP'ers will get the top rewards, that is the way it SHOULD work.
  10. Arena Season 5 - Information

    > Before receiving rewards, we will check arena logs searching for wintrading and the players will be checked in the means of illegal software. Make sure to spectate some of the highest teams too, a lot of them will use scripts which are undetectable. However obvious when you see it in action (IE. Shield Bashing from 12 yards away, and shadow word: Deathing polys with inhuman accuracy.

    The term is "sick binds"
  12. It would be pretty silly to see everyone running around with the High Warlord sets, especially at lower ranks. Give them some requirements, something easy like 1800 rating or the title etc.
  13. It's incredible that people playing an emulated double exp version of a 10 year old WoW expansion are complaining that Transmog isn't retail-like.
  14. Says the guy bug exploiting on the private server of a 13 year old game.